Saaie man, Saaie aflevering – Heavy Rain #4

Ladies and gentlemen,
we’re back again. What did you expect?
– Always a pleasure. What’s that? Oh, a bat.
– I thought bat too. We were doing our intro, sir.
– Bat. A bat or an insect.
– I think it’s a bat. It could be an insect. It’s a bat, Timon.
– Alright, it’s a bat. Or an insect. Looks like a wolf.
– More like a mask. Or a fox. It looks like a wolf to me.
– Looks like a fox to me. That’s a crab.
– Yeah. A little crabby. And then you pick ‘knives’.
– It didn’t even look like knives. That looks like the grim reaper.
– Double grim reaper. Knives. How do you get knives out of that? He’s a strange guy.
– That guy probably thinks he’s lost it. The look on his face each time. He has no idea what he’s doing. We’re fine. Except for me answering ‘knives’. What accident? Well, a little.
We didn’t really watch him. It was an annoying child, though. He’s got a point. The bird killer? He’s a disappointment.
He’s kind of a disappointment. He’s not a great kid at all.
– He’s okay. He’s average. How do we feel? A little depressed. What did you pick? Depressed.
You wanted me to pick ‘depressed’. I didn’t feel any of that. This was weird. It was a little weird. We’ll tell him about the blackouts.
– Of course we should tell him. They’ve happened before? We are the killer. Oh yeah.
– In a coma for six months. And then our wife left us. Why would she?
– What a bitch. That was pretty stupid.
We didn’t have to jump in front of that car. His expressions still don’t work. He always looks so pleased. Right. Go get your kid.
Oh, he’s already there. Play? I’m not giving piggyback rides.
– Just go and play. Fine, then don’t. I’m hungry. Do you have a problem with me? Cheer the guy up, Timon. I don’t want to talk about school.
– Get up. I’m not discussing school. That’s so boring.
– Go down the slide. Show him how fun it can be. A seesaw. Let’s seesaw. A carousel.
– No, go down the slide. I saw some horsies.
And I’m off. I want the slide.
– To the horsies. You’re abandoning another kid.
– But I saw horsies. This is great.
– Jump on while it’s still moving. Ask the guy how much it costs. That kid’s going to get run over by a car. We can’t make another one
now that our wife left us. We know where that tramp lives.
We could make another one with her. Judging by the price for two minutes,
that’s going to be expensive. Let’s get on the swing.
– A grown-ass man. He can’t hear you. He’s just mumbling to himself. Oh, this one does listen. He’s got bat ears. The other kid didn’t listen at all.
– He used his echolocation. Push him hard. One push is plenty.
– Push him off. I told you I’d push.
– I don’t feel like it anymore. How are you bored already?
– I thought I would get to swing. Push the kid.
– Do I really have to? Just push the kid, Timon.
– Why? I don’t feel like pushing at all. Maybe you’ll get a turn later. I just want to walk off. Dammit. You’re so uncaring, Timon. And still he complains. He’s having fun.
– He’s enjoying it. I don’t like it.
Don’t my feelings count? Is this going to go on forever? Only if you want.
– I was done a minute ago. You’re starting to enjoy it.
Just admit it. You’re trying to trick me. He’s always got that neutral expression.
You can never tell. Yeah, I’m done. Enough’s enough. That was so cool. I’m cool.
– What’s so cool about swinging? We’re going to the horses.
Come on, kid. Ask how much it is.
– That’s what I was trying before. That guy also loves horses.
– Are you thinking about the horses? ‘Happy’. He’s gone. We’ve lost him.
– We really did. Excellent choice.
– Yeah. Not another fifty bucks. Where is he? Now he’s being depressed over there. He’s kinda happy.
Look at his legs. You can shove it then. “I just bought them because I like them.” He still eats them. Do we have to discuss school?
– Just do it. Boring. Is it our fault again?
– Probably. Yep. That was unnecessary.
– The slide. I’ll go down the slide.
It looks fun. Do I have to be near the slide? Kids.
– Geez. Can’t I go down the slide? These kids are so annoying. Oh, here.
– Just scram, dammit! They’re being really annoying. Then we have to…
This looks like the least fun thing. We can’t ride the horsies,
can’t go down the slide… Maybe it’s DLC.
– Probably. I’ll spin it so fast he falls off, Peter. Record it and post it on YouTube,
otherwise it’s not worth it. Here we go.
– He already looks happy. Not anymore. Go, Timon. Harder. Faster. Oh, crap. Honestly. You and your weak little fingers. Try again.
