NASA’s Earth Minute: Earth Has a Fever

Did you know that the Earth’s average temperature has risen over one degree Fahrenheit in the past century? It might not sound like much, but think about it this way: A one-degree rise in your body temperature can lead to a fever. Five degrees can land you in the hospital. So guess what? Our Earth has a fever. And scientists believe Earth’s temperature could rise by 3 to 10 degrees this century. Why? For one thing: Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. They raise the temperature by trapping heat. And warmer temperatures mean — you guessed it — less snow and ice. As they melt, what’s left behind are darker patches of land and water. And guess what dark colors do? Here’s a hint: Ever try wearing black clothes to the beach? Not a good idea. Black absorbs more sunlight, thus emits more heat, and makes you warmer. Not good. For you or the Earth. Here are some other possible symptoms of planetary fever: Shrinking glaciers. Shifting plant and animal ranges. Sea level rise. More intense heat waves. Stronger hurricanes. Experiencing any of these symptoms? It’s time to seek attention right away. Remember: the planet you save may be your own.

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  • "Over the past century"????? Respected scientists agree that CO2 could only have had a significant effect after 1950. Anyone who tries to blame warming before 1950 on CO2 is a con artist.

  • Antarctic Sea Ice set numerous all-time record highs in 2014. The southern hemisphere has a cold.

  • More BS for the sheep to soak up. Also that 97% thing = a whole 79 scientists who bothered to fill out the survey.

  • Hahaha! So what happened to the woolly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers?  Where'd all that ice go?  Too many coal plants and SUV's?

  • I think people are starting to get the message, but they don't understand the full risks or what they can do about it. They don't  have a feeling for how much carbon they are creating. Some practical tips I've heard: stop food waste (might mean eating at home more), carpool, recycle, up-cycle, reuse (especially glass), live in smaller homes, make green roofs (or paint roofs white – avoid using asphalt), plant shade trees, buy locally made products, go paperless, avoid peak power and traffic times. Support infinitives to help marine life – shellfish, clams, sea urchins and snails store away carbon in their shells (in calcium carbonate). Compost your egg shells (calcium carbonate again). Eat less or no beef, pork and dairy (some people are going completely vegan) the animals and their waste produces large amounts of methane and CO2, and they uses large amounts of water and agricultural land to support. Buy clothing and other products from thrift stores or local makers. Avoid concrete as a building material (it emits CO2 as it chemically hardens). Isolate your home well. Live simply. Join a fire department, and help Prevent forest fires… and help create modern forms of sustainable forestry.

    These are just a few things that everyone can do. Switching to green power isn't the only thing you can do.

  • One solution:  Many people say our space program has no direction.  I believe instead of a one time jaunt around Mars, or a return to the Moon, our efforts should be aimed at building a solar energy plant. This could supply us with all our needs and as it grew our dependence on oil would lessen.  A project like this would challenge our greatest minds, and be bigger than either Apollo or the ISS programs.  Of course the oil companies would not like it, but if we get them to invest, they could also share in its returns. A solar plant should be considered as an eventual alternative to our oil problems. Our Sun emits more energy than we could ever use and it is supposed to continue for another 5 Billion years. 

  • I think the earth is spinning faster because of all that oil we've been taken out of the earth making lighter

  • You know how you feel when you have a fever? How about Earth? The latest NASA's Earth Minute, "Earth Has a Fever," explains.

  • @NASA Climate Change : I feel that Earth's fever is actually going down. Just go and check the earth's average temperature data you publish; There has been no/very little rise in temperature in the last decade… STOP Scaring people…

  • How about planet a billion trees for starters?

  • So what man made carbon footprint melted the glaciers of the Ice Age 13,000 years ago?

  • USA and China, they don't give a shit.

  • Para explicar de forma divertida e didática a Ciência da Terra, a NASA – agência americana espacial – criou uma série de filmes de animação: NASA’s Earth Minute (Minuto da Terra da NASA, em tradução livre).

    Em um dos mais recentes episódios – Earth Has a Fever (A Terra está com Febre) –, mostra, por meio da comparação com um ser humano, como o aquecimento do planeta pode trazer graves consequências para a vida de todos os seres vivos.

    Alguns cientistas preveem que a temperatura na superfície terrestre pode aumentar de 3 a 10 graus Celsius até o final deste século, principalmente por causa da emissão de gases de efeito estufa, que aprisionam o calor na atmosfera.

    Com o aquecimento do planeta, haverá degelo nas regiões polares, extinção de muitas espécies de animais e plantas, o aumento do nível dos oceanos e eventos climáticos mais extremos serão mais frequentes, como ondas de calor e terremotos.

