Passing showers in some parts, heavy rain on tap on Jeju_082819

good afternoon these showers on children
southern coastal regions should let up by this afternoon but there will be
another band of rain tomorrow afternoon and in total it could be another 150
millimeters through a thursday night and the rest of southern korea will see 5 to
40 millimetres and for a closer look at the next 24 hours parts of the East will
see passing showers in the mid-afternoon meanwhile central regions including here
in the capital will see a band of rain tomorrow morning temperature-wise
central regions will be as warm as yesterday while southern provinces will
notice a big jump in readings tegu topping out at 29 degrees this afternoon
nearly 5 degrees higher than Tuesday after sport receives a fair amount of
rain on Thursday the lows will drop that’s going to lead to bigger
differences between the highs and lows that’s Korea for you and here’s the
International weather for viewers around the world

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