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we’ve completed an entire unit on
hydrosphere so now do you think you can answer a short quiz on the same topic be
prepared a mixed bag of questions for you in this quiz so we started from easy
questions and the first question is . All the earth’s water is present in next one 2. Planet earth is also known as……yes you are right…..3. Water with high salt concentration is called as you have to change theArrange the following according to the various states of matter it belong to. can you do this that was really good so
now this next question you have to name the different processes involved in each
of these steps and the first one is Water droplets on a cold glass of water can you name the process involved
steam coming out of boiling water was really good the next one is Snowfall in winters so this is right good what is the correct 6. Correct term for plants releasing water from their leaves, which then evaporates. ok the next one that is an energy that
passed water cycle comes from the next one little tricky when his most of the
available fresh water stored good going next 10 teddy bear is the groundwater
supplies stored and what would you call it imbalance in
demand and supply of water good in the next question very good Arrange water cycle in the correct order. good….ok the next one is the following is not a good way of water conservation
kind of issues the last one is how much water does human body contain I’must say that was a reallt good attempt
this was all about revising the basic concepts of hydrosphere if you found the way of revision helpful innovative then hit the like button we
try to come up with such fun sessions every week so to stay updated subscribe
to our channel let’s toot thank you for watching bye

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