Powerful Ingenius Ads That’ll Make You Stop And Think

– [Narrator] Love them or hate them, advertisements are effective
at delivering a message. As the saying goes, a picture
paints a thousand words. And the ones you’re about to see say so much with very little, from issues such as deforestation, homelessness and texting while driving, these ad agencies designed
unique and powerful ways to deliver their organization’s point. (busy electronic tones) – Amazing. – [Narrator] Quitline
wanted a powerful way to show the impact smoking
has on one’s health, so they hired Iris
Advertisement agency in London to promote this message. The fact that smokers’
lives end 15% earlier than non-smokers is something
not many people know. So Iris came up with this, an image of someone reading a book, but as you can see the book
stops 15% before the ending, a compelling illustration in physical form as a reminder of the
health risks of smoking. Nicotinell, a company specializing in products to help quit
smoking, used the same concept to demonstrate the aging process. As you can see, it shows what appears to be a 42-year-old woman
lighting a cigarette on her birthday cake. However, she seems older than this, reinforcing that smoking
shortens your lifespan. Other organizations that have
highlighted the seriousness of smoking include Quitsmoke in the U.S., who placed faces over fuel
exhausts and cigarette bins, showing how others see people who smoke. CEPF also used a similar
tactic for their campaign, Causing Cancer by Yourself,
where they placed X-rays of lungs on the top of
ashtrays around Beijing. Anti-smoking group ASH
took a different approach to demonstrating how
detrimental smoking is to your health with this ad. It’s a well-known fact that smoking can affect
men’s reproductive system. The burnt matches illustrate the sperm, while the ash is the woman’s
egg, all placed in an ashtray. It’s a simple yet powerful message of how damaging smoking is. Here’s a series of ads
named Reborn to be Alive that highlight the
importance of organ donation with humorous yet concerning images created by the agency, Duval Guillaume. This one has the caption eight of their organs can be donated. Luckily for us, their
brain is not one of them. The light-hearted stance raises awareness but also makes us question the
intelligence of some people. Advico Y&R agency in
Switzerland faced a dilemma. They were tasked with raising awareness of the issues of torture and violence. However, they found that the young people they were targeting had little
interest in the subject, as it was something happening far away. To try and change people’s perspective, the agency placed stickers
on the back of common areas such as bus seats and
chairs in the cinema. The images were of people
being handcuffed or tied. The message highlighted that even though the people
affected are far away, they’re still human beings. The World Wildlife Fund is
a worldwide not-for-profit that raises awareness of protecting the environment and animals. They joined forces with DDB & Co in Turkey to create a series of ads focusing on the real dangers to humanity. WWF’s campaign shows that even though people
see many animals as scary, the prospect of them not
existing at all is even scarier. Another ad created for WWF was one to highlight the destruction
of deforestation. TBWA produced this image
titled Before It’s Too Late. The forest resembles a pair of lungs, to demonstrate the effect
deforestation will have on air quality. Not only does it show the
damage we cause our wildlife, but also that what we
are doing is detrimental to our health since trees produce oxygen, and cutting them down increases pollution. And let’s be honest, we’d
all rather breath clean, fresh air then polluted smog, right? WWF know what to create when
it comes to powerful marketing. Another campaign from
them is Plastic Coral that demonstrates the
issues of plastic pollution. Globally each year we
dump eight million tons of rubbish into our
oceans, which is the same as a rubbish truck chucking
a full load of trash into the sea every minute. Issues such as turtles
mistaking plastic for jellyfish, whales found with stomachs
filled with rubbish, and debris damaging the health of reefs are some of the problems that arise with the overuse and
careless disposal of plastic. Another advertisement showcasing this is by the Endangered Wildlife Trust, If You Don’t Pick it up They Will. Another thought-provoking
campaign also focusing on our use of plastic is this one by the Global Action for
the Interests of Animals. With the millions of plastic bags used and carelessly littered each year, they wanted to show
people what the disposal of plastic bags would cause. In a similar vein are these images created to show that what goes
around comes around. Here’s another ad that looks at how we care for our environment. Called the Littering Says
a lot About You campaign, it was run by Live Green Toronto and aimed at shaming litterbugs. Unfortunately, they had
to later pull the ads from circulation due to
potential trademark issues. Around the world, we use over one million tons of paper every day, with the waste causing
an unnecessary impact and pressure on our environment. Again, the creative minds
at WWF joined forces with Saatchi & Saatchi. They came up with a way to raise awareness with a simple yet effective concept, Save Paper, Save the Planet, showing us that the overuse of paper
will slowly affect countries on a global scale. Another organization
fighting for our planet is Friends of the Earth with Pollution Is Closer Than You Think, created by JWT in Hong Kong. The idea is that when a person
drinks from plastic cups, they’re consuming the
toxic fumes from their car. It demonstrates that
