My Michigan Tech: Kiran Udayakumar

When I was looking
into my masters, I wanted do to masters in
environmental engineering, specializing in water quality. And Michigan Tech, by far, has
the best and the largest number of researchers in water
quality in freshwater system, and especially on
the Great Lakes, so that’s like heaven for me. Civil and environmental
engineering has, like, tailor
cut programs for you. So if you want to do
a particular research, or if you want to expand your
study in a particular area, civil has it for you. That’s already in there. And, come on, how cool is it
to be on a boat for a class? The faculty in civil and
environmental engineering are amazing. They will prepare you
for whatever research you’re ready for. They will make
sure that you have hands-on industrial
experience when you walk out of this place. So when you get
a job, you’re not like a person who’s
going to start. You’re going to be a person who
already has experience in it. So Michigan Tech is in
the Keweenaw Peninsula, so it’s way up, but the
community here always gives you a feeling of home. Everybody loves you, and
respects you, and respects you for who you are. At the end of the
day, you’ll graduate with a degree that
has a lot of value, and Michigan Tech will give you
a lot of technical background, so when you go
into the industry, you will have hands
on experience. That’s why a lot of companies
come up here in crazy blizzards to recruit graduates from here. I got a job as a water quality
engineer in Arcadis, Chicago, and I got it from
the career fair here. So huge shout out to
Career Services for that.

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