Ruptured sewer line ruins family’s Plantation home

only on local ten a big stink at a plantation neighborhood a ruptured sewer line yeah causing a serious hazard to homes local 10 News reporter gene Stan was live with the exclusive Janine Calvin Laurie this is the New Orleans villa neighborhood in the city of plantation and this family has a really good attitude considering they are blaming their problems on the sewer line that goes to their house it’s really sad we’ve lost everything the Lawson family is seven kids a pair of hard-working parents with a house that for now they can’t live in blame this layer of nasty rancid bubbling sewage for that Michelle Lawson says a week and a half ago little did she know the roots of this old tree somehow compromised their sewage line she comes home from errands with the kids when her son says this emergency emergency there’s a flood so we walked in and I’m walking through sewage like a crazy person and I come over here and the toilet is just like a volcano it’s just spewing out all kinds of sewage and it was it was awful so this family of nine scrambles to clean things up my whole bedroom was completely destroyed the floor was destroyed bedding beds toys floors baseboards ruined it was everywhere and it was ruining everything and it was like at least three or four inches you can see crews soon arrived to remove the roots and patch things up but this family is now living in separate homes hoping to fix their house and holding on to their faith I know this is just a valley that we’re walking through I know we’re gonna be better on the other side once we walk through it and I’m just really hoping that the insurance comes through or the city comes through or you know people take responsibility for what happened so they say this is really only a fraction of the stuff that they had to put in this dumpster they do say that they have received some insurance money but the insurance company then told them that a lot of it is the city’s responsibility we have reached out to the city of plantation we’re waiting to hear back in the meantime this family of nine they’re actually looking for another place to stay so that they can rent big enough to fit all of them so that they can live there and fix up the house who knows how long that’s gonna take we wish them luck we’re in Plantation I’m Janine Stanwood local 10 News what a big problem okay Janine things

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