Scientists Sue The EPA For Cutting Science Out Of Their Agency

A group of scientists has decided to sue the
Environmental Protection Agency for removing them from EPA advisory boards in a move that
they are saying violates the Federal Advisory Committee Act. The reason, back in October, the EPA decided
we’re going to kick scientists off of our advisory boards if they’re also receiving
grants from the government to do their scientific work out there to help keep American safe,
to make advancements in science and all of that. If you’re doing that, then you have no room
on these EPA advisory panels because that would be a clear conflict of interest. Instead, they kicked the scientists off and
they brought in CEOs and board members of the very corporations that this agency is
supposed to be regulating and protecting the American public from. Scientists who were doing scientific work
allegedly, according to the agency and Scott Pruitt, had a conflict of interest. But corporations, the very people who are
directly affected by these regulations and have to obey the rules, they have no conflict
of interest. We would rather get input from officials of
industry than men of science. That’s what’s happening at the EPA and that’s
why this lawsuit has been filed. To be honest, these scientists have a very,
very strong case against the EPA. As we’ve seen in recent years, the last 10
years at least, the Supreme Court has consistently ruled that the EPA does have to enforce things
like the Clean Air Act, like the Clean Water Act. Essentially even with the Conservative majority
on the Supreme Court, they have consistently told the EPA that you have to protect the
environment whether you want to or not. I have to believe that if this lawsuit from
the scientists makes it all the way up to the Supreme Court, again, still with the Conservative
majority, they’re probably going to find out that, yeah, as much as you want to cater to
industry, as much as you want to let polluters get away with murder, you still have to protect
the environment and you have to reinstate the scientists. This all goes back to this entire administration’s
war on science. That’s what’s happening here in the United
States. They want to get rid of the men and women
of the scientific community, people who’ve devoted their lives to studying and learning
and educating and replace them with people who’ve devoted their lives to making money,
people who’ve devoted their lives to polluting the environment and not giving a damn about
the consequences. I know not every CEO is a heartless monster
like the ones I’m describing, but the ones they’re putting on these advisory panels are. They’re the same people who poison entire
rivers and lakes, entire communities by dumping toxic waste knowing that it’s toxic. They hide the documents that only get found
again during discovery, during lawsuits when they’re forced to pay hundreds of millions
of dollars for all the people that they’ve given cancer. We have very much a lot of evidence, I guess,
and a lot of clearance to say that these people are heartless monsters. Now, they’re the ones in charge of making
our policy while these scientists who literally have nothing to gain from being on these advisory
boards and keeping American citizens safe are kicked out in the dark where nobody can
hear them, nobody can listen to them, nobody can take their advice and instead we’re left
with CEOs and corporate shills who will do nothing that’s going to protect the public
but do everything to make sure that their companies, their corporations and their shareholders
make as much money as possible by polluting whatever the hell they want to pollute.

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  • Much like the wall that sepertes the church from the state there is a similar wall between the state and science.

  • The MEN who are scientists? @ my school, women dominated the environmental sciences.

  • The rest of the world sees how short-sighted Trump is. He crams oil and coal down everyone's throat while hobbling the EPA.

  • This is either very late or very early Video

  • If the goal is to hide the truth, the place to start is to mute the scientists.

  • Clearly it's a corporate takeover of the US government. These rich people seem to believe the country is broke and they must make as much money as possible by any means necessary and get out before everything crumbles. Either that or they plan to stay and make us all corporate slaves, worse than we are now.

  • Is Trump trying to become a real-life Captain Planet villain? It's the only explanation for being so cartoonishly evil against the environment…

  • They're not monsters… those people are just pure evil and ignorant!!!! You cannot educated the uneducated brainwashed ignorant people!!!!

  • What the hell kind of backwards-land am I living in? In just one year, Trump has destroyed the EPA.

  • Good!! Scientist are making things that are killing you and all of us. If you don't know that then get educated as to what scientists have been up too!! Chimeras! SMART DUST!! SYNTHETIC DNA TO MAKE ALL KINDS OF CREATURES!! Cloning us so they can kill off humans and replace us!!! Using our facial recognition to make robots that will take over the world and WELL GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE UP TOO!! BUT ITS ALL FOR ILLUMINATI TO USE AGAINST US. OH AND HOW ABOUT THIS FLUBVACCINE THATS KILLING THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE AND YET THEY KEEP PUSHING TO TAKE THE SHOT!! NOW THEY HAVE A NEW SHOT, THOSE SCIENTIST DO, THAT IS A ONE TIME SHOT AND YOULL NEVER NEED ANOTHER ONE IN YOUR LIFE!!! BECAUSE YOULL BE DEAD IF YOU TAKE IT!! AND LETS TALK ABOUT THE RFD CHIP THEY ARE STICKING INTO YOUR NEW BORN BABIES AND CHIPS IN YOUR BRAINS TO CONTROL YOU!! I GUESS IF YOU WANT THAT ADRENAL DRUG SND YOU DRINK BABY BLOOD AND YOU KILL THEM FOR SACRIFICES THEN YOU DONT GIVE A F*CK!! LIBERALS ARE DISGUSTING DISPICABLE MONSTERS!! I CAN SAY I AM VERY HAPPY HE IS NOT FUNDING WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS ANYMORE THE HORRIBLE SCIENTISTS!!! They are not scientists who are working for good. They all know that what they do will be used for evil even if there is a good use for what they made. You liberals need to wake the hell up!!! Because they are killing you too!!

