QUT – Civil Engineering and Accountancy double degree

I’m currently in the second year of studying
a dual degree in a Bachelor of Business in Accountancy and Civil Engineering. I’m studying Business and Engineering at QUT
majoring in Accounting and Civil Engineering. I study a double degree in Civil Engineering
and Accountancy at QUT. I chose to study at QUT because they have
a reputation for providing students with real world learning opportunities. I decided to
study Accountancy because I really believe it compliments my Engineering degree. I figured that this degree would be an excellent
way to perhaps expand my job opportunities in the future but also combine two of my interests
during high school. Two degrees, you’ve got double the options.
I’ve been to a lot of careers fairs and Engineering ones and Accountancy ones and it really just
broadens your horizon. The advantage of studying two degrees is that
it helps me to develop a complimentary skill set, gives me a lot more opportunities for
my future career and for an extra year — why not study two degrees? I believe an Accountancy degree will compliment
the Civil Engineering degree in that it will allow me to broaden my thinking towards considering
financial costs and costs versus benefits when conducting future projects in the Civil
Engineering sector. I say go for it. It provides you with a lot
more options, it compliments your other study and it gives you a good sense of business. I would definitely recommend you to study
a double degree with Accountancy because it gives you a much better understanding of the
business environment and will help expand your future career options.

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