Question 10 – David Seymour to the Minister for the Environment

and I were to invite those parties that are genuinely concerned about water quality to support that bill so that national requirement can come in place question number ten david seymour Thank You mr. speaker my question is to the Minister for the environment and reads as follows when will the resource legislation legislation amendment bill be ready for committee stage okay the honor productive expire it is ready now my ambition would be to have the bill pass through next month but ultimately the legislative priorities are determined by the leader of the house supplementary question David seawall how does the minister think the public will interpret the facts that it’s become really within two hours of X and United Future challenging the government to support its amendments and put the bill up after two years of wrangling with the multi-party mr. Xia Honorable dr. mix my mr. speaker I’ve sought to get the support of all of our government support parties the difficulty is that act has said the bill does not go far enough the United Future party has been concerned that the reforms go too far as a consequence we’ve negotiated in good faith with the Maori Party we have a good bill the most substantive reforms to the RMA in 25 years and if actually we want more houses built we want more jobs we want better environmental control then parties will support that bill supplementary supplementary question david seymour did prime minister at the time John Key not tell the minister a year ago that the offer made today was on the table and has been the entire interceding period mr. speaker the Honorable exmouth mr. speaker I’ve been very aware of both the egg party and the United parties positions they’ve actually been opposite that is that the United Party has been concerned that the reform has gone too far the act party has been concerned that it’s gone not far enough this is a center-right government and I actually think the reform and the agreement that we’ve reached with the merry party is a good way in which to advance this important reform order point of order david seymour Mr Speaker I seek leave to table a Lisa from the ex parte and United Future parties to John Key prime minister at the time offering a united front last month so it doesn’t he further description i’ll put the leave leave a sort of table that particular lever is there any objection to being tabled it was not a can be tabled supplementary supplementary question david seymour how does the minister believe his backbench colleagues will react to the fact that it’s taken two years to pass a substantially watered down resource management X reform bill that includes ha no no he can requirement that duplicate requirements already in section 6 & 7 of the bill mr. lee hyun oppa doctor next month well the provisions and six and seven are very different to the Eyrie participation arrangements I would remind the member that prior to this term of Parliament the government put out an options paper on the RMA and the e we participation agreements were in the government’s original proposals they were there before we entered in discussions with the merry party and they are there because the obligations to consult with e we are already in the law and it is our view that the e we participation arrangements will ensure that occurs in a more effective way supplementary question the Honorable Peter does the speaker can the minister recall when he last had discussions with either the Act partner with the United Future Part II was at 2015 or 2016 mr. speaker the Honorable dr. McMahon Mr Speaker I can very well recall that my office sought to seek a meeting with that member and over five months the member could not find time a frustration that was shared by my colleague Amy Adams the previous Minister as a consequence the government entered into agreement with the Maori Party and we are a government that acts in good faith for our parties and that is why we will continue with our agreement with the no party some supplementary order order supplementary question David see why does the Minister believe that anyone will take seriously has claimed that this resource management x amendment is more substantial than any of the previous 17 that have been made over the past 26 years and in particular does he still stand by his statement that quote there’s no question in my mind that we have to break through the stranglehold that the existing legal metropolitan urban limit has on land supply if we want to make housing more affordable and it’s so whatever has built an argument is only supplementary question oh the herbal doctor next month when we get to the committee stages are looking forward to pointing out to that member the very specific provision in this bill that introduces an obligation on councils to provide more land for housing and industry question number 11 order question number 11 Porter Williams thank

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