Red vs White Potato – Growing & Harvesting Potatoes In Containers

hello friends in today’s episode we will
look at growing the red potato as well as the white potato in large containers
and we’ll see some interesting results so let’s start with the red potatoes
first we are growing or potatoes from these cuttings that we took from an
existing potato and these are called the eyes of the potato and what you need to
do is dry them in the Sun for about a day or two not more than that and what
happens after that is that the back of the potato forms a nice hard covering
and it helps prevent rotting when you plant the potatoes now we’re going to
plant our potatoes in this large container it’s it’s like a whisky
barrel container but it’s longer and you can get these at your local Costco if
you have one they’re pretty cheap during the spring and the summers now what we’re
going to do is place these eyes of the potato inside this container which has
about around 8 inches of soil and the soil that we’re using here is a mix of
wood chips perlite compost and chicken manure now in this case I’m using
chicken manure which is an organic fertilizer we’re going to water it after
we plant it so that the eyes settle down and they will start sending the roots
pretty quickly and what I do not recommend is growing
potatoes in these five-gallon buckets now I tried doing this and it was a
disaster the potatoes don’t form very well in these five gallon containers I
mean they’re okay but you really need a large container size to grow potatoes
because they just need a lot of room to produce large potatoes when you’re
growing them but in any case you are using a similar kind of a soil mix which
is compost perlite and in this case instead of woodchips I just added some
more sand and some more soil just to check how it goes but in my opinion most
of the time you’re gonna get the best results by using a combination of
woodchips perlite compost and manure as you’re seeing here I’m not adding any
fertilizer here and that’s what I wanted to show you is how do potatoes grow with
and without fertilizers and what we are doing here is once the plants grew a
little tall about six to eight inches from the beginning you need to backfill
the potato plants with some more planting material and in this case it’s
going to be woodchips perlite compost and chicken manure and you can see that
we just trying to fill the area around the plants and I’ve seen some people
asking any questions whether this technique is really helpful does it work
and we will find out I’ll show you when we harvest the potatoes that the potato
actually forms the fruit or the potatoes along the sides and here you can see we
have added some more dry leaves you can add compost you can pretty much use any
kind of medium to backfill your potato plants now when your potato plant looks
like this the leaves have dried a little bit you’re ready to harvest your
potatoes you can actually wait for about four to six weeks and leave the plant in
that state so that the potatoes get larger but in my case I really needed
these potatoes I had to harvest them so we went ahead and harvested these
potatoes but if you can wait I would suggest you just leave the plant
to die let it become completely dry and let the potatoes grow in the container
for about four weeks or so and then you can harvest them now I am just removing
the tops of these plants so that it’s easier for me to harvest and I’m going
to remove all the leaves that I added on the top and right away you can see the
potatoes actually are formed at the surface and towards the top part of the
container now if you do not back fill the container with the soil you’re going
to end up with potatoes that are not really healthy I mean if these potatoes
are exposed to the air they’ll become greenish and they are not really edible
after that so you need to make sure that you follow this technique you start at a
lower level and then keep back filling your container with soil as the potato
plant grows so we’re going to go ahead and harvest our red potatoes
again this is the container size it’s a pretty large container and I recommend
that you stick with at least this size container or a whiskey barrel container
when you are growing your potatoes so we’re going to just empty out the
container and look at what harvest we have
and remember that we are not using any fertilizer we are just using organic
chicken manure and an inert medium which is woodchips and perlite and of course
the compost also helps not only a fertilizer but it does supply a lot of
organic material conditions of soil and is a must so here you can see the
potatoes they look very nice the potatoes are not like really big and a
lot of people have asked me questions as to why is your harvest less you know
people expected like pounds and pounds of potatoes but let me tell you one
thing when you’re growing at home your aim is not to get like a bumper crop
with a lot of heavy produce what you need is good quality produce and that’s
something that you can get by growing your own by not using pesticides and by
making sure that you eat your produce quickly not wait for it to come in a
truck after months to your table so here you can see the soil mix very clearly
it’s a very high porosity very fast draining mix and this is the kind of mix
that potato plants really love and here is the harvest not huge but the potatoes
are pretty nice they’re very delicious and I’m not going to store these
