Nature & Significance of Management

her students and sneak a month gave david their separate on people let me thank you to the first at the sort of business studies blast or standard with steady the first checked up management its
major and significance you must be thinking what his management Management is a process of planning organizing stopping dot acting and controlling all
that give it is of the business organization so as to have the organization and the
chairman gulf it’s ordination objectives it is an activity real a group of people are balking there must be looking differently they are from different backgrounds the religion is different so it is only management risk and coordinate and coordinate activities ulf all of these diverse people you may be thinking that management is only the quiet in business
organizations but let me tell you it is not only required in business organizations it is also the choir insulation and
religious organizations you double stempel mosques hospitals judges schools car leases or any business organization algeria unifying the management strains after getting the meaning of
management that we have annex for definition mister picked up on an ex parte in the field of
management has defined management is the process of walking wind and full of those to achieve organizational objectives by effusion do using limited resources
in the changing environment so we doubled his definition it is very
much bill that the order concept off big in the
world from the people is alone now we all the man is old and the will cause need to want to know that and only then will be able to achieve what we would like to achieve only men is men and have a in bringing after shaughnessy and effectiveness half asian simmons bringing down the
costs i need to resend the profitability effectiveness means company the das on
time and it is only the man is meant which can have a in achieving after she n c and effectiveness threads let me having all three joes off
management the very first feature self-management it is aboard that acted process the builds of business organization
should be simple and clearly stated an organization maybe having so many guards but he too
has to quantify it say in a particular ill a business
organization has on hundred-person profits and though again i just would like to
entries it two hundred and fifty percent the management has to make it kill too
old employees logging-in organization in this particular deal we are going to achieve that much amount
of profits so once the employees ought to go the mandate us at p_o_ the popular men is men to scale only then they will be able to achieve what they
would like to achieve ran the walls are simply and clearly
stated the employees will be keeping all the teams in their minds and it will be
giving dead level best the second feature off management that it is on permissive the activities off management is common two organizations now that economic solution on quality good as i mentioned i had to go but management is required nominees in
all of the spheres of life in a business organization we are having tea levels of management the new level of management the middle
level of management and the problem of management management is the only thing which is
required or that the levels of management now next feature we have it is a
continuous process the process off management ease a series
of continuous composite but separate functions are formed by managers all the time it’s not like once the planning is done then everything is done we have to go for organizing the
activities we have to organize the physical and
human resources we have to employ the competent people by going for that he could print
selection training and then emigration we have to direct them we have the supervise them we have to put away then able leadership we have to communicate each n everything and only then we will be able to achieve our organizational objectives strains now we have next feature management is uqroo activity before three the coleman organizational
goals dean welk and coordination of individual
efforts is a quiet the time has gone then we were thinking

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