QGIS tutorial: Earth Engine plugin pre-releasee [EN]

Hello, I am Mr.M from GIS4Dev In this video I will talk about Earth Engine for QGIS Before I start don’t forget Subscribe to my channel to get a new information about GIS This is a pre-release version Once you installed plugin in QGIS You can access dataset from Earth Engine By write Earth Engine script In QGIS python editor and execute it Let ‘s me show you This example I will show you OSM from OpenLayer plugin Then I will access Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2 datasets From Earth Engine Before I tell you how to install pre-release version I will talk about QGIS Earth Engine plugin This is QGIS Earth Engine plugin official website I am creating this video December 1, 2019 At this time current version is 0.0.1 And It not release yet This page give example about how to use this plugin If you would like to install pre-release version You can download file below this video And following this video step by step firstly you need to install site package Go to python 3 in QGIS folder In my case, It located in C: drive Program files> QGIS 3.0>Apps>Python37 Lib>site-packages And open my file that I gave you below this video site-packages folder Copy all items in this folder paste on the left side Click “Continue” for allow permission to copy to this folder Secondly, Install Earth Engine plugin In QGIS click on setting menu User Profile and click on “Open Active Profile Folder” Close QGIS Click on python If in your computer doesn’t have plugins folder Just create folder and give named “plugins” Click on “plugins” Copy “ee_plugin” folder That I have already gave you Right click and paste into plugin folder Lastly, Enable plugin and authentication to Earth Engine Open QGIS again and click on “plugins” Manage and Install plugin… Click on “Installed” This is a new plugin google earth engine Chcekbox to enable this plugin It will launch website To authentication with Google Earth Engine Python Authenticator Login by your earth engine account This page asked you to allow permission in 2 things. One, Google Earth Engine and two, Google Cloud Storage Click on allow button It will give token Copy this token Go back to QGIS Paste token to fill in this textfiled Then click “OK” Close this window Now you can use this plugin Click on python Click on this button Import module of class from Earth Engine plugin Type from ee_plugin import map And click execute If you don’t see any error it mean this plugin works So anyway This is just pre-release version It might have some bug If you have any question you can write don’t in a comment box Don’t forget like, comment, share and subscribe to my channel Bye bye, Sawasdeekrub.

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