New Delhi, one of the most polluted cities on earth, past Beijing

The smog has stopped our lives. Our lives are pretty much come to a grinding halt. When this started about a week ago, we said, “Alright one day, two days.” The third day got so bad that my
daughter was wheezing. In November, India’s capital of New Delhi surpassed Beijing as the world’s most polluted city by a factor of 10. And some parts of New Delhi
have pollution 40 times worse than the World Health Organization’s recommended
safe levels. Low visibility has caused car accidents and train delays and
United Airlines even suspended flights to and from the city—something airlines
rarely do outside of natural disasters people were advised to stay indoors and
more than 6,000 schools were closed and some hospitals reported a 30 percent increase
of new patients with pollution-related illnesses Last 10 days they have seen a
three-fold increase in the number of people coming to ER with the respiratory
problem, the common thing being exacerbation of asthma in people who were
already asthmatic. There’s a lot of pollution but I get bored and I had to leave for 3 days
and I had nothing to do and all the teachers are saying you can’t go to play in the
lunch break, I have to sit inside, it feels terrible. Children need to be
climbing trees and exploring and being out playing sports. How will we raise
sportsmen if they’re locked up eight or nine months of the year?
In the city, in our schools, children do not go out. The air quality index, which
measures the relative safety of the air we breathe, ranks anything above
three hundred as hazardous. But on November 8, New Delhi hit 1,010,
according to the U.S. Embassy. Since then, pollution levels have hovered
at the seven to eight hundred range. For the 19 million residents of New Delhi,
that’s like smoking 50 cigarettes a day. Beauty is, I guess, champion.
Anamika studies air pollution at the Center for Science and Environment and
runs educational campaigns for clean air and public health in New Delhi. There is
some contribution from the episodic pollution that happens seasonally
during when the farmers are burning the stubble around the states, you know, the
states around Delhi, and that the wind direction is towards Delhi then some of
that smoke is going to blow into Delhi. I also get trapped

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  • Most stupid but usefull thing u can do is exempt tax on desertcoolers so thatwe have their liberal use this will immediately improve till u find better other actions….every one who carries exhaust making eg like cars or tractors or sweet makers with burners etc will have to own and use one desert cooler any where….this will improve….try this immediately

  • bound to happen with all factories and most dense populated area in the world with about 500m people. People need to stop buying cars in delhi and surrounded area. there's literally no proper infrastructure, people just waste petrol waiting in jams. There is technology to combat this but officials are too corrupt to enforce regulation.

  • NBC leftfield is kind of interesting sometimes but this doesn’t really add anything to the story, apart from their trademark frumpy-mom-who-reads-Vice style

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  • It already is .wake up India..

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  • This need to stop

  • Its a shame really for such a historical great nation like india in which Hinduism is in majority day faith says live in harmony with nature GO GReen India

  • Why no stop traffic?

  • India, the land of ignorants, racists, and disgusting people.

  • Wait I thought we were fighting feelings. At least that's what matters to the western cultures

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  • Oh yeah blame the farmers but never mention the factories that open 24/7 to kill you and make a profit

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  • If new Delhi surpassed Beijing by a factor of 10 in November, then where did it stand in October? Or September?
    How did it surpass by tenfold in a month, I must be missing something, or just confused-

  • Same in Mumbai now

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  • Why cant anyone realise what they are doing to our world

  • About a week ago

  • So, what's the grand conclusion they seem to have reached at the climax? This pollution is partly caused by slash and burn farming practices… couldn't possibly be the outsourced industry funded by multinational conglomerates taking advantage of a corrupt government with minimal environmental/labor protections… could it? Why on Earth would our evil overlords want to distract us from their unethical business practices with strawman arguments like this one? Yes… they do burn their crops on occasion… but that's not why you can't drink the water. Your framing of the issue is incredibly misleading. You purposefully skipped right over the "why" of the story. I find that to be disgustingly unethical.

    I was really hoping NBC Left Field would be better than it's parent company. Not really sure how to interpret "left field" either. Are these stories so far out in "left field" that they'll never make it to network? Or is this intended to be a left-leaning, more grass-roots level media source to compete with Vice? The same old corporate media bullshit doesn't work on millennials. It's easier for us to tell the difference between news, ads and distractions so when you run a "non-story" like this one, we get triggered in a bad way.

