New Orleans – Oak Alley and Laura Plantation Tour

(light guitar music) – We’re here at the Oak Alley Plantation, we’re gonna take a look
around the grounds. – Well we will actually be
touring the inside of the house, you’ll see the house, which
is about 200 years old. – That was actually fan used
to keep the guests cool. – The most perfect part
of the entire tour though, is actually when everybody
gets to open those doors into those beautiful
300 year old live oaks. – It’s breathtaking really,
you know, you’re walking out in this oak alley,
and along the walkway you have all these oak trees on each side. Last stop of the day,
Laura, a creole plantation. Now we’re in the basement of the big house in Laura’s Plantation. This is actually one
of the slave quarters. The used to go for miles and miles down through the sugar cane fields. I had such a great day
exploring Louisiana. I went to two plantations. I feel like I now have a good sense of this neck of the woods.

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