potatoes so I’m going to wash them make sure that I remove the dirt from these
potatoes and then what I’m going to do is just consume them within about 10
days or so so again these are the red potatoes which grew in the large
container pretty good looking potatoes they were grown in full Sun potatoes do
need full Sun to grow and here’s what they look like once they are washed and
they’re ready to go into your table and red potatoes are very nutrition dense
they actually are better than white potatoes when it comes to nutrition very
healthy very delicious as well now let’s look at growing white potatoes we’re
growing the white potatoes in a similar sized container this is a whiskey barrel
container it’s slightly wider and using the same technique after the plants
emerge we are back filling the plant with some
high porosity potting mix and in this case again I’m using the same mix the
woodchips perlite but instead of adding manure I do have some compost in there
but instead of adding manure I’m going to be using an all-purpose fertilizer
which is applied once every month and we’re going to see how that goes we’re
going to see whether the potatoes grow well in that medium now a lot of people
also recommend using something which is high in potassium and phosphorus I just think that you will do very well
if you just add an all-purpose fertilizer you can get water-soluble
all-purpose fertilizers which we use here and they should do a good job you
can add it every six weeks you don’t really have to add it every month you
just have to see how your plants grow so I don’t add fertilizer all the time if
my plants are growing really well I might delay the fertilizer application
to like six weeks but if my plants are not growing that well and they need
nutrition then I’ll go for each month now whether to use organic fertilizers
slow-release fertilizers or salt based fertilizers is something that you need
to decide there are a lot of options available once again I’m going to
mention that you know if you don’t want to use animal products you’re welcome to
use salt based fertilizers they do a great job and it will help you grow the
best plants no matter what kind of fertilizer you’re using so as you can
see here these are the flowers on the potato plant they look very pretty and
overall health of the plant is very good so instead of just using manure by using
some kind of an all-purpose fertilizer you can use a slow-release fertilizer
you can also use a water-soluble fertilizer like I did here you’re going
to get a really good crop at home now I did not get any pests or diseases on my
potato plant but you can expect to get things like the potato beetles
or worms the caterpillars or thrips and for that you can use neem oil you can
just spray with neem oil you can spray the leaves and that should prevent any
kind of diseases that your potato plant should get and I also did not get any
viral diseases or fungal diseases on my potato plant grew pretty well and once
the leaves became less and less I started harvesting the potatoes and once
again you can wait a little longer than what you see here the potato tops will
actually completely dry out once again you can see the potatoes forming on the
top part of the plant and this is why this technique this technique where you
plant the potatoes lower inside the container and then backfill the planting
material is one of the best ways to grow your potatoes and this really works this
technique works very well so next time you try growing potatoes do try it out
instead of just planting your potatoes plant them in a trench if you’re growing
them in the ground or the raised bed you can just dig a trench and then plant
them and then keep filling up the soil around the potatoes for at least about
16 inches or so they need that much of space to grow and produce good potatoes
and size wise these potatoes are okay again I could have waited for a bit
longer maybe around four weeks more to get a
better produce and to get a bigger sized harvest but in any case a homegrown
potatoes are on the best potatoes you will ever eat so do try it out whiskey
barrel containers again are available very cheap during the spring and the
summer season and once again I would recommend that if you have a local
Costco do go there check it out they might still have some in the store whiskey barrel containers these are
great containers for growing plants and here we have it these are the potatoes
after washing they look very pretty and it is a decent sized harvest it’s not a
huge harvest and once again your aim should not be to get a big harvest or a
huge harvest your aim should be to be able to get very good homegrown potatoes
that you can use they’re going to be much better than the ones at the grocery
store they won’t have any growth inhibitors sprayed on them
there is no pesticide residue on them and that’s what you want when you’re
growing your homegrown potatoes so I hope you liked this video and you
understood the difference between growing potatoes with and without
fertilizers again the first one was grown using organic chicken manure and
compost and the second one was grown using a salt based fertilizer and you
saw the results so I hope you liked this video if you
liked to see more videos related to growing potatoes do check out these two
videos that you see on your screen and we’ll see you again soon happy gardening

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