    On the plus side, the editing and post-production was fine.

  • That so sad!

  • Dear people of the Delhi, please opt for trees not buildings if you want pure air, and of course the biggest problem is of burning waste in around Delhi.

  • To be honest everything is alright.. ever since this happened i play wow 15h per day

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  • Why can’t you people give a message to the people instead of spreading negativity.

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  • This is racist because there is no video about Oxford street being most polluted due to nitrogen levels neither it was China with 100s of polluted city you got gust a single city and single country to blame .

  • This is 0 level video. Just blame others you know the polluted water also of USA and los angels was also a polluted city once. I am not against this but it’s too much this spreads negativity among the people across the world.

  • What is this no other video related to pollution on your channel

  • You don’t tell the world the story of cheap products of China .

  • Also not about the ghost towns of China.

  • Not the polluted rivers and places of Russia.

  • I don’t want to involve or blame any country

  • Which country are you from.

  • We don’t go abroad and expose any activity of other country like the world does to us .

  • We are humans too no other reasons for pollution? You didn’t tell about our area and population the problems we face due to population.

  • First harassed by the British and now by the media .

  • You don’t tell about the developing India that’s a content too the fastest growing economy on the planet.

  • You keep on spreading the negativity but you will get a feedback from millions intel then goodbye.

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  • Stop burning plastic everywhere !!
    What indian road cleaner do is that they just collect plastic garbages and other disposable or non disposable garbages around road than make stack of it and burn it !!
    They don't know that the plastic that they are burning is 7 or more times harmful than CO2 !!
    Eventually that smoke goes in atmosphere and people who burnt that plastic are in more danger because they are near by fire and they cunsume more smoke !!
    Plastic, rubber, fiber,… Burning them is too much harm for environment !!
    In India so many products comes with plastic packaging !!

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  • When you live in a pollution factor of 1 🤔

  • I torn down a small plant & used the stem, put a cardboard that said save the trees! And how are the Monarchs living?

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  • This is truly heartbreaking to see my motherland, go to waste. India was so beautiful, and full of nature at a given point in our history and look at the terrible state that we are in right now. 🙁 we need to do something!

  • I have asthma and if I went there, I would probably be dead instantly. •-•

  • It's all humans fault,the world will end because of this not getting hit by some cocky asteroid,But the destruction will start inside.

  • That time when your country is working a lot for electric cars and than you see this ad…

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  • I'd never survive that much of smog. Even watching it alerts my sinus to pain. Fuck u Delhiite's.

  • OH MY GOD…

  • You should highlight more on the reasons for such high pollution in Delhi as the causes can be handled with simple policies and fines.

  • Caused by an "inversion layer" and it happens in the winter.

    People go to Beijing in the Spring and the Summer are surprised by the blue skies because they just think that Beijing is polluted year-round and it's not. It's the same with Delhi. Winter is when the hell of the smog occurs.

    The same thing happens in California – but not anywhere close to the level as Delhi.

    What happens with an inversion layer is that cold air settles close to the ground and it forms a "seal" that traps all the air in the location. It happens particularly in valleys and basins. Thus it happens in the Los Angeles basin and it happens to the San Francisco Bay Area (which is a basin) and it happens in the Central Valley.

    As I said, it happens in winter in December and January and early to mid February and this causes all kinds of problems because during those months PEOPLE WANT TO BURN WOOD IN THEIR FIREPLACE TO HEAT THEIR HOMES. HOWEVER, because the inversion layer traps all the smoke and soot close to the ground there are "spare the air days" where people are NOT allowed to burn wood in their fireplaces EVEN THOUGH IT'S FREEZING.

    AND, they actually have monitors that check for smoke from chimneys and will fine people if they see smoke.

  • Message from Beijing: the only relief that I have when I think about where I live, is that it is even worse for you guys in Delhi.
    I open my phone, check the pollution, want to cry, than check Delhi's number, and then I feel relieved a bit. Thanks a lot guys. And please keep it up.

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