    Fonte do texto:

  • A Nasa continua desesperada para tentar divulgar as cretinices do pseudo aquecimento global antropogênico.
    O aquecimento é cíclico, e acabou. Estamos vivendo uma fase de resfriamento global. Que NÃO significa que é melhor.
    Um mundo aquecido, como na idade média, provavelmente nos possibilitaria mais recursos. O esfriamento global só vai nos trazer secas, instabilidade climática e condições climáticas adversas.
    Bem, sem pânico, em algumas décadas o mundo volta a esquentar.

  • MinuteEarth anyone?

  • so if a human had a fever, would you say that at this rate, they will melt in a week? and that they should arrest the inhalation of dangerous gasses like oxygen nitrogen and CO2. Or that an oversupply of blood was the cause, and it should be drained?

  • Propaganda.

  • IF the "global warning" myth is true, then how come i still saw snow outside in Spring?!

    Check Mate, NSA. You can't fool a genuis like me.

  • Did anyone else notice their "hurricane" looked exactly like the origin logo?

  • Ignorant people tend to stay ignorant. Even this explanation wont do it for most of them. If they don't understand this children's explanation they wont understand anything else.

  • Here's two facts about the Earth they didn't mention. Scientists gotta eat and people will lie to make money.

  • Of course climate change is real, the climate always changes, always has, always will. It changed hundreds of millions years ago where there were zero humans it will continue changing long after we are gone.

    Man made catastrophic global warming on the other hand is as real as unicorns and Santa Clause. I mean you might as well believe in the tooth fairy and that the moon is made out of cheese and no amount of money from the 0.1% percenters and big government can change that !!!!

  • Of course climate change is real, the climate always changes, always has, always will. It changed hundreds of millions years ago where there were zero humans it will continue changing long after we are gone.

    Man made catastrophic global warming on the other hand is as real as unicorns and Santa Clause. I mean you might as well believe in the tooth fairy and that the moon is made out of cheese and no amount of money from the 0.1% percenters and big government can change that !!!!

  • When standing in the shade I feel cool (I am cool); The shade is darker.

  • But I was a bit chilly and saw a snowflake once. Explain that scienmatists

  • What is the Earth's normal temperature?  Perhaps the same argument could be made that maybe the Human (earth) has a 1 degree cold and is returning to his natural temperature.  Why does no one think something like that is possible?

  • The planet doesn't need us to save it, our habitat does.

  • The people who deny that global warming exists are stupid, but not stupid enough to realize that this is a child's explanation. That will make them angry and more likely to deny.

  • Also just because something is BLACK doesn't make it bad, that is racist.

  • whats a haspital?

  • if the suns heatwaves cant escape from the earth surface because of the greenhouse gases, how did the heatwaves get through the gases in the first place? why does it work like a one-way mirror?

  • most American's sound so nerdy

  • this narrator sounds like james arnold taylor? Is this him or am I just mistaken?

  • So many people feeling smart for "poking holes" in an elementary school-level explanation of climate change…

    I especially liked the one where someone was confused about the difference between hiding from the sun (shade) and the properties of materials that come in contact with light from the sun (the varying reflective/absorptive properties of colours)

  • "Maybe this video was not marketed for me, but it seems really condescending. They present very basic facts about climate change, without supporting them. If someone doesn't believe in climate change, they probably already know these facts, but don't believe them." /u/Doofangoodle

  • I got a fever, and the only cure is MORE COWBELL!

  • Was distracted by the fat ass hand. Next time get a skinny person to do the drawings. No offense.

  • More extreme weather is also a symptom. This includes more snow in certain areas.

  • The Planet is only trying to beat cancer(people). Go Planet!

  • I highly doubt that the world is becoming warmer because on Tuesday I went out, I touched the floor and it felt cold.

  • If it means that winter is let cold, less snow, less ice… turn this bitch up!!!

  • The safety of Earth begins with the extinction of humanity

  • Ok, I'm missing the part showing that our resources are better allocated to fight the global warming rather than dealing with the outcomes.

  • Show it to Sen. James Inhofe, see what he'll react.

  • WOW, minutephysics channel ripoff much NASA? 

  • It isn't a question of science, but ideology. All the competent science from actual climatologists around the world says we're causing climate change. The exact predictions, dates, and metrics will never really be figured out because it's not an exact science, but that doesn't change the overall message – not unlike evolution. The denial comes from the vocal minority who are more than willing to embrace the questionable data, that mirrors their ideology. For accepting climate change means that we have to find new and expensive ways to power our cities, use more efficient transportation methods, and produce food that isn't the cheapest anymore. Ultimately it means more government regulations, restrictions on free markets, and a loss of personal freedoms. Let's face it… when something is produced very cheaply there is almost always an externalized cost – usually a detriment to the environment or poor people. 

