NAMS Symposium 2019 – Laurel Klein ’19 – Environmental Science

My name is Laurel Klein and the research
that I conducted were Rare Species Habitat Assessments at NJARNG facilities Well I first started working with John Hallagan in my junior year of Stockton I started interning for their program through NJ DMAVA the Division of Military and Veterans Affairs and Stockton University and I started this project this semester but we first did air mission surveys and then after we concluded that project we started this. I think that there are many benefits of doing research particularly we’ve done a
lot of GIS and ARCmap handling and we’ve developed maps and presentations we’ve
focused on writing formal reports for the state. I was actually a part of the
environmental boot camp for this project we go to different site
assessment surveys that are being conducted by other environmental
programs we were able to follow to kind of shadow them and learn their
techniques as well as develop our own for the internship I think that this is
a very beneficial program This has been an amazing process I worked with advisors co-workers professors I asked for help I sent in my color scheme first I organized what I thought had highest priority for my site I think that you understand the information that that you’ve been working on and no one else knows it as well as you do People are interested in learning how you came to your conclusions. they do not want to put you down, people are very accepting of you portraying your information

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