Online Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies | Ashford University

[Dr. Zorn-Arnold]: Hi, my name is Dr. Barbara
Zorn-Arnold, and I’m a Program Chair and full-time faculty in Environmental Studies here at Ashford
University. The Environmental program is truly interdisciplinary in its approach, our courses
examine the relationship between the environment and factors that influence it, including cultural,
social, and economic issues. I think the most unique thing about our program is our students,
they are so amazing, and they do great things. They get to really wrestle with the biggest
environmental challenges that we have and they get firsthand experience at developing
an environmental impact risk assessment, and then they’re able to spacially analyze data
using Arc GIS software. Our students work in the field, they’re passionate, they serve
their communities, and they bring so much to the table that our classes are really engaging.

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