Mountain Hardwear Bozeman Flame Sleeping Bag

Utilizing reliable, synthetic insulation,
the Mountain Hardwear Bozeman Flame Sleeping Bag is perfect for campers and backpackers
who are looking for a budget friendly sleep-ing bag that is cut to be a little bit more roomy
and a little bit longer than your traditional mummy sleeping bag. Now this is a mummy style sleeping bag where
you have a traditional hood and it tapers down into the foot box. But, as I said, it
is a little bit more roomy. So there is two sizes with this men’s bag. There is the
regular which fits up to six feet five inches. And the girth is all the way up to 63 inches.
The long version of this sleeping bag is all the way up to seven feet and the girth on
that is 65 inches. So, as I said, it is kind of a little bit more roomy than a traditional
sleeping bag. So if you feel a little bit claustrophobic in mummy bags, this might be
the right bag for you. Going through the features, it is insulated
with synthetic Thermal-Q insulation. So the great thing about synthetic is that it is
really water resistant, very reliable performance there. And the comfort rating or the temperature
rating for this sleeping bag is right around 20 degrees. But the comfort rating is 28 degrees,
so take that into consideration before taking this bag into the back country. Starting up here at the hood you have a really
nicely baffled hood. So you can cinch the top and the bottom part of the hood down if
you need to batten it down to stay warm at night. And that is really easy to use draw
cord there at the top. You have a full length zipper here and that
goes most of the way down to the bottom of the foot box. If I peel this back you can
see that the foot box is really nicely baffled. So when you are in the sleeping bag you have
a lot of room for your feet to move. The top of the sleeping bag isn’t just sewn to the
bottom. You do have that box shaping. If I uncover the bottom of the bag, you can
see that they offset the zipper a little bit to be on the bottom. So that is a little bit
more thermal efficient than having the zipper on the side. Up here at the top there is a Velcro closure.
So if you want to vent the sleeping bag from the top, but you don’t want to lose the
top of the bag, you can just attach that there and nicely vent from the top of the bag, or
you can vent from the bottom, because this does have a two way zipper. Behind the zipper there is also a draft tube
so that keeps out unwanted cold air from com-ing through the zipper. And there is a nice durable
material sewn in behind the zipper. It is an anti snag design there, but also if the
zipper were to get snagged on that material, it is more durable than the lighter weight
material used for the bags. So it is not going to damage the sleeping bag. This bag comes with an included stuff sack
and a nice thing about the stuff sack is on the inside you have got a really soft fleece
material. So if you turn this inside out and you put a couple of layers in there, you can
use this as a pillow. But the sleeping bag stuffs down really easily inside this stuff
sack here. And for a synthetic, 20 degree sleeping bag, it does stuff down to be pretty
small. All in all, the Bozeman Flame is a really
great budget friendly synthetic sleeping bag that is going to give you reliable performance
in the backcountry.

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  • She never showed the bottom zipper. Mine came with the zipper start tabs misaligned and had to reorder it. It is thin and Ia m unsure it can keep one warm at 28 degrees.

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