Middle Earth: the fight to save the Amazon’s soul

I live in Bristol. And I am a full-time activist
with Extinction Rebellion. One personal experience of mine,
I grew up next to a river and I would spend like hours and hours,
entire days at that river playing with all of the animals,
the insects, everything, and when I returned back to my hometown
after a couple of years of having moved to Europe I saw that all of that was destroyed
and it was just seeing my childhood, all of my childhood memories
had completely disappeared. And that made me really sad. We’re going to plant some trees
to compensate for the emission. Throughout my lifetime seeing how much
the landscape environment was being destroyed. I think for me that’s when the seed was planted. But it wasn’t until this year that I actually
got involved in environmental, climate activism. Are there more seeds? Extinction Rebellion made me realise
at least that, this was a much bigger thing and it needed to be tackled in
all fronts of society, that we needed radical transformation
of the way our world works. In the UK, it’s quite easy to
forget about what we are actually fighting for because we are not at the forefront
of this crisis. But because I’m here,
and I’m with people who have experienced the impact of the climate crisis,
this is really empowering and it makes me want to do more. Olá! We are rowing to the
Brazilian nut forest. We were sitting with Assis
and he was hoping that we could, you know, bring visibility to what’s happening here
back to the government in the UK. And hopefully the UK government
to put some pressure in Brazil. Do you know anything about
where they are right now with the mining? What does she think that we can do
or help with anything? Tell her that now that we know,
we are not going to forget this story, and we really want to work on this,
this is also why we are here. It’s to listen to stories … This event and us coming together,
building an alliance is only the first step in everything that we are going to do together. The fact that a lot of the rainforest
that exists today is thanks to the people of the forest, not just because they were protecting it,
but actually because they were planting trees and they kept it the way it was.

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  • Okey im not gona lie, I just read the first word "middle earth" and instantly clicked…. Then after a minute come the said realization that they aren't speaking elven.
    Sadly hobbigton has no chance against the industrial revolution that saruman started, no matter how hard we trie.
    Go Hobbits migrate to the human cities.

  • I haven't read the whole book, " 1491 ", but it etched into my minds eye that there was a massive civilization that once thrived in the Amazon. That civilization was lost, likely in the Younger Dryas event, along with damn near the entire population of humanity on earth 12,900 years ago. The size and the glory of that civilization arguably exceeded all others, and it was fed by the Amazon and its jungles.

  • We are desperate in need of hope!! Save the forest!

  • The Guardian is always at the forefront of cultural imperialism.


  • Am I the only one thinking Lord of the Rings when reading “Middle Earth”?

  • what you expect: real tribesmen like the guy in the beginning
    what you get: woke wannabes like the girl and the foreigners

  • Help those people to save the Amazon forest. Don't let the forest become a desert.

  • So who pays you to be a full time activist

  • " NEVER TO BE BROUGHT DOWN – AMAZONIA" -Serbia, the Balkans is with You
    The Heart of Our Mother Earth

  • Man, everybody who lives in Brazil knows it's a lie. There's a lot of people making tons of money with that kind of speech. You guys are so naive…

  • So technically around Idonisia has burned 1/4 more m^2 of forrest than brazil.. The more you know..

  • Climate emergency era LMAO SUCH BULLSH!T

  • I wonder if Elijah McKenzie-Jackson goes to the same public school as Shami Chakrabarti's son? ?

  • You need to get rid of Brazil president

  • Nice to see the left objectifying picturesque natives. Living in the Jungle is hell which is why humans leave it as soon as they can. The Amazon is not the "lungs of the world". That's a greenie myth/lie.

  • ????

  • Does Greta make use of cell phones, water plastic bottles, canned food, books, computers, laptops, travels on planes and so on… so she is also responsible for climate changing, or better ALL OF US ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT, she poses as a victim, but she isn't, she is just boasting. Who is behind her?

  • As sad as it is looking at ppl loosing his lifestile and culture (and lives) saving the forest ppl is not the same as saving the rain forest. It my opinion and i can be worng, and althought i see it as related isues, laws that gives right to one above others who exploits the rain forest in a destructive way, maybe saving the forest saves his lifestile, but saving em does not imply saving the rainforest.

  • thank you all that fight for the planet and protect our forests!!! we are together and united we can bring positive change. thank you brothers and sisters!

  • Interesting to see an Amazonian at 0:43 with a lip plate, when it has been presented in history to be solely an East African occurrence

  • In our world, the Skeksis should die

  • What a great documentary! It is both heartbreaking and hopeful, if that makes any sense, but it's what I felt. Just beautiful, thank you for sharing ❤

  • Força!!!

  • This is upmade drama.. that want to arise hate against the president bolsonaro. The etablihsment is arranging presidencups Everywhere in Latinamerica.. fight against climate change in such a Harry is harming the environment and people more that oil is.
    Why I dont believe the Guardian so much any longer ?. You totally crazy about climate.. why did you changed the word enviroment and echological threats for "climate" .. you ignore then all poison chemicals, GMO, the conflicts making peoples life impossible. Because climate change sales more.. Big amount political correctness.. keep you from taking on the big picture..but you need to get pay of course.. you are mainstream media that's all. Many people are not trusting.histories like this .im not denaying there are big threats on Forest and ecosystems but the real problems never come out this way..they have to deal with it alone most of time..

  • The left doesn't actually care about these people – they run the corporations destroying their habitats in the first place!

  • Please can you all stopreading the Guardian it is making you soft in the head.

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