Sexual Purity in a Polluted Age – Pastor Daniel Batarseh

as we open up God’s Word this morning I
want to begin by saying that my desire for us through this message specifically
is that faith would replace discouragement in a certain area of
everyone’s life I come to you this morning as I do every week as a brother
as a fellow soldier in the army of God and every message know this with
confidence is prayerfully sought after with the same desire every single week
and it is for this that there would be strength and hope imparted and that
despair and condemnation would be a foreign response to any message of any
subject especially a subject like this one today if I were to give everybody in
here a blank piece of paper and for the next five minutes ask you to write a
description just by words one word after the other just a simple list of
characteristics that would describe our society what things come to your mind with this one appear on that blank piece
of paper concerning our society in our day sex saturated or another way of
phrasing it hyper sexual today’s message is going to target sexual purity in a
polluted age sexual sin has always been rampant throughout history littered with
it from the beginning of time but what makes our day so unique is the
overwhelming advertisement and accessibility to sexual stimulation that
bombards us in a way like no other has ever shown before and we have to be
honest our culture’s standard of sexuality is not only confusing it is
all the more becoming more careless there is no subtlety to it anymore
there’s no sanctity to it anymore it has been narrowed down to a recreational
activity that can be exercised between consenting adults and it’s just that
it’s a natural desire it’s something that you move on based on impulse and
let’s just keep it at that that is the message in the cleanest way possible of
how the world views sex now before we move on I know that there are younger
people in here and if you feel like you are not as a parent wanting your child
to hear some of the words that were going to be set here that’s totally up
to you and I want to give you the freedom to be able to excuse anybody but
let me tell you something they’re hearing it already and I believe it’s
the church’s responsibility to speak about this with boldness and reverence
or else they’re gonna hear from somebody else the message of this world is not
the message that our God teaches and encourages concerning sexuality the
world sends a confusing message to this generation that convinces people even
the people of God that the Lord standard of sexuality is worthy to be mocked and
altogether ignored because it is according to their wisdom a thievery to
thrills and tris that can be yours if you just step away from a book that was
written by man as they say the world intensifies temptation not just preaches
a message but they intensify temptation from everything from pornography to the
littering of sensual images that you can find even on social media platforms even
down to the encouraged of the way you and I should dress which
all the more adds even greater temptation the world also reaches Minds
far younger than you and I could ever imagine
encouraging sexual activity and an absorption of sexual images and clips
and conversations that is way beyond their capacity to be able to retain
doing what creating long-term damage Indiana and polluting an entire
generation by nature by the way I’m a very passionate person so as as we
continue in this message my voice may raise and I may go on little rants but
know this before God I say this to you that every single word is throbbing with
love and my prayer every single Sunday is that no matter how intense something
is you would know one thing that it comes from a heart that loves God’s
people deeply this is the reality of the world that we live in guess what we
probably won’t be able to change that message but what we can do as the people
of God again with sobriety with reverence with seriousness the church
can proclaim God’s message to God’s people so that we can stand against
darkness in this area my prayer is that we would hear the word of the Lord
tonight rather this morning and you might be wondering what in the world
does this have to do with Christmas and New Year’s because we’re in that season
or me not out of all the topics that you can speak about brother you chose
sexuality according according to God’s standard and we’re coming up on
Christmas and New Year’s here’s where I can tie in if it ties in with anything
again my prayer that as we come into 2019 that this message by the grace of
God would impart a fresh faith to be able to see victory in this area in the
new year no matter what 2018 look like and my prayer also is this as as you
hear the word of god you would know for certainty
that God’s standard is to maximize protection and here we go you might be
shocked by this word and maximize pleasure in the area of sexuality if we
choose to just take heed and obey would you open your Bibles to first
Thessalonians chapter 4 first Thessalonians chapter 4 beginning in
verse 3 sexual purity in a polluted age verse 3 of chapter 4 1st Thessalonians 4
this is the will of God your sanctification that you abstain from
sexual immorality that each one of you know how to control his own body in
holiness and honor not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know
God first thing that Paul says here that this is the will of God this is God’s
desire this is God’s standard and he hasn’t changed his mind though culture
may have concerning what sexuality is and how often how it can be practiced
God says through his word through the Apostle this is my will for you it’s my
desire for you it’s my longing it’s my yearning for my people to be able to
take heed to what this word has to say what is his will for you and me brothers
and sisters your sanctification sanctification in other word holiness
what does that mean that every aspect of your life generally speaking ought to be
set apart to the glory of God that you can say with every component of your
existence that this is set apart for whatever Jesus wants from it that’s what
holiness is holiness is not necessarily you not dressing a certain way you not
going to certain places it’s about you knowing from the inside out that my
whole life belongs to Christ and so I walk with him wherever and I consider
him when I dress and I consider him when I speak that is holiness and there’s a
beauty and a power about it that comes when you obey it holiness holiness is
the will of God for you and I but not just holiness generally speaking
palme outcomes to a specific specific area of holiness and he’s saying
holiness in the area of sexual purity this is the will of God your