Look how disappointed he is. Sorry, kid.
Stop getting all depressed. He likes this.
– Now he suddenly likes it. Those mood swings. Go faster, Timon.
– He takes after his dad. Faster, Timon!
– I’m getting all tense here. You don’t look happy at all.
You’re having a terrible time. Why are you still running? He likes that.
– He loves it. He won’t get that. He’s too young. Do you think he’ll get that joke?
– I don’t even get it. He’s content.
– He’s finally happy, and now we have to go. We still had fun, Timon.
– Eventually. He’s depressed again, though.
– Nah. The horses stopped. Go, go, Timon!
– I wanna ride one. I don’t think we can anymore. He’s having a heartfelt moment
and we’re not even listening. To the horsies. You see me looking at the horses!
What do you think I’m doing? He doesn’t care. Can we leave?
– Sure. It’s a little strange
that we couldn’t ride the horsies. Where is he? Did we really lose him?
He just keeps walking. Yes.
– Yes. Here we go. Where is the kid? No one knows. I knew it.
– Maybe another kid asked us. We’ll happily go along with it. What’s that, son?
You want me to ride a horsie? Okay. Did he pick a good one?
– That’s a pretty nice horse. He takes after his dad.
– He knows his horses. Where’s the music?
Isn’t there supposed to be music? It’s playing in the background.
– There it is. I’m losing it because I couldn’t ride them. What’s going on? Oh, no.
– And we’re back. Did it get you?
– No. It grazed me. Dammit, Timon. It’s one button. Stop whining, Peter.
I’m trying my best. Your best isn’t always good enough.
Is it the same street? This is the murder scene.
– Really? And we’re off! Why am I so fast?
– What’s happening? We’re off.
– Like a startled cat. We’re a bit late. Where is he? Maybe he’s still on the horse.
That’s what his dad would do. Go to the horses.
– It won’t let me move. Is that his backpack? Let’s see. Now he’s yelling like he means it. Just take the backpack.
Who’s stopping you? Do you really think
he cares at the moment? That yell. You’re enjoying this.
– I’m loving this. I might have to take the controller.
You’re ruining everything. I’m ruining everything?
– Go to his bedroom. I’m going.
Walking is hard in this game. He’s in the tent. If you killed another one, then you’re
firmly above the average for killing kids. How many kids did you kill? None yet,
but one is probably already a lot. Above average.
– It’s pretty average for me. I don’t know the statistics,
but fuck off, Timon. Right when there’s child murders
you manage to lose your child. You’ve got another wad of paper. That doesn’t mean he’s dead. How’d you get the paper?
– I don’t know. It’s probably a dream.
I think. We have to play as the boring guy again.
– Is it the boring guy? The chill, but boring guy.
– I’d rather play the other one. Shae, or whatever his name was.
– Blake? Ask again.
– My glasses. Time for my glasses.
– Here we go again. He’s the type
who wears sunglasses indoors. And his annoying glove.
– I think it’s cool. Not more technology.
– So boring. He’s trying so hard to be cool.
He’s got that tank wallpaper. Now what are you doing? A bouncy ball. If people see us like this,
we’ll look so pathetic. He liked bouncy balls in the ’90s,
so maybe he thinks they’re still cool. Look at that guy. He’s disgusted by us.
– I’m ashamed. Just stop. You keep going. You act like you don’t like it,
but you keep doing it. Bouncy ball. Cut it out with the bouncy ball, Timon.
– I have to wait anyway. Take them off.
You’re embarrassing yourself. Maybe the other guy
will tell me I looked cool. Maybe that’s why he looked so surprised. I can’t believe how cool you are. I mainly think I’m cool myself. That’s not a comfortable way to sit.
I’m leaving. You can only change positions. Or put on my glasses.
– What are your thoughts? I’m bored. Here we go. Don’t. We’ve been waiting for an hour. That nod. This guy, man. I wish I had my sunglasses on. He’s gonna say something. No, he’s too scared. Who is this guy? He’s the chief of police.
Take a look around you. How would I know? Yes. That’s a weird thing to ask a stranger. He’s the boss.
You’re doing it. I do it because I like it. The developers can’t tie a tie either,
so they did it off-screen. So what are we doing?
– I don’t know what’s going on. Can we do that? What were we asking? What did he say?
– I don’t know. He just needed someone
to tie his tie. We need to catch that serial killer.
Go talk to the woman. What woman?
– At least we’re welcome in the club. The woman you were waiting on. The receptionist.
