NASA | Ozone-Depleting Compound Persists

A new study led by NASA researchers finds a tightly controlled greenhouse gas and ozone-depleting substance is making its way into the atmosphere. Carbon tetrachloride, or carbon tet for short, is an invisible gas that falls under regulation of the Montreal Protocol. The international treaty, adopted in 1987, sets limits on substances that cause damage to the ozone layer. Today, emissions of this chemical have been banned globally. And the United Nations Environment Program says there were no emissions from 2007 to 2012. But scientists now estimate that over the same time period, 39,000 metric tons were released into the atmosphere each year. Right now the countries of the world report that there are zero emissions of carbon tetrachloride. What we’re seeing in our study is no that’s incorrect. In fact, there’s still carbon tetrachloride being released into the atmosphere. So the Montreal Protocol community has made a huge effort to reduce these ozone-depleting substances, and for some reason, for some unknown reason, there’s still some being produced. Based on the slow decline of observed levels, scientists also believe the chemical lifetime, or time it takes for the gas to break down, may be greater than previously thought. The current lifetime expectancy is 25 years. According to this study, 35 years is a more accurate estimate. Carbon tet accounts for about 11 percent of the total chlorine that destroys stratospheric ozone, so it’s a pretty major compound. The longer lifetime means the amount of carbon tet accumulated in the atmosphere in the past decades will be removed from the atmosphere slower than the originally expected rate. The source of emissions remains a mystery and scientists say more research is needed.

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  • Governments lie?  Naaaaaaa.  Happens all the time!  Liar in chief in the white house! Though I think most of the emissions are coming from China and possibly other BRICS nations and southeast asia.

  • Bring on the nutjobs!  🙂

  • Maybe a weird idea but they can scan the percentage of shitloads of compounds in the atmosphere of other planets but they cant scan for CCl4 on a country scale?
    Im pretty sure they can and it would only take a day to find out which country still produces this.

  • Ну и что делать рядовому человеку в такой ситуации?

  • I imagine a lot of carbon tetrachloride will continue to be released from soil vapor at contaminated sites that fall below cleanup limits.

  • A bigger problem exists, methane and nothing can be done about it. There is also the Sun and galaxy, but let's not go there.

    This whole psyop is about, making the people think they are in control. While taking advantage of a bad situation. It's not about science, but profit and control. 😉
    The people would be in fear if you told them the truth. They want stability, not chaotic uncertainties that science presents.

  • Not surprising that they would dig up this old scare, what with the general science  budget getting slashed to pieces by the insane Obama administration and their Malthusian depopulation agenda. As they've done with the Global Warming scare, invent the worst doomsday scenario you can invent, provide some manipulated computer data (crap in crap out) in order to get funding.

  • Dr.Liang, please stop the emissions of environmental pollutants from China!

  • More skin cancer in New Zealand.

  • The source of those emissions is probably mostly China and India… seen from a mathematical probabilistic point of view.

  • It's china or india

  • China is lying they are producing it. Look at the nasty smog over Beijing it's all right there people. The contamination of the Yellow river and the Yangtze river not to mention the river that into flames in Wenzhou from a lit cigarette back in March of 2014. China too stubborn too much pride too much corruption and not enough willingness to do anything about the toxic mess that they are creating. STOP trying to become a military giant bent on bulling your neighbors and start building a more healthy peaceful nation for the benefit of the Earth.

  • most likely from refrigeration. when people convert from the old to the new they dont recover they let it out.

  • All the corporations are doing it. And most likely in every industrialized nation. They just pay the fines and keep on going after they're caught. Look at the BP oil spill. After a lot of posturing, all the law makers just turned there heads and went back to business as usual. Oh yeah, and a fine that didn't seem to make it's way back to the people it most affected. And just about killed North American fishing and shrimping industry. The death of the earth will be the collateral damage of big business.

  • more prayer meetings will fix this

  • I see many folks blaming other nations, but I think the reality is that no substance can be totally controlled. Refrigerant is released straight into the air when A/C systems are stolen by metal thieves, and I question if all car recyclers properly evacuate the A/C systems before crushing the cars. The military used to use Freon to clean circuit boards, I don't know if this practice continues, but it doesn't hurt to look at all aspects before blaming someone else.


  • I got some deodorants and all of them have this small picture, its a globe and around it it says "Ozone friendly – No CFCS"
    I just hope this is true.

  • 教主威武!

  • That is Steam. idiots!

  • It came from Southwest Asia and Africa.

  • They will not stop until the money starts to burn

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