Remake Your Class Part 2: Building a Collaborative Learning Environment

>>Melanie: So today was really
about doing a wash-down of the room. We got everything out,
so now we washed it. We then went back with Steve and had
him reevaluate some of the storage. So looks like these are your cabinets
and storage unit out on the ground.>>Steve: That is, it looks
like my classroom threw up.>>Melanie: It does look
like a little indigestion.>>Steve: A little bit.>>Melanie: So we’re playing a little
game I like to call “Toss or Keep.” And we’ll look at,
you know, first use. Have you used it in the last
year, and was it useful for you? If you haven’t used it in
the last year, I’d toss it.>>Scott: We’ve got like the
ELMO station right here. My name is Scott Dorley,
I’m the Creative Director at the Stanford D School. And I do a lot of different
things, but one thing I work on quite a bit is how to create
environments that open people up, enhance creative collaboration, and help people share
learning experiences so they can teach each other. We’re doing a few different
things in Steven’s classroom to enhance peer-to-peer learning. One is to create these studio
situations in the corners, so that students have whiteboard
space that they can work on and they can move over to
the corner of the classroom and start working as a team. One other thing we’re trying to do in
the classroom is create a situation where Steve can move throughout
the classroom much more easily, so we’re trying to create avenues
for Steve to navigate the classroom, and inject into student
projects and student learning.>>Melanie: Carly and I went out
on the road and got some paint. We ran into a painter who
said, “I love helping schools. I live just down the street.” And so we just drove here to get drop
cloths, paint rollers, everything. That’s perfect!>>Melanie: You can do it!>>Carly: Yay!>>Scott: You got colors.>>Melanie: We got colors. First coat of base paint is up. Trim is being painted. And hopefully that will all be
dried and set for tomorrow for us to do additional detail work.>>Christian: We’ve come
incredible distances. Last night we closed up
here really at midnight. We kind of left pretty heavy,
and came in this morning, the light was here,
everybody started showing up. These bright cans of
paint started to open. This room got full of
color, got full of life. And we’ve got kids that
have been painting. We’ve got incredible
volunteers been coming up. We’ve got this unbelievable
construction crew that’s just taken over and taken all of
our early drawings, and they’re bringing them to life. Everything’s come together. We’re incredibly close to done. This is the first time
it feels absolutely that it’s going to be done. I know when we’ll be cleaning. And I know we’ll be locking the door. This is for real.>>Melanie: It’s 11:37, which
means we have 23 minutes and the doors will lock. I’m feeling pretty amazed at
how much we got accomplished in such a short, short
period of time. There are a few projects that
will be something that the kids and Mr. Matise will have to
do once school gets back.

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  • If you are forced to watch this for a certain project or something I would suggest putting the speed to 1.5 and turning on CC. 

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