Scientists’ Crazy Plan To Refreeze The Arctic

Scientists may have just figured out how to
roll back climate change, the only catch? It could cost as much as 5 trillion dollars
and use more steel than the United States produces in a year. Hey there freezing fans, Jules here for Dnews! Climate change is very real, and one of its
biggest victims is Arctic sea ice. Since the 1980s, the amount of ice has, on
average, dropped by more than 13 percent each decade. But fear not! Because according to a paper just published
in the journal, Earth’s Future, scientists may have an ingenious solution. It involves ten million pumps. The plan is to “refreeze” ten percent
of the arctic ice cap by using giant wind-powered pumps to cover the existing caps with salty
seawater.. When the seawater is sprayed on top of frozen
ice and surrounded by the -40 degree celcius air, it freezes into new ice. According to the paper, it would take 10 million
wind-powered pumps, outputting roughly 16.5 pounds of water per second, to add 3 feet
of ice over ten percent of the Arctic Ocean. For every 4 feet of water pumped onto the
surface, the ice will become roughly 3 feet thicker, a plan that, if it works, will postpone
the loss of the ice caps by about 17 years for every year they do this. As the researchers say, quote “Implementation
over the entire Arctic in the early 2030s … would reset the clock to the present day.” That’s great news because at the current
rate, scientists estimate the polar ice caps will be entirely gone by 2030. Of course, the plan isn’t easy, or economical. Each wind turbine used to power the pump will
need to be roughly 19 feet across, and use roughly 22,000 pounds of steel. The paper also states that ten million pumps
would only really cover ten percent of the Arctic Ocean’s roughly 4 million square
mile size; to cover the entire area would take 100 million pumps, and roughly 100 million
tons of steel each year. The US alone currently produces about 80 to
90 million tons of steel a year, so covering just 10 percent of the Arctic ice would use
around 13 percent of U.S. steel production. The total cost would be 50 billion dollars
per year, or 500 billion over 10 years — and again, that’s if you only cover 10 percent
of the Arctic. To cover the whole thing would be a whopping
5 trillion dollars. But not all efforts to save the Arctic ice
caps are so costly. Another leading solution is called solar-radiation
management, where sunlight is reflected away from the ice, instead of being absorbed by
it, leading to slower melting. One method of doing this is to inject reflective
aerosol particles, particularly chemicals like sulfates, into the stratosphere. In nature, volcanic eruptions scatter sulfate
particles high into the air as part of an ash cloud, and it has been observed that these
particles reflect solar radiation back into space and lead to cooling of the earth below
it. So if we could do this artificially, it could
have the same effect. In fact, a 2008 study found that if we could
decrease the sunlight reaching the Arctic area by about 21%, it would allow the ice
to remain even if the amount of CO2 in the air doubled. But this solution leads to many other environmental
concerns, such degradation of the ozone, which sulfates are known to do. It could also lead to a warming of the stratosphere,
as the reflective particles would absorb some of the heat and disperse it in the surrounding
atmospheric air. Both of these could ultimately lead to a worsening
of climate change conditions. And the aerosol in itself is air pollution,
of the kind that leads to asthma and other health problems. Ultimately, there is no simple, elegant solution. The paper itself admits that technology alone
won’t solve our problems. The world is still warming, the ice caps are
melting, and the sea levels are rising. Without the ice caps reflecting light away
from earth, the ocean will absorb even more solar radiation and heat, which could influence
global warming. Worse yet, the more ice is melted in the Arctic,
the more methane, a greenhouse gas, will be released into the atmosphere. Currently that methane is trapped under the
permafrost, and as that thaws, it could speed up the effects of global warming. While setting up 100 million pumps, or shooting
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  • They're going to cause their own ice age.


  • Only if all countries stop wars and start thinking about our dear known planet with life..

  • How about just send ships with tons of salts water to Artic region.

  • We have the money to send people to other planets, using a lot of money and resources…but not the compromise to save our planet????

  • Or we don't use wind turbines and instead use something different. Say, uranium or something?

