One on One: Victoria and Andrea Think Majoring in Environmental Sciences Opens Opportunities for You

– [Both] Lab mates for life! – So why did you decide to
major in environmental sciences? – For me coming into Duke, I knew I wanted to work with animals, and I knew I wanted to
work in conservation, and my experience at Dr. Pimm’s lab has just let me realize there’s so many different
fields and opportunities that are within conservation. We’re working on hummingbirds
in that part of the lab, but other people are working on mangroves, and then there’s the big
cats, and giant pandas, and just seeing that,
in that one lab space, you’re working on so
many different issues, and I think the major really
reflects that as well, the major is so open, and allows you to take different classes, and it just gives you the opportunity to explore different things and see what you want to do, so from that experience I’ve really narrowed it down, that I do know that I do
want to work in the sciences, and I am pursuing the BS in the Environmental Sciences degree, and I would like to
continue on after school and get an advanced degree and work on animal conservation. What’s been your motivation for choosing the
environmental science major? – So I guess I’m one of the
lucky people who came to Duke knowing exactly what I wanted to do, which is basically I wanted to have a major
that would allow me to pursue my passions of
protecting the environment and learning everything I
can about the natural world, and I found out that environmental science is so broad, it’s so huge, it embodies (mumbles) law, and policy, and hard sciences, and all these things
are interesting to me. So I’ve been exploring all of them, and by being in Dr. Pimm’s lab, I’ve been able to explore the conservation research side of that, which has been incredibly interesting. So after I graduate from Duke, as an undergraduate, I’ll hopefully be going
on to graduate school. I have my sights set on
a Ph.D in the future. I don’t think I’ll ever
stop wanting to learn, and keep doing environmental work.

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