Migrate to VMware NSX environments with NETSCOUT Service Assurance

Migrating to a software-defined data center like VMware NSX is a major transformation for any Enterprise. NSX offers simplified management, micro- segmentation security, provisioning agility, and enhanced data center economics. And your organization will benefit from accelerated service velocity, enhanced security and rapid disaster recovery. To ensure a successful migration to an NSX software-defined data center, you need visibility into application dependencies and user experience. What if you had a service assurance solution that eliminates blind spots and provides a seamless view that scales across your NSX, cloud and legacy environments? NETSCOUT’s innovative smart data technology goes beyond traditional north-south traffic views, providing deep insights into traffic across virtualized networks. The NSX edition of vScout, certified by VMware, revolutionizes how applications are monitored and analyzed in NSXsoftware-defined data centers and beyond. Tt is the most complete service assurance solution to deliver affordable monitoring of east-west IP traffic in NSX environments. The nGeniousONE solution leverages vScout smart data to provide an overarching view into application performance, user experience, and service dependency mapping, while validating that your micro segmentation security controls have been properly implemented. Easy to deploy and manage, the NSX edition of vScout will seamlessly adapt to your organization’s security policy and strategy. Let NETSCOUT help you migrate to VMware NSX and hybrid cloud environments and minimize the disruptions that can come with digital transformation. To set up a meeting, download the solution brief or to learn more about the NETSCOUT VMware partnership, visit us on the web [Music]

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