S. Korea to enhance cooperation on fine dust with China and Japan: President Moon

president moon jaein says South Korea
will continue to work with China and Japan to combat the region’s chronic
fine dust pollution he also explained a set of measures to be implemented in
winter when fine dust concentrations are especially high calling for legal
support from Parliament her packagin has more a higher level of cooperation with
neighboring countries to combat find us pollution president one jane says a
coordinated response to the problem has become possible after joint research
between Korea China and Japan showed that each country has contributed to the
air pollution Tom Boonen from London oh yeah cheering humming so you got a
condom no really give us or do another Ferguson Mita president held a luncheon
on Tuesday with the National Council on climate and air quality to discuss pan
national solutions to fine dust the council is a Presidential Committee in
charge of tackling to find us problem chaired by former un secretary-general
ban ki-moon the president faith the council for its ideas and support for
the destination of September 7th as the International Day of clean air for blue
skies adopted by the United Nations last month it will help the international
community to join these seek solutions to air pollution he also asked for the
committee’s continued support for the p4g summit on green growth hosted by so
next June so that it may serve as a platform for active discussions on
climate change and air pollution on a more local level president will
introduce a system to manage seasonal find us during a cabinet meeting the
same day effective between December and March the season with the highest
concentrations of fine dust in Korea the measures include limiting the use of
grade 5 emission vehicles mostly diesel cars and in public agencies the
government will also ban cars with on number license plates from driving on
even-numbered days and vice versa these measures will begin in Seoul Incheon and
gyeonggi-do province before later being applied nationwide but all of this he
says needs to be backed by Parliament miss imagine on American gankin
reticulan Hakim taking 17 come watch Agha build a chaebol team
Honda hot rod oh-oh tango Charlie um John Doe gazelle gazella
and saccharina product Apache my parameter is amended Paperboy traffic on
occasion kilometer and personal moon cause any public to actively
participates the seasonal measures may bring some discomfort but he emphasized
that it’s to ensure the health of all Korean people packagin are on us

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