  • Eh, democrat presidents will double the debt again to do this

  • Climate change, global warming, blablabla… Volcanos does more damage than humanity can. The polar caps won't be gone in 15years…bollocks. We are still going through an ice age. That's why we have so much ice. This happens naturally. You can't stop it….well got can. This is why species live and die. This is why the strong survive and this is why life mutates and evolves to survive in the newer climates and why the weak die out. If you look back when the giants were on the earth, they couldn't evolve and died out, dinosaurs few survived, some animals survived, humans keep surviving, we've been around millions of years… We can survive the iceage. It's life sadly.
    Why do you think they keep finding civilisations in the jungles, or buried in the deserts or high up in the mountains and some seem to have been advanced.

  • US industry destroys ice caps in the same time does nothing to reduce its emissions.

  • None cares…

  • Scientist are just like doctors, full of shit operating on things they should not be. in 50 years the human race will be in full control of the weather on this tiny planet.

  • Do you know why is global warming such a problem? We burn too narrow range of fuels. We need more kinds of smokes we need to burn more things.

  • You should name those scientists.

  • Build pumps and make the Sun pay for it

  • The only constant is change. Weather we help or deter is only a matter of speed. Everything works in cycles as we understand nature. I just see no reason to fun for the hills just yet. That's just my opinion of course

  • Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Make the oil companies build 1 for 1 to pump water for every 1 oil rig easily done for them. It would be nice to see the volume of oil that gushed from the deep water horizon be doing some good as reclaiming arctic ice instead of lining the pockets of a scumbag in a suit that cries about his billions, they wouldn’t even feel the pinch. It’s well passed time to make these greedy people to pay. What a tax cut? Ok, do this for free. Seems absurd that nobody has fought for equal pain or repercussions. Question, if you get a speeding ticket, and it’s $300, how much of your income does that represent and how much of a penalty it is to you? So my point is, it’s nothing to a millionaire, and they don’t learn anything because it’s pocket change. If it’s an equal percentage based on income. 5% is 5% no matter how much it ends up being to the individual.

    I think I solved a few budget short comings.

  • wouldn't all that freezing water just release its heat to the immediate air and make the freezing less effective as the pumps continue to spray? granted the effect would be minimal initially and would probably only be noticeable at much larger scale, but I'm interested to see what the math they've done says about the energy that gets reflected by the ice compared to the energy liberated from the freezing seawater to the air.

  • it’s fucking freezing here in Russia.

  • Why cant people just let it naturally take place instead put time and money into stoping pollution

  • We’re doomed!


  • There no way that the President would care about the the future

  • If every country gives 1% of it's budget to fund this, it would be doable

  • Hoax meets hoax. Perhaps the ice will be melted per Microwaves. Chemotherapy for paradise. Crises introduction and crises solution. What's Aluminium resistant plants for? World wars wouldn't fool well

  • Plant more trees

  • Make a big flat sheet of reflective material and launch it to the space to reflect the light from the earth
    The material needs to be heat degradable in less than 3 minutes
    It may work since sun is constantly providing heat, if we block the sunlight for less than 3 minutes,we may have enough time to release the heat earth gained out into the space

  • too many humans on earth.. causing the planet to heat up.. we need to limit the amount of children people can have

  • Environment and Economics have to be mixed
    and alternative solutions for energy have to be used such as solar wind power
    Climate Change is real and we should stop the blaming game we all are at equal faults and to solve this mess we have to work together

  • Gobal climate change is destroying everything.
    America: ueggh do we need to pay….

  • just stop the source : CO2, then filter the air to catch what is already in the air. The only right way for the long term

  • Bullshxt. In fact this whole channel is probably bullshxt.
    There is NO evidence that the Artic is shrinking, and even if it was, the cause would more likely be natural than man-made; we are at the tail-end of an Ice Age.

  • Just we if we reduce our materealistic uses and plant more trees no such big investments are required.

  • I can see in the comments, the people are well trained ( & therefore ready to pay climate taxes & more for energy ( even before the taxes, we've got billionares profit margins to consider))
    Yep, the people have been taught to blame themselves, for a non existent problem. Pollution is a problem but Co 2 is not carbon pollution or any kind of pollution. It's a trace gas that's only a tiny proportion of the earth atmosphere, but with out it ( or even if it declined significantly) there would be no plant life on the Earth & therefore no life at all.

