Seasonal system required to tackle fine dust pollution: President Moon

president Wong J’s says South Korea is
cooperating with China and the fine dust issue but a seasonal response system is
required to clean up the nation’s air his remarks came during a cabinet
meeting today taking place at the start of the high-concentration season between
December and March the president introduced various measures including
limiting the use of grade five admission vehicles in metropolitan areas and
suspending operations of coal power plants
he asked for support from the local governments of Seoul Gyeonggi and
Incheon so they can be applied nationwide at a later date he also
called on the National Assembly to pass related bills as fine dust directly
affects public health president moon will further discuss the issue over
lunch with members of the National Council on climate and air quality which
is a presidential committee in charge of tackling the fine dust problem the
president is expected to map out pan national measures with its chair former
UN chief Ban Ki moon

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