  • Scientists finally sue them?

    Oh, that's the way, uh-huh uh-huh
    I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh

  • Aaron W. Nichols your so stupidly brainwashed and don't have a clue. Stop watching CNN and maybe you will wake up! Finally the news is coming out that OBAMA and HILLARY and fbi and CIA and NSA are all going to prison soon!! Cry snowflakes cry cause it's coming!! They are the worst treasonist people in history HISTORY!!!

  • Trump 2020

  • EDA at it again

  • This is the logic of Soviet Russia of 1970s !

  • So scientists conducting scientific research with gov. money disqualifies them from advising a gov. agency on science.

    Whilst private corporations with vested interests to deregulate pesky 'pollution' regs are somehow qualified.

    Welcome to America.

  • Stop war on science

  • The hypocrisy at play here is nothing short of an abomination. The Greedy Old Pricks and the Gross Trumpkin are doing everything possible to give their corporate overlords a free licence to utterly destroy this planet. And all of the name of feeding their insatiable greed.

  • No, no the sewage is good for water. Smh

  • Trump said he was going to drain the swamp and he did. The only thing is that he replaced the swamp with sewage.

  • The perfect quote from the ultimate Book of Wisdom, the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy:

    It is a well known fact that those people who most want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it. To summarize the summary: anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.

  • Trump administration loves to eat where they poop!

  • This can’t be the only lawsuit against what the EPA is doing? This kind of lawsuit needs to move faster than the normal snail’s pace. The EPA is quite literally killing people with their new anti-regulation stance on everything.

  • Sue them while you still can 😒

  • If America follows it's current path, a vast social/political collapse is inevitable. It is probably already too late to preserve our nation as a superpower…the future of America is decline and failure.

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  • Here, here. Science, not profits. I say NO to the pollution of the 70s and the tearing Indian from tv back in the day.

  • Trump's goin' down! The only question is what kind of mess he'll leave.

  • Ok you anti science idiots. Someone Is Getting Paid Off. You are right… Here's the point that your entire argument breaks down for Normal People. Scientists are driving off in Tesla's at best, Most of them are driving Kias or Nissans. The people who are Telling you the Scientists are being paid off, driving off in Porsches and Cadillac Town Cars with Drivers. Someone is getting paid, we are just really confused why you think it's the person driving the Kia over the Bugatti.

  • From protection to pollution.

  • about time they started to fight back. they need to hit harder though. MUCH harder. Not just suing them.

  • Its not obstruction of justice.

    Its disdain for justice.

    I don't know which is worse in a president.

  • It' was so scary how Sarah Palin stood on stage putting down education and eating a candy bar against the programs to help stop childhood Diabetes, a simple plan of eating better at school. I knew then these people had an ulterior motive, why would you put down something that is going to help children just because you don't like the person that introduce it? Here we are today fighting to keep the protection that save our environment with a history of corporations polluting it. This goes back to the Industrial Revolution 1760, but they where unaware of the damage they were doing at the time. Using chemicals that was harmful not only to the environment, but man and animal. The EPA is a needed control, the one's that want to destroy it have money to protect themselves from harm, who will protect us.

  • Shouting empty slogans like "America First", and "Make America Great Again" are in complete contrast with the EPA's farcical watering down of environmental protection for all Americans. (Whoever you voted for).

     The EPA is corrupt and failing in its prime responsibilities. Like its parent Administration it is subservient to the rich and contemptuous of the ordinary citizens and the poor.

  • It is true what they say. The love of money is the root of all evil.

  • I don't understand still, why is it called the Environmental PROTECTION Agency if it's doing the opposite?

    I think by their thinking they are protecting us FROM the environment.

  • Please let this lawsuit be a success. We have been damaged enough already by this administration. It is truly incredible how much worse this country seems after only a year of Trump.

  • Slightly off topic, but does anyone know how Melania got on at the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinic? Lol

  • I think everyone of we the people should get in on this suit to save our environment register and vote for better than this we all deserve better than this

  • Its the same as when the church prosecuted and condemned for thinking a round earth only now it's for the worship of financial greed.

  • Amazing how much damage can be done to a nation as the result of guy barely works an hour a day.

  • There's been a decline in the number of students taking science majors at colleges. So you're actually becoming more anti-science. In the end you're going to fall behind India and China where science degrees are becoming increasingly common.