    The 1930s were the warmest decade for many centuries & though the 1980s &90s there was slight global warming. It didn't get close to 1930s levels & 1930s was way cooler than the Medieval Warm Period. Then a few centuries ago was the Maunder Minimum. If that occoured today, billions of people would die off.
    Polar ice is more extensive than it's been for decades and the last 5 or 6 Northern Hemisphere winters have been the coldest and snowiest for years, 2016/17 being the worst for decades, only beaten by 2017/18 which was even more severe.

  • Don't refreeze the Arctic just collect the water and let's drink the Arctic and then pee it out into our toilets ??????????

  • Guy McPherson – Human Extinction within 8 years

  • The way for this to work is all the devolved countries Come together and pay for this project over a 20 year period in money to build the pumps and in material costed to make the pumps. This is not a far fetched idea it's properly our best shot at saving the earth from climate change. WE GOT IN THIS MESS LETS GET OUT OF IT TOGETHER!

  • How about hot water solar panels? Millions of panels located in the hot desert regions of the planet could cool the planet by pumping hot water down into the rock below, where it would get absorbed and stored away the the melting ice. Hot water goes down, cold water comes up. Like a giant air conditioner.

  • And how much CO2 would be generated by making that steel. They clearly didnt think very hard about this. And all for what, it WILL melt eventually anyways. Stupid and expensive. We can do better.

  • Lets do a charity for this

  • Earth is DOOMED not in a devastating way but as a replenishment . The sweeper will come to sweep the garbage.

  • Can artic refreeze itself

  • why don't all countries donate for this?

  • We should make a giant mirror that focuses light into a beam we can shoot at mars to release co2 and warm it up

  • Is the freeze ray in despicable me a no go? I think it can happen

  • This is so ridiculous…

  • i believe what they said is the temperature of the water makes the temperature of the air  otherwise the ice would just melt , how will they get -40 air is the real question

  • co2 is only a tiny bit of the atmosphere, it cannot change the climate.

  • I have much better altsrnatives

  • Lets blame the fucking china

  • Energy for this could be produced today by
    SunCell®-Technology, Brilliant Light Power, Dr. Randell Mills.

    Best regards

  • How about stopping GSRM.

  • Maybe instead of trying to postpone the consequences of releasing a large amount of Co2 into the atmosphere every day, we should get to the root of our problem and stop producing so much Co2. Aswell start using more renewable energy, such a solar & wind power.

  • I miss Dnews??

  • Bro why not multiple countries help with the project. While they are doin that they could reduce use the of power plants by 10-20%. We xould get help from russia, britain, france, and many more.

  • The real shock is… Why isnt there 8 continents since there are "kind of" premenant ice caps in the arctic… Also why is global warming destroying the arctic when antarctica is GAINING ice

  • i have been saying this for over 5 years finely someone start think tanks all over the world

  • When Minnesota has a winter without ice my time on earth will be done.

  • It's a good deal 5 trillion because every country has to pay because this world government project restores human life what global warming is really effecting is the environment artic ocean due to global warming in these climates sea level rises but when we restore human life every country around the cost will get land back by freezing the artic ocean

  • What a waste of sub-titles.. Go metric you silly donkeys..

  • This method is not gonna work! Correct me if I'm wrong and possibly share papers or articles of the same…..

  • This study was clearly written by scientists who have never tried to operate even one pump in -40 temperatures.
    For starters, the water will tend to freeze before it can exit whatever nozzle they use to spray it into the air. There is also the problem of keeping solar panels clear in an area constantly showered with sea slush. They would have to employ a massive fleet of ships, simply to deal with that problem alone.
    I could go on, but that would be a waste of thumb power. The first two issues make the plan hopeless.
    Oh wait! Let's not forget the Arctic has zero sunlight for several months of the year.

  • I would have liked to have heard a little more detail about what they are planning to do with it. Are they planning to melt it at sea and pipe the water to the desert?

    They couldn't drag the whole thing out of the water, so it would be be a tourist attraction at sea? Slowly being melted for desert transformation? Or are they planning to cut it up and ship it inland?

