Oizom Polludrone | Air Pollution Monitoring System | Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System | AAQMS

As the name suggests, POLLUDRONE is
designed to monitor pollution levels. Pollution has different types such as
dust, hazardous gases, noise, light, UV and radiation. I will go through each of them
individually. To begin with… One of the most harmful pollutant is… dust. To monitor dust concentration… Polludrone operates on the principle of laser scattering. It is an active sampling method where constant airflow is passed through the system. The air sample enters through this Inlet and exits from this outlet. Inside, there is a laser beam which continuously counts the particulate matter present in the air sample. To derive the concentration of PM1, PM2.5 and PM10. Apart from dust, gases like Sox and NOx are also major causes of respiratory diseases. Polludrone measures toxic gases through active sampling… …by taking a sample of air through this Inlet… Every 2 minutes. This sample is analyzed by
different gas sensors… …working on proven principles like Electrochemical, NDIR and PID Complete gas analysis is done… …by measuring the concentration of Sox, NOx, Ozone and carbon oxides. Our nervous system is highly impacted by exposure to excess noise. This downward-facing noise sensor is ideally positioned to capture noise up to 140 decibels. The noise monitoring system constantly monitors noise level and derive logarithmic mean… …like Lmax, Lmin and Leq. Did you know exposure to excess sun radiation causes rashes sunburns and even skin cancer! UV rays present in the sunlight are extremely harmful to the skin. The ambient light is captured from the pyranometer doe on the top of the equipment. which has various photosensors to measure UV radiation, light intensity and solar radiation… …from the ambient light. Through this probe it measures atmospheric conditions… …like temperature, humidity and pressure. At the bottom of the device you can observe there are three ports in addition to the power port… …which are given to attach external modules like anemometer, rainfall and flood monitoring system. Such meteorological parameters
enable us… to identify the source and dispersion of the pollutants. Here we’ve tried to include all types of environmental monitoring capabilities in
one compact system. This makes it a comprehensive solution for smart cities, campuses, roadways, airports and many such applications. Polludrone can be
calibrated at three levels… factory, lab condition and in ambient condition through colocation. Post-installation the equipment can be periodically collaborated on-site for consistent accuracy. Now, let’s get to the basic
requirements of any IoT hardware… Power & Connectivity This is where power
input is attached. It can be either through external power or solar panel. For data communication, it is available with a range of wireless options like… GSM, Wi-Fi, LORA, SigFox, Narrowband IoT and… …wired options like Ethernet and
Modbus. This equipment which I have with me is a GSM variant…. …whereas this is the RJ45 port or Ethernet-based connectivity as a secondary communication. The entire purpose of Polludrone is to monitor environmental data… let me elaborate on
data accessibility. The real-time data is collected on OIZOM
IoT platform… which can be hosted on OIZOM’s or the customer’s infrastructure. The data retrieving intervals can be configured remotely as per the
application. This data can be integrated with outdoor LED displays and any third-party applications using our secure APIs. The data can before the
visualized and analyzed on a data terminal. …which can extract actionable
alerts print-ready reports and historical data analytics. The data is
also accessible using our mobile app! To know more about data accessibility click the thumbnail below.

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