Satellite GHG monitoring Service by GHGSat

HON. CATHERINE MCKENNA (Minister of Environment
and Climate Change): Hi Jean-François. So you are a Montreal-based company and you’re
here on the trade mission to China. What are you trying to achieve and tell me
about what your product is? JEAN-FRANÇOIS: So our product is actually
mostly a service. So we own and operate the first and only satellite
in the world that can monitor greenhouse gas emissions directly from industrial facilities. So we provide this data to industry and governments
alike. So we’re here on this mission to find strategic
partners to find a way to supply this data to the government here in China. HON. CATHERINE MCKENNA: Well this is really great. I know in China they’re trying to reduce
their emissions and now they have a carbon market in many places, so they want to know
where the emissions are coming from and making sure they’re kept going down. So thanks very much. JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Thank you so much for the

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