Nicholas School’s Environmental Summer Science Program

(techno music) (people chattering) – I think my favorite
experience was definitely volunteering at Sandy Creek,
where we build rain breaks. The kids were exhausted
by the end of the day. So this my first year
taking part in the ESSP and this year we have about 30 students and two camp counselors and then me. So a total of three. And then Dr. Nicki Cagle
always joins us on the field trips which is a
big part of our program. (people murmuring) – We dug a 10 inch hole and it was 10 inch deep
and 10 inches wide. And this was to stop
erosion and let the water flow outside of the
trail, so we put a pipe, gravel and rocks to make sure
the pipe was stable enough. And we covered it with
dirt so whenever the next time it rains, the water
is not on the trail but it’s to the sides. (people murmuring) – A lot of the activities that we do involve teamwork and team building. It’s nice to see how
different students from different backgrounds and
with different interests come together and really try
to solve the same problem. – My favorite thing to do with the ESSP has been going to the Duke forest and going to the creek. We got to put on waders and basically engage
ourselves with nature. And we tested the quality of the water. So we tested the turbidity,
the depth and the width. And then we came back and
analyzed all the data. – I love this program, I
love seeing the students get excited about
environmental science as I do. This is my fourth year
coming back as a councilor now and it’s been really cool to see how the process
works each and every time. And I love working with Nicki
and Tori and this year Kim. Their also passionate about what they do and I love seeing them lead the students in all the activities we do. – I really enjoyed my
time in the program when I was in high school and I think other students should enjoy it to and I wanted to help them learn and get excited about environmental science. (man lecturing) – I think the ESSP is
very unique because even though it an environmental
science summer camp, we try approach environment science from very different angles and
very different view points. – One thing that I’m
really grateful to have done when I was in the program was get college counseling and resume help. I found out which schools
would be a good fit for me and I was able to start my way through the application process. – It’s a big root right here. – You know it was a team
effort so we got to learn from others experiences
and we all worked together to solve one common problem. (bouncy music)

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