MSc Energy Engineering with Environmental Management – Life as a UEA Postgraduate Student

I’m Andy Otis Ngegba, I am from Sierra
Leone and I’m studying MSc in Energy Engineering and Environmental Management. I chose this course because I did a
Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering in Sierra Leone
and after a couple of years of work experience I developed the interest to
learn more about electricity generation. Especially for renewable
technologies because we’ve been generating energy from non-renewable resources, but it’s like the future is going towards renewable
energy so basically that’s why I chose the energy engineering and also because
I want to learn about how you generate the energy taking into consideration the
effect on the environment. You don’t only solve
problems for the sake of academic interests but you should as an
engineer in the future you always want to solve problems and present it such
that even someone who is not an engineer can really understand what the whole
thing is about. The feedback that I’ve been receiving from the lecturers have been very
very helpful so that’s one really good thing that I’ve enjoyed about the course. Firstly I was looking forward to get a
scholarship to come to the UK to study because it’s almost impossible for me to
for myself to study, so I was looking forward to applying for the Chevening
Scholarship which is a UK funded scholarship so I wanted to to get like a
university that partners with the Chevening so that it can fund the student. So among
these partners I found UEA and then when I found a lot of universities who were
partners with the Chevening. But then I am looking at the ranking I mean the
Complete University Guide and the Guardian I realized that UEA has a
very good ranking and it’s been consistent because it was around 15, 16
by the time I was applying. Norwich offers so many opportunities for
students it’s quite a it’s a big city but again relatively it’s quite small if
you’re a student, because the city centre is just like a couple of minutes
away so if you want to do your shopping and you want to just go
and hang out or some entertainment you can just go to the city centre and it’s
quite a safe place. My aim is to return to Sierra Leone on
completion of my cause and help to develop energy sector. Currently I’m an
I’m an electrical engineer at the electricity generation and transmission, so in a couple of years time I see I aim to like do some
fauna research and see are ways we can utilize some of the resources that we
have to generate cheap electricity and at the same time environmentally
friendly. So if you are coming from a tropical
country like where I come from Sierra Leone is very hot, the average temperature is about 27 degrees centigrade. So coming into the UK in
September and it was around 15 degrees and so that was
shocking. So you need to be prepared you need to
be as warm so that you don’t get that shock which would distract you for what
you are coming to do. As a very big fan of football
I visited the Carrow Road Stadium on the first weekend that I came to know it and
I found it very exciting. The fans were also there, it was very lively and after a
couple of weeks again I saw another championship match at the stadium. And
another good place for students would be the Forum. Where you can access a range of
footage or a kind of material which maybe you want to just do some studies
outside your course done this in the Forum and I think it’s it’s really a good
place, with so many opportunities.

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