Miller/Spoolman’s Environmental Science with MindTap Brings Course Concepts to Life

Environmental science is criticalto the future of life on our planet. and the Environmental Science course prepares students to play a key role. Partnering with National Geographic Learning, Tyler Miller and Scott Spoolman’s Environmental Science 16th Edition with MindTap equips students with the inspiration and knowledge to help solve modern environmental issues and contribute to a sustainable future. Taking a concept-centered approach and using sustainability as their central theme, the authors emphasize natural capital, natural capital degradation, solutions, trade-offs, and the importance of individual choices. Each chapter opens with a core case study that is integrated throughout. Special notations highlight where text concepts are applied to the case. Conceptual Learning Activities are woven through each chapter in MindTap, enabling students to dig into key concepts and develop understanding. A Tying At All Together section wraps up every chapter connecting the core case study in other chapter material to the principles of sustainability. In every chapter, adaptive Mastery Training provides distributed practice that helps students master key terms, deepen their understanding, and build long-term memory of course concepts. With Miller/Spoolman’s Environmental Science in MindTap, students learn how nature works, how they interact with it, and how humanity can continue to sustain its relationship with the earth by applying nature’s lessons to economies and individual lifestyles. To learn more, simply add this title to your Cengage account, or contact your local Cengage learning consultant. (inspiring music)

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