    Imagining (improbable) methods to help them move it …

    -Wind turbines on the iceberg, to power electric motor propellers.
    -Actual wind sails on the 'berg.
    -Stirling engines. They use only temperature difference for energy. Like between ice and warmer air or water. Unfortunately, this would melt off more of the iceberg during the journey.
    -Solar energy. It would provide shade 🙂
    -Reverse waterfall effect. As fresh water melts off of the submerged body of the iceberg, as its temperature equalizes with the surrounding water, it should rise due to being less dense than salt water. If melting/rising freshwater was caught by a skirt on the deepest parts of the iceberg, it could either be funneled through generator turbines to provide electric power, or simply funneled into rearward-facing outlet tubes as direct "jet" propulsion.
    -Enlist a giant school of friendly dolphins to pull it, and keep throwing fish out in front of them.

  • Just grow a tree by every man it will refreeze naturally by absorving Carbondioxide and no need to refreeze ice artifically

  • That the planet problem it's a global problem so the world has to put in on it, with one world language we can all communicate for the first time since b.c timeline in the bible the tower of Babel we can communicate once again again threw technology

  • Avoid the work elegant in science reports unless you know how to properly use it

  • Best method is to convert co2 from the environment by planting more trees

  • If all the ice melted we will live in sea world, all the gas and oils will kill all the fish in the sea, if all the ice melts nothing won't grow and everything will die because all the sea water will dry all the trees around the planet.

  • Dumb question, is possible to use Nitrogen to refreeze the artic?

  • Another dumb-ass idea that ignores laws of thermo-dynamics .

  • Loads of people have to die for governments do shit

  • 100 companies cause 71percent of global warming so we just need to stop them from polluting our planet

  • Wouldn't the salt water melt ice we have

  • Hard to do when were welting the ice away to move and gather fossil fuel

  • Time to pay up wealthy 0.001% elite of the world 😉

  • God i feel frustrated, what are we gonna do? This is URGENT, THIS IS FUCKING URGENT!!!

  • How old is this… they are already pumping this crap into the air.

  • I miss Dnews

  • 2:37 yep it happened the worlds biggest recorded eruption in 1815 or something resulted in year without summer

  • Can you speak slowly more

  • Forgive them Father, as they know not what they do…..

  • I pray it all goes to plan ??❄️

  • If you put the ice back on you still don't solve the problem of why the ice melted in the first place.

  • Why don't we use nanotechnology to invent a machine which will absorb co2 and convert that into

  • im gonna tell you a little secret

    this aint gonna happen

  • This planet is not only America's. If America produces 90% of the required steel every year, for sure the rest of the world can dish out the remaining 10%. It seems like a lot of work and employment possibilities. I don't know what we're waiting for, the "arctic repair" costs won't decrease in a few years and at some point, it'll be too late to save the ecosystem. If we forsake the earth, the earth will forsake us.

  • We need to stop the carbon polluting, that's what's causing the greenhouse effect, more use of solar energy and water energy instead of coal and oil

  • No we want that land out of ice

  • Solution is to stop calling them scientist and calling them mad of the world as God calls them…

  • Science is not only lying to the public about nearly every aspect of this universe (thanks again government), but now they are literally trying to play God??? Whoa. Good thing some events that will be taking place soon will stop them dead in their tracks ???????

  • We just need Elsa. ?‍♂️ (just kidding ??)

  • Would you rather:
    -Spend trillions of dollars to save earth
    -spend trillions of dollars to make more money and go to another planet

  • Lets do this, Texas will start funding! 😀 I don't want to go extinct! No creatures are gonna examine my fossils!

  • is the most stupid things i've ever heard, i said cause i have cheaper solution, so cheaper that is stupid don't do it now

  • 5 Trillion Dollars , thats alot. and I just realized that I am out of swiss rolls.

  • Just a minute , what is it that we currently use on roads to MELT ICE?
    these scientist are really diabolic , they now know that we are quickly moving into a
    glaciation period so their actual intent is to cover up the lies they have previously told
    by cleverly disguising a means to offset the advancing glaciation with SALT that will
    melt the ice.
    Clever Girls.

  • Also: wouldnt this reduce the salinity in the ocean water causing drastic changes in the
    salt content of sea water that marine LIFE DEPENDS ON ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • I am switching the word Scientist with the word Idiot.
    there now doesn't that feel better?

  • OR , is it that these creepy idiots know that the antartic ice is greatly increasing and in order to cover up the increase in salinity of ocean water this diabolic plan must be deployed.
    thanks for lying to the world all these years so you could make more money IDIOTS.

  • thankfully I still have a few little debbie strawberry shortcake rolls.

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