Public Engagement in Science at SF State’s Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies

So, the purpose of tonight’s event is to give
the public an opportunity to learn a little bit more about marine and estuarine sciences
through coming to the Romburg Tiburon Center, and hearing a lecture by someone who is really
preeminent in their field today. We would like to provide a place for our community,
for people in Marin county, as well as from around the San Francisco Bay to come and feel
like they can get some connection to marine and estuarine sciences. Well, I’d just like
to really thank the Rosenbergs for their generosity in funding these forum events. I think it’s
a really important thing to get the word out to the public, and also it provides an opportunity
for the best scientists in the world to come and visit with our scientists and students
and start the collaborations that we are going to need to do to answer the scientific questions
that are out there that are so exciting to all of us. Being the first west coast MarineGEO
observatory, as a student, I feel very proud to be part of it. It’s a great opportunity
to be here at RTC, and being one of the first is probably a highlight of my career as an
undergraduate being here. This is the only marine research center on the Bay, which is
a little bit surprising considering how big it is. For the college of science and engineering,
we have a number of our faculty who are stationed here. They have their research labs here.
For students, the research opportunities are amazing. They get to do things that maybe
would be done by doctoral students at other places, but we have masters students and some
undergraduates who are actually participating in science, which is the best way to learn
it. I think in the future the public can expect great things from the Romberg Tiburon Center.
We are a very sort of… unknown resource here in the Bay Area, and we are growing exponentially.
And the science here is having great impact locally and globally. So, the more that we
get our word out to the public through these forums and other outreach events the more
our impact can have broader scope.

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