QUT Environmental Science student, Michelle

MICHELLE, QUT STUDENT: My name is Michelle and I study a Bachelor of Science majoring in environmental science. The reason why I like environmental science
is because it combines a lot of different scientific disciplines into the one. So you have your chemistry when you’re talking
about water pollution, you have geology, you have, naturally, biology as part of that,
and they all come together. I do two minors actually, I do the wildlife
biology minor and applied ecology extension minor. In wildlife biology you study animals, insects
and plants, and in applied ecology you cover all the different aspects of ecology like
conservation ecology, invasion ecology, molecular ecology. So in my first year of the environmental science
major we started off learning about geology, ecosystems and the environment, which are
the real fundamentals of environmental science. In my second year we did subjects like global
environmental issues which was really important because it covered the current environmental
issues that the world is facing today like the eutrophication of waterways, coral bleaching
and stuff like that. Third year was really great for me personally
because we did lots of research which we had to do by ourselves, and this all cumulated
in our final subject which was case studies environmental science where we actually got
to work with industry and academic professionals to complete a research project. My project was really great because we actually
found some novel information and we’d like to eventually get that information published. The academic staff at QUT are really great. I think what first years forget is that they
are people, they’re not robots, they’re not here to hurt you or make your life hell,
they actually want to help. In five years’ time I see myself doing hopefully
my PhD, and eventually I’d like to become a lecturer, even a professor; I just would
really like to stay even at QUT and just continue doing research.

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