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hi everybody I’m Rick hunter I’m with
safety info and recently we’ve been receiving information or people
inquiring about information concerning two topics and so I want to do a little
research on those topics commonly we see terms like EHS environmental health and
safety and recently we see people inquiring about information for HSE now
after doing a little bit of a survey I noticed that HSE also stands for Health
and Safety Executive but in my mind it stands for health and safety and
environmental so if you’re looking for environmental issues or environmental
type programs I guess I should say then safety info has some of those on there
libraries so whether you’re looking for EHS or HSE either one of those should
you should be able to find the information you’re looking for on safety
info and when you require about HSE if you’ll give us something that’s
specific that you’re looking for we could help you get that in place and
and get something going for you or especially get what you need that’s the
most important thing now I want to talk a moment about safetyinfo.com obviously
for safety directors whether you’re in a facility or your insurance company
wherever you may be working as a safety professional number one is to protect
your employees from injuries that is number one across the board no matter
what we’re doing protect people from injuries accidents things of that nature
always if you’re protecting your employees from injuries maybe you’re
protecting them from accidents which I always list as number two number three
protect a company from government penalties nobody likes to pay OSHA or or
EPA or maybe your local environmental management just as an example here in
Alabama obviously we’re covered by EPA on a federal program but we also have a
state program called a ADEM Alabama Department of Environmental Management
and you may have that in your same state or your country wherever you may be
watching this but the fourth thing is something that you see all the time and
most of us if we go home at lunch or we’re sitting watching the TV
especially during the news number four is to protect your company from
litigation we see more personal injury attorneys coming after suits especially
when someone has been injured on the job or are injured wherever protect your
company from those things and the reason I say these these four categories
definitely something safetyinfo.com can help you help you do help you prevent
injuries help you prevent accidents help you prevent from paying the government
money or profits that you make and protect yourself from the fiery darts of
that plaintiff attorney when it comes into litigation many things have your
programs in place to do what you’re supposed to do I say that all the time
and that reminds me of a story that we been working on I’ve been talking to and
it’s been a very popular topic here lately on the internet and on the news
and this talks about the big warehouse you know that puncture a can of bear
repellent there there were a number of things they had one employee who was a
critical injury and that’s always priority and making sure that person
gets the health care that they need so they can get back to the job I
understood they were released shortly after that and had recovered but I think
there was some 20 30 other people who needed medical treatment at the same
time so we’re looking at an area there for a short period of time looks like we
have a catastrophic event going on and naturally OSHA and some
other agencies responded to this particular facility and you know and
everything I talked about is alleged until everything is settled out and
agreed upon so I’ll just keep it at that but we’re talking about the Amazon
warehouse where the bear spray the bear repellent was punctured and left some
employees who were either had an illness or something along that line so here’s
my point a good hazard communication program
where you understand everything you’re handling whether it’s a hazardous
chemical I like to go all the way into any chemical that I treat everything as
it may be it has the potential to harm me so I want to make sure all of my
handling all my storage all of my usage all those
things I’m up to speed on those and my employees are up to speed on that so
that they understand what they’re doing and how to protect their self and
exactly what they’re dealing with I think that’s critically important again
I go back to SAFETYINFO.COM do you have a hazard communication program there’s a
written hazard communication program in there 90% complete 10% sites specifics
all you need to do you can do your training your powerpoints your handouts
all the sheets that you need to get your SDSs for the products that your you’re
dealing with there you’re using at that point to make sure you have all the
information that you need so a written program out my SDS is I have my chemical
inventory have all those things I’ve completed all my employee training this
type thing shouldn’t happen I understand it was a machine that ruptured this so
maybe there’s some other things we need to look at so I just want to make sure
that at that point we have all the bases covered and everything there is in
pretty good shape so I say this a lot even though it was bear repellent safety
info could be an OSHA repellent have everything you need in place so you
don’t give your profits to the government if you can’t find it on
safety info then then all you have to do is email us and we will try our best to
help help you find and receive whatever it is you need to put in place to
protect your employees protect your company and that’s critically important
but just like any other repellent they would talk about it doesn’t matter if
it’s mosquito repellent or bear repellent whatever it might be
OSHA repellent the key is is you have to use it if you don’t use it it won’t help
you that’s the bottom line always ask yourself this do you like giving your
profits to the government every April the 15th that reminds me I do not like
giving my profits to the government I do not like to see companies pay OSHA
citations of OSHA monetary penalties because they missed the boat on
something whether it’s lockout tagout hazard communication fort left
operations blood-borne pathogens whatever it might be
remember those require written programs they require other triggers to be pull
give you an example here fort lifts fort lift training obviously
the companies who are required to certify that that person has the
capability to safely operate a forklift number of ways of doing that we have
powerpoints we have videos we have the things that you need number one you’ve
got out of a written program in place you’ve got to have employee training and
you’ve got to do your daily inspections during those who visit those who could
very well ask you for the past 60 days of your daily forklift inspections be
prepared that’s all I tell you safety infocomm is where you can find
this information whether you’re looking for some kind of repellent are you
looking for some kind of really good safety program because you’re a safety
conscious safety professional again protect your company protect your
employees do the things you need to do and let’s don’t give our profits to the
federal government I hope you have a good day hope some of this is helpful to
you feel free to email us give us your comments give us your questions tell us
the things you’re looking for and we will try to supply your need thank you
and have a good day

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