Ontario’s Solutions 2030 Challenge

Humankind’s greatest challenges always have a way of inspiring breakthroughs. Challenges motivate the world’s sharpest minds,
breed new innovations into the industrial landscape. Re-create how carbon emissions
are reduced or re-purposed for the greater good. And generate ideas that end up changing everything. Today, the planet is facing no greater challenge than climate change. But you…could make a world of difference. Ontario’s Solutions 2030 Challenge is looking for game-changing technologies to help position the province of Ontario as a global leader in building a low-carbon future. With $7 Million allocated for this global competition of grand importance we’re seeking solutions that offer cost-effective greenhouse gas reductions for manufacturing and industrial processes to drive systemic transformations across sectors. If you’re an entrepreneur, innovator, inventor, or academic with an evolutionary, revolutionary, or distruptive idea for clean technology, Ontario welcomes you to compete for the prize. If you’re up for the challenge, you just might change the world.

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