Oswald Ndlovu – Master’s Programme in Applied Environmental Science

Hi guys, my name is Oswald Ndlovu, I come from Zimbabwe. I came here to Halmstad University to study a Master’s in Applied Environmental Science. I chose Halmstad University because I wanted to do something that is related to the environment, something that is more ingrained to water quality research and what I can tell is that this is the place to be for me. The professors are good, the learning facilities are all okay, so to me Halmstad University is the place to be. All I can tell you is that Halmstad city is a cool place to be in. It’s a nice environment, you can easily go out to the coast and relax whenever you feel stressed, so I encourage you all to come here and have a feel of this beautiful city. Also here you meet people from different nationalities. I’ve come across different cultures learning totally different things and it gives you a platform to network and learn new ideas. Above all it is a clean and beautiful city – you’ll love it here. I encourage you all to come and study at this beautiful university because the professors are so friendly and good, the learning facilities and laboratories are world-class and we go out for excursions to experience the practicalities of what we learn in class. So I encourage you all to come to Halmstad University and expand your knowledge.

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