Natural resources – Environmental Science

Natural Resources is the mode of survival
for all the living beings. We need to restore back the possible resources
so that the nature remains stable. But in our planet, People use and over-exploit
the natural resources and fail to restore the ecological balance in the natural environment,
which leads to deforestation. Its causes are very complex and have many
factors in it. Mainly, Timber extraction was done to fulfill
the economic needs of underdeveloped countries by destroying their native trees. Mining as well as Dams also cause deforestation,
by occupying huge space which eventually destroyed the forests and livelihood of wildlife along
with tribal peoples. Water, being the prime need for all living
beings, is utilized more than actually available around the globe. For agriculture and human needs, only 2.5% of water is used from the total source available. For most part of the contribution, the Rain
and the Groundwater source contribute to this freshwater in a larger scale. Along with this contribution, there are many
water conservation methods to manage the natural resource of fresh water. Out of these, Rainwater harvesting and watershed
management are the most efficient way of managing or preserving the natural source of water
resources. We could see that the water available for
human needs is very less. These crises are due to the growing population,
inefficient irrigation, pollution and several other reasons. In case of any less rainfall in a fiscal year,
it leads to the problem of Drought. All these miseries lead to the several conflicts
over water. Neighbouring countries, as well as nearby
states, arrive at severe conflicts over sharing the river waters.

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