OpenSite Designer – Design in Reality Context

[Music] open site designer will help you understand the existing conditions on your project by reality context what I mean by that is we’re going to use not just old techniques such as using a total station to collect data we’re going to look at how do we use the more modern tools such as laser scanning droning advancements in photogrammetry to understand what’s existing on my project and better yet not just what on my project what’s under my project and what’s around the project insight we’re all about building something in the community and we have to be able to understand how we’re affecting that community in their environment as well as the site we’re on so being able to go out and grab that information again from the cloud or from traditional methods you’re gonna be able to quickly create a model that you can go in and start designing from so let’s take a few minutes and look at a couple different ways the open site designer can help you with reality context to get a project started you can come from a variety of different ways open site designer is built to work with those different types of ways to start a project such as reality capture you can come into context capture get a 3d model of your site extrude information from that site and not just see how the design looks in 2d but start getting understanding of 3d as you go through the design process to go in and clip information from this 3d model is fairly simple just go indentify the area you want to get a ground extraction from an open site designer will do the rest of the work at this point you have a surface that is ready to start building your new project upon you can also bring in other means of existing data raster images topographies points point clouds host of different sources exist to us as users to start a project and get existing data GIS data open site designers set to work with all the standards that are out in the industry to getting started that opens like designer help you started in your project deliver better solutions now that you’ve seen how open site designer has been able to work with reality context and get not just existing surface but information underneath it and around it to give you a better idea of how to start your project we can start designing on a project from this point so if you wanna learn more about open site designer and how it deals with reality context go to Bentley comm or better yet click on the link included with this video

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