PSA Air Pollution

Air Polution Did you know that everyday you are contaminating the Earth with everything you do and the clothes you wear? Air pollution is when smog, gases, and dust are released into the atmosphere. Contamination in the atmosphere can cause the clean air to be filled with toxic chemicals. The atmosphere is necessary in order to protect the Earth. Air pollution occurs/happens when there are gases, dust, and smog in the air. Air Pollution is caused by many things. Humans cause a lot of pollution with factories, waste incineration, transportation and chemicals in our houses like cleaning products. Causes of Air pollution: Air pollution is caused by both the environment and human activity. The environment causes forest fires, volcanic eruptions, wind erosion, pollen dispersal. Human activity like factories, industries, burning of fossil fuels(automobiles like cars, trains, and buses that contain pollutants. Even in our houses too! Humans use many toxic chemicals to clean our homes. Effects of Air Pollution are acid rain, ozone depletion, crop and forest damage, and global climate change. There are many solutions for air pollution. You should use public transportation, ride a bike or share the car with your friends or family), Conserve energy (turn off fans, lights, to prevent fossil fuels from being burned to produce electricity), Understand the concepts are reduce, reuse, and recycle, Emphasis on clean energy resources (like solar, winds, geothermal on the high, use of solar panels, We need to change the way we live in the world to protect our health and the environment.

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