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Friends, brothers, sisters and criminals, there are no criminals here Inspector Chingam. Oh sorry, a policeman is always thinking of criminals. Friends today Motu and Patlu have started a new campaign of planting trees in Furfuri town. The more the trees in the country the more the green cover will be. And the more the green cover will be the better the weather will remain. But Chingam sir, it will take a lot of years for the trees to grow. Tell us some way by which if we plant a tree today and it can provide a green cover tomorrow. Motu, my friend, I have a way to do that. Put two drops of this medicine on the trees you plant and they will grow very fast. Oh, swear on my patients, what have you done? you were supposed to put only two drops. What can happen in two drops? I poured the full bottle so now the green cover will come up very fast. Where did this tree come from? It was not there till yesterday. This is the same tree that we planted yesterday. It seems to have grown so big so fast because of Doctor Jhatka’s medicine. Long live! What big mangoes are growing on it. Oh my lord! The tree grew so big so fast! Doctor Jhatka your medicine is fantastic. Come let’s break the mangoes, look how lovely they are. Stop! This is my tree, I will pluck the mangoes. Hey! Leave me. Help! Doctor Jhatka, big brother. We are men, we do not get scared of trees. We have scored victory over winds, storms, seas and mountains. What is a single tree as compared to that. Yes, you are right Motu, go and get the mangoes. I have just got back after being beaten and you are sending me again? You are the one who spoke about scoring victory over winds and storms. Come on, let us all get together and throw stones at the tree, the mangoes will fall on their own. And then we can all eat them together. Yes, all right, let’s go. Friends, always remember that there is strength in unity. I mean unity is strength. Some great person said ‘unity Is strength”, let’s go We’ll do it together. I will see how it saves it’s mangoes now. Pull, pull more, ok, let it go. Come on let’s all attack together, we will pick up the fallen mangoes and run back. How many of us will it be able to stop by this tree. Oh my god! Help! Sorry, Mr.Tree, I’m sorry I made a mistake. Oh, lord above, where have you put us? Mr.Tree please forgive us, I always get caught up with Motu’ s plans. Mummy! Help! Oh my god! Sorry, Mr. Tree sorry, I swear on the law, on my motherland. Leave me. May all the bitter goes in your mouth. Whose idea was this “unity is strength”? If there is any law that say I can arrest a tree, I would arrest that tree and put him behind bars. One mango from that tree, then I can do a research on its juice and make a medicine. Which will make this tree disappear. I just need one mango. Motu can get one mango with the snap of his fingers. No! I have had my share of being beaten up, I will not go there now. This has all happened because of you so you will have to go. And besides that you are the bravest of us all. Remember the time when you were in the army and had captured the enemy camp all on your own? Wait, I’m just picking up a mango. Why can’t you wait? What are you doing? Motu help! What is this? Let my friend go, this instant, what is the big fuss about for taking just one mango? What is all this drama for? I don’t even know what type of mango this is. Don’t know what kind of mango is this? and so much fuss is for this. Here take it, I don’t want your mango, let my friend go. We don’t want your mango, keep it. Motu, what are you doing? If you are getting a mango then take it. No I won’t take this trees’ mango. It’s not even some hybrid mango. Run! Help! May all the bitter medicines of the world fall into your mouth! You broke my back, did anyone get a mango? We got one but it didn’t come back with us, I got one mango. I was craving to eat a mango from so long. This mango was for Doctor Jhatka’s research not to satisfy your craving. Oh sorry, now what shall we do? Just give me the peel of this mango, I think that should be enough. Motu, it is important that we put this medicine on the tree. It has to go to the roots of the tree, do something. My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach, you think of something. Idea! You eat some samosa and attack from the front. And I will attack from behind, without eating any samosa. Help! No! Idea! looks like the tree has also had samosa. Yeah!! Outside air should never touch it, It should always remain shut like this. Oh my lord! Thank the lord we are free of this problem. Give me the bottle, I want to keep it locked up in jail for a few days, I will have less tension that way. Now show how you can bang us down into the ground. There is a saying among us humans, “every dog has its day” There is one more saying “Now someone has bowed down or come to senses” Now we are going to keep you in this bottle you whole life. Naughty. Let me eat just one mango, a small one at that. What have you done? I told you that outside air should not touch it. Run!

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