Republicans Were Super Pro-Environment, So What Happened? | AJ+

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  • Teddy was not conservative tho

  • One word: Lobbyists.

  • Uploaded again 🤔

  • reupload?

  • SMH (Shaking My Head)

  • They realized that the so called "environmental solutions" are a bunch of overpriced waste of resources and caused zero change in saving our planet. That's what happened.

  • so Reagan is the real crook instead of Nixon. Reagan started the downfall of the superpower

  • When you keep throwing money at pseudo science makes it harder to pay for the real thing. The government is infamous for wasting cash on useless shit.

  • Back then America was United today is more divided than ever just like the Roman Empire before 8…
    And now with the two parties nothing's getting done pure bull crap that's what's going on..

  • Its not that the Republicans choose to be on the right. Democrats moves so much to the right, that it made Republicans insane.

  • democrat always giving credit for stuuf their were not really part of.

  • “Tides go in, tides go out, you can’t explain that.”

  • Nancy Pelosi along with other establishment Democrats have still not banned fossil fuel money so DEMOCRATS should be held accountable as well. #BanFossilFuels

  • What basically happened was oil and gas industry won by giving a ton of money to politicians

  • How is it that a crook that Nixon is, is still much less ignorant than most republicans are today. Its sad for you Americans that even something like environmental issues could be politicised.

  • 2019 They are #1 Untouchable War CRIMINALS ORGANIZATIONS Politicians Military Industrial Complex Leaders around the globe world wide 😜 it doesn't matter what Party 👎 👎😜

  • If you're not affected by the problem it doesn't mean there is no problem…..


  • follow the money and you'll find out why environmental policy isn't happening today

  • Lobbyists shouldn't be able to lobby with any tool except for information. No money. Any member of the government who receives money from a lobbyist or a corporation should be stripped of their position and or charged with treason for betraying their constituents and their country. That simple.

  • Yeah man Nixon sure did “help” the people of Cambodia/Vietnam and their environment when he went out of his way to drop more bombs then what was used in the entire Second World War, and then also dumping a shit ton of agent orange all over the landscape of both countries.

    But yeah let’s not focus on that because Nixon, he passed the clean air act. Yah. Nixon was great. Woo.

  • 55 million dollars hit the group…
    taken $55 million in donations according to an Oil Change analysis—gridlock will continue as the timeframe to address the worst impacts of climate change continues to shrink.

  • We need less government not more !!!! The government isn't the solution it's the problem tired of Washington !!!!

  • It went wrong with protecting Russia investment.

  • But Republicans also believe in just letting Capitalism rip, they believe in total free market Capitalism. Thats why any environmentalist credentials they had couldn't last. Because Capitalism is based on unnatural selfishness, that is the driving force behind it and it leads to too insane a drive for more and more profit which comes about by producing too many things we don't need,and that's where the extra pollution comes in, through over production to chase those extra profits because of the insane drive to more and more so too as Capitalism goes further and further down its right wing path..If you believe in total free market Capitalism you cant be a good friend of the environment because Capitalism like that automatically is worse for the environment because of the insane drive for profit which causes overproduction.

  • That was long time ago.. not now. Republican now getting worst..heading to destruction of the world.

  • What can you say about people who deliberately give over 500,000 children idiopathic asthma? They say climate change is a lie but never say why making people breathe foul air and doing all in your power to make the air and water more toxic is a good idea beyond making billions in profits for billionaires. To add insult to injury trump now will take health care away from most of those unnecessary and preventable victims of asthma. Nice.

  • How far the Republican party has fallen. 🏭 Reagan and HW Bush (who openly attacked then-VP candidate Al Gore for his environmentalism) For shame.

    Climate change is real and we ALL need to fix it… which we can. 🌍🌲♻️

  • Now it's the party of the death cult of evangelicals. Sanity went over a cliff a while ago.

  • Oh and they're bought.

  • Neil McGill Gorsuch is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Gorsuch is the son of Anne Gorsuch Burford, a Colorado House of Representatives member who was later appointed by President Ronald Reagan to be the first female Administrator of United States Environmental Protection Agency in 1981.


  • Okay yes the politicians are corrupt now but this anti climate thing isn’t just among politicians anymore, lots of people are buying into it. Sad, I honestly hope humans just die off at this point.

  • 'so what happened'?
    money, greed and ignorance!

  • The name you are looking for is Ronald Reagan.

  • Campaign finance is the root of the rot.

  • Doesn't matter anymore more!!😎😎😎😎Rump doesn't Care, he took away the protection for national parks and dem put it back the Republicans just voted down in the Senate the green new deal. Sorry EPA is deregulating. Have a nice day

  • I'm conservative (not necessarily republican though I do tend to vote that way) and the environment has always been one of my biggest concerns. I think most republicans would agree the environment is important (even if they don't believe in climate change), but they just disagree on what to do about it. The green new deal was a really weird bill that: a) wasn't realistic and didn't explain how it would accomplish it's goals, and b) wrapped in many non-environmental related issues like healthcare and welfare for those unwilling to work for some reason. What we need to do is educate people on why they shouldn't be afraid of nuclear energy. I also think more people should take it upon themselves to invest in solar panels and electric cars if they can, but it's not the governments place to mandate that in any way.

  • GOP is all bought and paid for by lobbyists. Honest conservatives need to reform the party!

  • The republican party has lost its soul.

  • American Republicans are so poor, all they have are fear (and the empathy it kills) and greed (also roots in fear).

  • We elected the corporate shill, Reagan and so began the death of individual liberty……and the worship of the 1% scum….by what's become the russopublican party.

  • We just talk and talk, let's go protest and vote those mother f*ckers out!

