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If you’re going to Plot Mountain
You gotta start somewhere We’ll call this the INTRODUCTION
And guess happens there? You describe the characters and the settings
That’s the who, what, when, and where The characters are the people that are there
What do they look like, why should we care? And the setting is the place where they be
What exactly do the characters see? On their way to Plot Mountain At the start of Plot Mountain
You’re gonna have to go up We call this the RISING ACTION
And here starts the plot There’s a conflict in the story
You should describe exactly what Like a character has a problem to work through
With themselves or the world, what should they do? Or maybe there’s some big arguments
Or some dramatic natural events On the way up Plot Mountain Keep on going up Plot Mountain
Until you reach the top We call this the CLIMAX
And here you cannot stop! You must face the biggest problem
That leads to a turning point Here the story is the most intense
With emotions, drama, and suspense But action like this cannot stay
The story must change and go a different way On the top of Plot Mountain After the top of Plot Mountain
You’re going to start to go down We call this the FALLING ACTION
And it lasts until flat ground There’s still action in the story
But it will start to slow down So the worst is over, the worst is through,
But now what will the characters do? There are still some problems, how long will
they last? Don’t forget the ending is coming fast
On the way down Plot Mountain After climbing down Plot Mountain
Well it’s gotta end somewhere We call this the RESOLUTION
And what will happen there? You should answer all the questions
Until you are aware: That the conflicts in the story from before
Aren’t there any more Unless there’s gonna be a sequel or part
2 And then you’ll have to think what will
the characters do? The next time on Plot Mountain!

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