Professor Matthew Johnson from Infuser on being a part of Copenhagen Science City

Infuser is a young company, which has developed an
advanced pollution control system, providing clean-air solutions for polluting industries. The patented air purification technology was
developed at, and in close collaboration with, the Center for Atmospheric Research
at the University of Copenhagen. The close ties to the University of Copenhagen
were a key reason why Infuser chose to move
to Copenhagen Science City. This has been very helpful as far as creating
a dynamic environment for the science. And this is a technology based company. This means that we have been able to
have a very close collaboration with the researchers at the department of chemistry. There are now 7 graduates from the department
working within the company, and to me that means that we can put
the research to work in the real world. It helps everybody: It´s good for the students, because they can see
how the knowledge will be used It´s good for the company because they can
recruit qualified people. So in my view, the synergy could not be better
between these partners. It´s very hard to be a new company. Your name isn´t known, you are trying out new
technologies you are in a development phase. And having this environment of
a lot of small companies at Copenhagen Science City,
you don´t feel so alone, right? It´s kind of a partnership, and you have
support from the University. So I think this has helped the company
to come through the growth phase. With this as our home and as our base, we are able
to do quite good competition in the global economy. We found that Denmark is a very good brand. If people find out you´re from Denmark,
you´re from Scandinavia, they trust the technology that you have to sell. So we are quite happy staying right where we are. Copenhagen Science City is a place where the
business community and research institutions can interact and share knowledge openly. A breeding ground for innovative solutions
and a driving force for growth, employment and quality of life in both the city
and in Greater Copenhagen.

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