  • I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell.

  • Thank you NASA.  Very well pointed out.

  • I have a soultion. Trap all the heat in big tank, take the tank to california, place bacon and egg on top of rank which will equal into recycling heat and making the money which you can buy a rocket with. Use the rocket to go to mars, place some plants and water, give it time then you would have a rain forest. NASA I think you need to spend your budget else where and stop making stupid ideas and use genious ideas like mine.

  • God why do these Illuminati making bullshit videos saying global warming. Everyone knows that Galaxy is re-aligning and every planet is experience change in atmosphere because of planetary shift.

  • with all the bail out in the billions, too many people think 1 degree isn't much. when it is the small increments that matter ):

  • There have been so many videos like this over the past years, but they change nothing… But I really wish we could just stop right this second and start fresh, with something that is more sustainable than oil and gas.

  • this is the biggest load of bullshit l have seen in a long time.
    1. the earth produces more carbon in 1 day than humans produce in ten years.
    2. the earth is heating up from the inside not on the surface, look at how the ice caps are melting and you will see the truth
    3.the ONLY thing humans can do to slow down the natural cycle of the earth is to plant shit loads of trees to absorb some of the carbon the earth is producing.

  • so explain to me why every planet in our solar system is heating up not just earth and why is the ice cap on mars only 1/3 the size it was 10 years ago.
    NASA stop spreading the NWO bullshit and tell the truth for a change

  • I think NASA has been watching too much MinutePhysics. 

  • So are NASA saying we ban all things black?  Earth Hour 1hr/yr, whereas Fossil Fuel Appreciation day is 24/7 for 365 days a year! pass it on!  Storms are down… Climate lies seem to be up though?

  • Yes the earth is running a temperature. Or at least they are going to insist on constantly checking for one with the rectal thermometer of disinformation. Forget the lube, they're going in dry.

  • Simple but elegant NASA video on climate change/global warming.

  • I don't know what I feel when I have a fever because I'm sleeping.

  • The biggest mistake in all those videos is to say that we must "SAVE THE EARTH".
    Because global warming and even nuclear apocalypses don't matter: Earth will still be there in 100 000 000 years
    Even if we kill 99.99% of life, it will come back again: life on earth as already been almost eradicated more than once.
    So the only question is: "WHAT PLANET WILL YOU GIVE TO YOUR KIDS?"

  • that was the dumbest video,  1 degree every one hundred years?   What is things change in 50 yrs then what…
    bitter cold

  • foutaise !

  • Why are the ice caps larger than they have been since the late 80s? It's true, look it up.

  • 1:22  Where are the ice caps?

  • I feel sorry for all the chicken littles out there….

  • lol, "Global Warming" as we enter an ice age. Weather prediction is bad but this is a whole new level of bad prediction.

  • 1:13 why origin

  • salvemos nuestro mundo

  • After seeing all the idiots in my university who graduate with their biology,chemistry or environmental science degrees I find it pretty hard to take things like this seriously.

  • Was expecting more cowbell.

  • Some other Symptoms for planetary fever:
    1. Shifting Wind streams and the Arctic Vortex
    2. Releasing more sealed methane and co2 from segments
    3. Warmer Water in the Oceans and warmer, slowing down Ocean streams like the Gulf stream
    4. Vanishing Nature by droughts and wildfires on land, by warmer water in the oceans
    5. Long term stay of Co2 in the atmosphere and heat energy in the oceans
    6. Mass extinction of plankton
    Earth is serious sick and weaken, it is a more then just a fever.

  • Thank you for doing this! Most sources I go to did not make much sense, but this was very straight forward and was easy to understand. I hope you don't mind if I use this for my Climate Change Psa!

  • WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!! I blame George Bush. 🙂

  • ganhei uma nota boa por isso obrigado

  • Hey!I'm just a 9 yr. old kid so pls. No bad comments.
    The more greenhouse gases we produce, the more it can cause to climate change or global warming. Am I right?

  • help the earth help the earth

  • We need NASA down to Earth & Space in time to be // Thank you all //

  • this is exactly why government agencies that actually benefit from climate change shouldn't be promoting climate change. that rise in temperature over the last century they will never tell you the vast majority of it was during a time of less CO2 production and has raised much slower if not at all during a time a massive co2 production. all they're going to do is Twist the facts so they can get more Government funding so they can come up with more excuses to twist the facts and get more Government funding


  • Fake

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