pollution is everywhere and there’s no way to escape it. Another advertisement
showing the seriousness of pollution is this one from the Natural
Resources Defense Council. With 60,000 people dying
each year from pollutants, it should be considered as dangerous as people brandishing and abusing weapons. Moving on from pollution, LICRA, which campaigns against
racism and anti-Semitism, is a French organization that wanted to address
the underlying racism still found today, especially regarding the
color of people’s skin. They approached Publicis Conseil Paris to produce these images and
later won a Cresta Award, an advertising award to
acknowledge high standards of creative achievement. The team did a fantastic job getting their vital point across about race and life prospects. Now, how an everyday
item found on the streets became a conversation starter regarding helping the homeless. An advertising agency in Australia created an overlay sticker that was placed on the
opening of rubbish bins, making them look like a
plate of food set at a table. The Father Bob Maguire Foundation
wanted to raise awareness about the amount of food
wastage in Australia. The concept is poignant
and thought-provoking. Their tagline says it all: for the homeless, every day is a struggle. Donate today and help
us feed the homeless. Save The Children also
did something similar and used stickers on bins to highlight food waste and world hunger. Millions of tons of food
is thrown away each year, and with ads like this, it highlights where our
food could be going. This series was released
on Good Friday one year and was created by the agency
Grey for Moms Demand Action. Titled, Choose One, it posed
the following question: why is it easier for
Americans to buy weapons than to buy a kid’s chocolate egg? America banned Kinder Eggs
due to health and safety risks of having small toys in the chocolate, but weapons are far more accessible. When the campaign was released, they also delivered Kinder Eggs to media outlets and newsrooms. They then repurposed the idea with other banned objects
replacing the Kinder Egg, like a dodgeball, because
apparently that’s banned for being too violent. On the topic of deadly things, the Red Cross in Romania
highlighted the importance of knowing first aid. Even the simplest of
things like eating popcorn can suddenly become a hazard. By becoming trained in
first aid we can quickly act if someone needs our help. Popcorn may seem like a simple treat, but choke on it and it could be fatal. Another campaign that
effectively used food to get across their
point is Charity Water. They provide wells to
impoverished villages around the world and made this. It’s a person eating raw
spaghetti, a bit weird. However, the point they’re
trying to deliver is evident. We need water for many
things, and without it, the simplest things we take
for granted can’t happen. To raise awareness of the critically
endangered bluefish tuna, Sea Shepherd came up with
this compelling series. The appetite for tuna in
Asia fuels overfishing, and they’re killing bluefish tuna at such a drastic rate that
they are highly endangered. Using the endangered panda in place of them is highly emotive. Another series highlighting
the vulnerability of animals is Bund’s 60 seconds campaign. Their graphics represent the reality that every 60 seconds a
species becomes extinct, a strong and scary image that
won Gold for illustration at the Cannes International
Festival for Creativity. Big Ant International also won an award for their images for the
Global Coalition for Peace, taking the award for
Design for Public Service. Their four posters were
designed to wrap around poles and urge an end to the war in Iraq with the statement, what
goes around comes around. Stop the Iraq War. The layout of the images
shows us the spiraling cycle of war, reminding viewers that the violence perpetrated
abroad will breed the hatred that fuels tomorrow’s violence, that what goes around, comes around. So to achieve peace, we
must end the violence. Social media bases itself
around liking content. However both Crisis Relief Singapore and UNICEF needed to remind
people what actually matters, so they created this campaign
called Liking Isn’t Helping. Their images showcase natural disasters with people giving their thumbs up. It mocks our habit of thinking that likes are a source of help. Likewise it creates a
sense of guilt and urgency for us to do something more. The American Disability Association wanted to raise awareness of the struggle people with
disabilities face every day. In a subway station
stairway they put up this, and their tagline, for
some, it’s Mt. Everest, is a clear message about
how difficult everyday tasks can be for people with
physical restrictions. Now to highlight the dangers of driving. Created by BBDO for Thai Health, it shows the risks of driving while tired, with the simple concept of
a car on someone’s eyelid. As the eyelid closes, it gets closer to the people walking or
biking across the road, and delivers the message
that if you drive tired, your concentration and
alertness changes drastically. Another impactful ad
about driving whilst tired is this one by Volkswagen in South Africa. Studies show that if
you text while driving it can be four times more dangerous than if you’re under the
influence of alcohol. Scary, right? Being South Africa’s
bestselling passenger vehicle, Volkswagen decided to add their voice against texting while driving. The campaign uses predictive
text to show the idea that when you text and drive,
the outcome can be fatal. So, which advert was the most
effective at making you think? Let me know in the comments
section down below, and thanks for watching! (contemplative music)

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