Ocean Circulation Plays an Important Role in Absorbing Carbon from the Atmosphere

[music] The ocean plays an important role in absorbing heat and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation draws greenhouse gases and heat deep into the ocean, helping alleviate early effects of carbon emissions. As the ocean warms, the circulation may slow down, making it less effective at drawing carbon dioxide and especially heat out of the atmosphere. Studying the ocean and its capacity to absorb carbon and heat can help scientists better understand our changing climate.

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  • NASA rocket engines play a devastating role of "Putting the carbon into the atmosphere"

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  • Congreatturetion..

  • We only have one planet

  • So this is one of the reasons why the global warming models have been wrong.

    Now NASA can get back to exploring space.

  • Trump says it's a hoax

  • Maybe. It seems like slower currents would also mean less dramatic storms. Both as a result of a low temperature difference across the Earth, since heating is generally concentrated at the pole, or mostly at the polar regions. With warm water being chilled more slowly you should have higher precipitation? Cyclical flooding… you know you could probably have it bid out by the farmers, lol, if your infrastructure was good enough.

  • As the AMOC progresses through a very long cycle, It also slows the equilibration rate. As it slows, the rate of heating we experience will undoubtedly increase.

  • the more water in the planet..the more hotter it gets in the atomsphere…

  • So, qualitatively, we are reminded that Mars oceans and ten-thousand crater lakes are now frozen CO2-popsicles…

  • I am not a rocket scientist but a simple pond builder. I learned that the warmer the water it can absorb less gas. As for example a 4 degree C water can absorb 14mg gas/liter compared to 7mg/l at 26 degrees C. It is double the amount. That is why fishes start to die in still, warm water. In such a big mass of water like the oceans, only one degree change can make considerable gas emission. Much, much more than all the cars together. So climate scientists and enviro activists, think about it, before arguing to rise taxes on gas emissions. No doubt that human has a strong carbon footprint but do not put all the CO2 on our account

  • Global solar with global powerlines necessary to boost solar's lousy capacity factor so that reliable 24/7 solar generated electricity is provide around the world at the speed of light.

  • So is that why thay not we that are destroying the air and all around cause of the chemicals. so how far does this go back. and why is it in food. and I'm our air and up in the atmosphere. have thay been depopulateing ever since. and if yes what year was it. 50s or back in the 30s.?

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  • But how do the currents take the CO² out of the atmosphere?

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