Nature Astronomy – About the Journal

Nature Astronomy covers all of astronomy,
astrophysics and planetary science. We aim to bring different communities
together by providing articles that are written at a very accessible level for
people who are non experts. For instance, our research papers often come with news
and views articles that place the paper in context, so that even if you’re not a specialist you can appreciate the advance made in the paper. As with all nature research journals, Nature Astronomy is editorially independent. We have a full-time team of in-house editors who dedicate their time to
putting out nature astronomy every month. We all come from research backgrounds, we
all have PhD’s and postdoc experience and so we consider ourselves as part of the
community still. We try to appoint three different referees, and we find that gives us a more balanced picture of a submission, and in the end it allows us
to make a more informed decision. Together with the authors, as editors we
try to to help them promote their results in the community of course at
first, but also for the general public. We also offer a service that is called
SharedIt, and through the service we offer links to the authors which they
can share with their community through, for example, Twitter, Facebook, their
institutional website, or some other kind of online repository that allows people
to access a view-only version of the paper. If you have a paper, even just as a
draft, and you are sure whether it is suitable for us at Nature Astronomy,
you can send us a summary of a paper, an accompanying letter describing why the
paper is relevant for us, and maybe a figure, and we’ll give you our assessment. The best way to submit a paper to Nature Astronomy is through our official submission portal. Nature Astronomy does not have page or figure charges and is flexible with regard to the format of the first initial submission. We are of course open to contributions from the community, so feel free to get in touch.

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