  • "One nation under science" or back to the middle ages.

  • Wait until the corporations start polluting the country and your families get sick and animals start dying, then you'll unable to stop through legal process because the regulations to protect you will be gone, good luck with that.

  • marxists devoted their lives, and still to, to making the world philosophical, to make the world realize all the philosophy which its historical development produced by yet humanity never had the courage to implement, they attacked capitalism for what it is – exploitation and alienation of humanity from itself and the natural world, etc., but yet the totality of America declared a war against them (as the cold war) in this country. My point is that once before this nation waged war on science/logic only to only send them into the underground, thus for people to assume that the SCOTUS will rule in favor of science, when in 20th century they consistently ruled in favor of capitalism, and seeing as this legal fight itself entails threats to the modern capitalist system, it is frankly naive to assume that the SCOTUS will back humanity over money, ie., without the people causing a massive organization campaign which calls on the state to impose their will and not that of their capitalist masters.

  • Number one job for psychopaths….(drumroll)……..CEO! duh.

  • Scientist being replaced with the ppl who are hurting us and the environment and I can't wait for the dems or independent gets elected and takes over and I'm gonna celebrate the day when Trump gets impeached and it looks like it's gonna happen

  • Trump is destroying America, just as his master, Putin planned .

  • What we need is a new Administration system,, along with concurrent underthrow of the Federal Reserve System,, or else nothing is going to change…
    I'm just putting this out here as a matter of philosophical debate,, not as any "carved in stone" thingamabob but just a starting point… It's from my book, practically verbatim, just tell me what you think please…

    ..from page 1 – 38,, of chapter 1, the chapter is called Beyond the Constitution, the sub chapter is called the Law of Common Sense…

    First matter of Common Sense, is I am not claiming to have the only answer here. By definition common sense is common. However—

    I am claiming to be trying to outline a paradigm shift away from the above-mentioned legal stupidities,, whether in the neighborhood or anywhere on the planet, by individuals, government's, corporations, Etc. I will put it in plain language, not the legalese of the corporatocracy, and for a good reason– the lawyers got us into this mess, and most of them are really not lifting a finger to help us get out of it,, which kind of figured since they make their money off conflict…

    The above-mentioned economic Wars (Afghanistan and Iraq) are only the most blatant example. These wars are simply NOT RIGHT. Sure,, there are factions inside every country that don't like, even hate, America. But if asked, calmly and rationally, WHO they hate in America,, the answer is generally, " we DON'T hate the American people. A lot of the American people are poor also,, and pushed around,, by their racist, classist, FASCIST government,, and the criminals that run it."
    (Unfortunate that people in other countries know more about the American government than Americans do.)
    THE PEOPLE rarely start wars. They generally have better things to do, like make a living, be with their friends, raise a family, explore the world around them. This is true in every country in the world, not just America. I'm not saying that this is news, I'm saying that it is time to externalize these truths :

    1. PEOPLE,, EVERYWHERE,, have the right to life, security, liberty, and the pursuit of SANE happiness.ALSO, people have the right to expect NOT to be intimidated, threatened, invaded, bombed, kidnapped, tortured, raped, mutilated, OR killed,, BY ANY individual, group, Corporation, military entity,, government, etcetera.

    2. People,, EVERYWHERE, have the right to a fair share of the opportunities produced by resources in their areas,, obviously with adjustment for participation,, and rights to not be intimidated, bought off, sold off, ignored, marginalized or subjected to any other form of sleazy business practices, by their own or other corporations, government, individuals, Etc.

    3. People EVERYWHERE have a right to a place to live,, and this is within reason, with no one possessing, personally, any more, or less, then needed for physical and psychological security. These two rights, number two and number three, are sort of interchangeable, because people have a right to applicable and productive and equal pay work,, at the same time that they have a right to a place to live. Obviously,, this will be interpreted differently by different people, and in different areas… but as a prospective member of the general residential Commission,, which of course is a projected entity,, I would recommend that even though housing units in the future should be built into exurban corridors, that no two units are EXACTLY the same ,, and under a predetermined formula that takes into account the number of children,, the kind of job a person has,, various factors that would have to be worked out when the commission become solid, because obviously I can't predict that myself…

    4. Violence of any kind will not be condoned or tolerated everywhere. This especially means violence used by flawed authorities,, with every, EVERY incident of violence used by Authority SUBJECT TO TRIAL,, no exceptions.

  • Americans are being backstabbing by their own government.

  • My child has a Doctorate of Science in Global Public Health from Harvard, and an undergrad degree from Wharton–all four years! Wharton gets a bad rap because of Donald, and Ivanka, but they have very stable geniuses grads also.

  • There SHOULD NOT be a wall separating state and science. Science should be IN CHARGE of the state. NOT the other way around. And church should be annihilated.

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