Pando Tree Plantation

Victor and Ann were invited into Pando and
they both start with a Gold Membership that gives them both Pando Trees for 1200 euro. Victor is interested in turning his participation
into a part-time job, while Ann stays busy and only has time to check on it occasionally. Let’s see what happens over a 48-month period. During this period, Ann does not sponsor a
single person. So after 48 months, Ann sells her Pando Trees
for 3600 euro, and has increase her value with 200%, above the original value. Without spending any time promoting Pando
and sponsoring any new members. Ann made a great green business. Meanwhile, Victor has managed to sponsor a
new gold member every second month and trains these members so that they can do the same. By the end of this period, Victor will have
built a sales team of 573 people and earned 5,520 euro in Direct bonuses, 32,890 euro
in Team Bonuses and approximately 9,000 in Generation Bonuses, and by selling his Pando
Trees with a 200% increase in value, Victor has made an income of almost 50,000 euros. In addition, he has reached the Emerald sales
level of the Incentives Program and earned free incentives including PR Kits, a Hotel
Giftscard, a Mont Blanc Pen, an Ipad, a Deluxe Weekend and a Safari in Uganda. All this for a few days’ work every second
month to sponsor new gold members with the Pando Concept At Pando, you’re the boss!

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