– Weren’t we waiting for him? Just listen to the game for once, Timon. You annoying little man.
I’m gonna take that controller from you. Go on then. Investigation. He’s having neck spasms.
– Yeah. Now you’re talking about watches, Timon. Peter, you’re being really annoying here! No, you are. Spit. Spit in the basket. He’s a bad liar. Hock a loogie into it. The kind that dangles from your mouth. Let it almost touch the basket,
then suck it back up. I forget.
Did I have to follow the lady? Your short-term memory is shot.
– I wasn’t paying attention. That’s the issue. That’s the issue?
– You’re always trying to be funny. No wonder I can’t pay attention. It looks pretty decent. Better than being clumped up
like those people out there. This guy’s story is just work.
– All he does is work. Timon, what are you doing? He’s trying to act cool again.
No one’s watching. He might as well not do it.
– He barely even manages. What are you doing, Timon?
– No idea what this guy is up to. He barely manages anything. In his mind it all seems really cool. Do I finally get to sit down?
– Please. You get to play with your glasses again. What else would you do?
– Play with my glasses. Maybe he has another bouncy ball. Pick the clouds. I like that one. No, the clouds on the left, Timon.
You want to sit in the sand? Apparently.
– You want to sit in the desert. This is so impractical.
When I leave, I’ll hit the wall. Virtual reality, man. Go to…
– I wanted to… No. The, um… The clouds.
– This one? Okay, this one. This one looks nice.
I like this one. I’m picking this one. Man, what am I doing here?
– Clues. Let’s get some work done. You found those. We’ve worked hard.
The computer spells everything out. He just presses the ‘answer’ key. I’m curious about this one. That’s the one the guy was holding.
A dog. Yeah?
– I’m sure. We’re done, then. Not possible. He’s got nothing to say about that? No. We’re done. Delete it all. Deselect all. So we did nothing.
– We can search the files. That finger. Just look at him. Everything’s high-tech,
and it’s still just paper. Wasn’t the victim an adult?
Or was it a kid? I thought it was an adult man too. Can I continue?
– Everyone knew that, except him. We’ll read this,
and then we’ll be done, right? I hope so. This guy is so boring. Come on. We have a lead.
We’ve got the car, right? The Chévrolet. Chevrolet. I call it a Chevy. Are we done?
– Do you want to see the map? Get out.
– If It lets me. I’m so done. I didn’t get anything done.
I haven’t learned anything. Am I having a blackout too? He’s just being emotional.
– Check his pockets. What’s happening?
– His hand was trembling before. Yeah, that’s true. Put your sunglasses on. At least we’ll look cool
when we pass out. Do it. take it.
– Of course I’ll take it. Did he put it in his nose?
– On his lip. What did it say?
What kind of juice was it? Trip-something. What’s going on now?
– I haven’t got a clue. Probably drugs or something. He called it a trip. Were they really drugs? Could it be?
– Or medication. Now this guy’s here. We know him.
– That’s fun. Our kid.
– The kid’s gone. We didn’t put him on a horse.
He’s lying. Do we know? In the afternoon. I’m going with 4:15 PM.
– I thought the same. Did we look at the clock?
– I can’t remember. A tan jacket. Beige.
– Wasn’t it green? Beige. Beige is light green, right?
Tan, I mean. I thought it was an animal.
– Oh, shit. Green. What did he ask?
– His pants, maybe. What? I didn’t say that. I didn’t say that.
– That’ll hurt our confidence. How did he we lose him? He’s responding on his own.
I didn’t pick anything. I didn’t pick anything.
– We didn’t go for a stroll, did we? Didn’t go for a stroll? We had a blackout.
– We were trying to get away from him. Not when he was on the horse.
We were watching the horse then. We were wandering around. We were panicking and searching.
– We were searching. They’re going to look
for a completely different kid. That eased my mind. It’s not looking so good, Peter.
– Nope. His wife is probably going to
whine about that. There she is.
– Is that her? You’re just going to nag again. How is she not mad?
– Now she doesn’t care. He said no.
They didn’t think it was him. It’s a possibility, Timon. We’re making it worse
than what they told us. We barely paid any attention to him. You didn’t.
– You didn’t either. His face says he doesn’t care.
– We’re dead inside. I’ll hug her. What, I can’t?
– I thought they’d let you. She’s detached, Timon. Can you check his thoughts? No. Maybe I can walk around.
It’s just… over. It’s just over,
– They’re both emotional. If you like this series,
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