  • republican politicians died out long ago. Just oil company dogs running now.

  • فعلا انه ترمب مفسد في الارض


  • It's like the left has been fighting this whole time trying to remind Republicans who they was. Mass apparent amnesia!?(joking)

  • Being "environmental" comes at a cost and isn't always economically feasible. And, as usual, liberals want to pass on this cost to other people. They love using other people's money to fund their projects.

  • It is weird that
    And now republicans call these things Leftist and Socialism

  • Oil money

  • No, we just don't take credit for it. George Bush Senior designated much of California's coastline a National Park. In addition, he signed into law a 20 year moratorium on oil drilling off of the California Coast. Arnold halted farming in the San Joquin Valley in the attempt to protect the Delta Smelt. The San Joquin Valley once produced 20% of our nations vegetables. It's funny how 70% of America's most poluted cities are run by Liberals. 8 out of the top ten most poluted cities in America are in California. You're a bunch of obtuse morons who thrive on people's ignorance.

  • Why are the republicans so anti-enviroment? Idk why are the top 39 of 40 fossile fuel money takers in Congress Republican?
    It's almost as if the allowing of money in politics made corruption legal or something…

  • Things change, Republicans change, and now they are planetary rapists.

  • They don't mention that the general base of the two major parties essentially swapped platforms during the 20th century over ideas of African American identity, immigration, and citizenship rights. It was less to do with a change in policy direction, and more to do with demographics and geographical location. The South was once the blue bastion of the Democrats until the New Deal was introduced post WWI expanding federal oversight, and later when Pres. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law in 1964. This divided the country regionally instead of by party, with northerners of both parties approving of giving blacks the right to vote, and southerners of both parties renouncing the move. Because the Democrats became the party that advocates for people of colour, blacks, hispanics and other non-white immigrants aligned with them, while white Democrats of the south changed party allegiance to the Republicans, which is still largely true today.

    These policies of environmental conservation and national parks services were an expansion of government control, an unappealing notion by today's Republican standards, because back then, those Red States were in a completely different part of the country, both geographically and economically. Nixon being from the West Coast where highly progressive ideas on pollution control and emissions standards had a powerful hand in his decision to strengthen environmental laws. This was an era of rapid industrialization in America, and the visible evidence of pollution in air, water, and soil was obvious as public health declined and crime rates spiked. Protecting public health and simultaneously protecting America's natural resources and lands was a slam dunk on a 5 foot high basket guaranteeing him a second term. However, an expansive program like the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and the creation of the EPA is not politically viable to the party that preaches small government and state's rights, especially when those rights are intended to extend to EVERY American. But, of course, as we're seeing now, they're retracting those rights to a clean, livable environment to an exclusive few in order to provide an amenable space for industrial manufacturers and resource extracting companies – the very same sector that funds their campaigns and re-elections (see the graph at 07:53 ). My point is, if you are concerned with the lack of commitment to environmental causes and nature conservation, MOVE LEFT. Push for expansive policies that will reduce the ability of oil and natural gas to bribe their way into government policy, and support local initiatives to crack down on those who are flagrantly breaking the scant environmental protection laws we still have.

  • They were bought by Israel.

  • I am glad that you also pointed out that Democrats are very much on par with Republicans in this respect. Oil and gas are bipartisan issues. Both parties listen to the big energy companies. They are also both beholden to the military industrial complex.

    It is very interesting to see that Nixon was such an environmentalist. I have never heard that about Nixon.

    Surely southeast Asia's environment is worse off after Nixon's tenure though.

  • dang this video is clean… i really like the beat at 6:08 at 2 times speed as well 😛

  • I honestly have a hard time buying into the Climate Change is real religion after reading Nicola Tesla's biography and understanding how HAARP works and how they can intensify local weather phenomena like hurricanes, storms, earthquakes and even droughts. 

    If they can send out pulses of energy to intensify the weather then are some of the major earthquakes with that kind of technology then it makes me really wonder how much of the freak weather related events are purely natural or if they are enhanced by the military industrial complex.

    I am writing this from my solar powered off grid home in Canada by the way. I am pro renewable energy but I do not believe in the story that Al Gore tells

  • Haven't watched the video, but I'd just say OIL MONEY!

  • Why? Because the GOP became more corrupted with money flowing into their pockets from interest groups! That’s why!

  • I can answer that with one character: $

  • Protect the one earth we have. That's all folks 🙂

  • Southern Strategy is why the Republicans changed, less to do with anything else.

  • Back when Republicans USED to be "Liberals"!

  • All you need to know is Republicans party today is put big cash in their pocket from lobbyists so they can survive. Simple right!!!

  • This is why we need to abolish the 2 party system. People need to learn to think abd decide based in independent thought rather than having political parties.

  • Teddy Roosevelt was also a founding feminist. He was a real man, not scared of shit. Unlike the frightened conservatives of today.

  • One word"Reagan"

  • MONEY is what its all about just look at your big money people and corporations and lobbists and see how every thing is manipulated on every level

  • climate change and pollution control are separate issues. it's not fair to lump them together.

  • Last pro-Green Repub today Arnold Scwarzennegar!!!

  • "it's all about the benjamins, baby." – It's All About the Benjamins (feat. The Notorious B.I.G., Lil' Kim & the Lox).

  • Wouldn't it be great if Republicans were Super Pro-Constitution?

  • 💲💲💲💲💲

  • Republicans are resistant to the religion of environmentalism. They are a religious bunch and recognize dogma and guilt based sin when they see it.

  • Okay,but, the reason for these things is there was a strong Socialist / Communist movement that pushed Nixon towards supporting those policies.

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