sanctification what that you abstain from sexual morality hold on there he
did not say that you abstain from sexuality that you may abstain from
immoral sexuality there’s a big difference there because you and I might
be shocked to realize that sex is a gift from God a gift sex didn’t enter into
creation by accident sex is not just some second thought that God had oh oh
yeah okay they got a procreate so legislate it was intentionally designed
by God to serve a specific purpose says plural in the context of a God ordained
biblically described marriage covenant to gift it’s his will for us to know
what that gift is but there is a perversion of that gift
there is a tampering of that gift there is something that the world is trying to
convince us that God’s idea of sexuality is not really a gift it’s actually him
punishing you of all things by restraining you and holding you back
from ecstasy’s in the flesh but let me tell you something about sex according
to the Bible that God’s designed for it is intended for you and I to know
maximum enjoyment of it we think sex according to the Bible don’t do this
don’t do this don’t do this and when you do it it’s just for the purpose of
procreation we got to have babies somehow so keep it at that that is one
of the purposes but would you know this that sex created by God was actually
intended for intimacy between a man and a woman
that the Lord in his wisdom has given something for a unique expression of
love that can build a stronger bond between a husband and a wife
it’s a unifying physical act that creates an experience that to people who
deeply love each other can share in listen it’s God’s gift in marriage I
mean what you can look forward to marriage because you know that this gift
is reserved for you in it but not only is it God’s gift in marriage it is your
gift to your future spouse and a gift that you are to receive from your future
spouse why can we have confidence that God’s design for sex according to his
word is intended to know maximum pleasure in it well how can we have
confidence in such a statement like that because I hear something different from
my friends when they go out and when they have their boyfriends and
girlfriends so convince me preacher that God’s standard is better than the world
standard tell me why one man one woman tell me why being exposed and
experiencing something before one person is better than adultery and and all the
fantasies that come to my mind tell me why because it’s designed by God and any
person who has designed something for someone else to enjoy or utilize
oftentimes carries instructions with that designed object or thing or
experience for you to be able to know it’s fullest potential you buy something
and usually when you have to put it together I hope you honor the
instructions lest you hurt yourself or you rob yourself from experiencing the
fullness of what it can offer you and God has designed this thing called sex
and if we honor the instructions if we honor the manual that he has given you
an eye we can be assured that there is something to be enjoyed to
the fullest and maximum way and when we refuse to do that the only person we are
harming more than anything is ourselves we are robbing ourselves from what God
wants to give us because we have our own ideas and we think that because we have
urges we can just move on them oh nothing could be further from the truth
think of anything in life that has instructions and if you don’t honor them
you come out with something that was not intended to come out my brothers are
here and when we grew up as kids we used to go to our grandparents house often
and they lived in a very old home but they had this old-school fireplace it
was an old-school fire real wood real fire you had that smell of wood just
permeate the house it was so warm it was blazing it was a beautiful we loved it
in the wintertime we look forward to going to that fireplace and if we were
allowed to start the fire selves and just sit by the fire that warmth that it
provided the heat that it provided the atmosphere that it provided it was
wonderful as long as it stayed in the fireplace and yeah you can warm yourself
by that fire foot and you can rest assured that you’re safe because it’s
staying within the confines of that structure but perhaps out of excitement
or just wanting to be creative or wanting to try something new we decided
to take a fire and start at outside of a fireplace maybe on the carpet or
somewhere else you might get warm for a second but you will know this for
certain you’re gonna get more burned and warm as a result of taking it out of its
ordained place think of sex like that think of any sexual activity as that now
he says sexual immorality how can we define that because that seems like such
a general term sexual immorality can be defined in a very powerful way the
giving up of sexual purity sexual immorality is any expression of
sexuality that is given outside of the confines of God’s understanding and
description of marriage any sexual act that is dishonouring within marriage
that the files that covenant that God has created is generally known as
adultery so how can we how can we understand this because we understand
what sexual morality is then we have this mental list in our mind saying okay
this is this is sexual immoral this isn’t this isn’t this is kind of bad it
kind of gets close to the full intercourse so so I have my mental list
the Bible provides something that I believe is staggering and if we were to
really trust by faith it would do us a lot of good turn your Bibles to first
Timothy chapter 5 beginning in verse 1 do not rebuke an older man but encourage
them as you would a father younger men as brothers older woman as mothers
younger woman as sisters in all purity in all purity what is he saying here I
want you to look at those that you know as your brothers and sisters in Christ
as family members your sisters in Christ like your actual sisters your brothers
in Christ like your actual brothers older ones as mothers in all purity why
do you think he included that will speak more about that later and oftentimes you
have people that come up and I’ve had this too sincere people genuine people
that want to honor and walk with God who are in a committed relationship but are
not necessarily yet married and the question often goes like this brother is
this okay to do and they begin to list certain things is that alright to do and
I usually answer that question with another question brother would you do
that with your sister sister would you do that with your brother would you do
that with your mom what do you thought let’s discuss thing cuz I as long as she
is not your wife or your husband she is defined biblically as your sister he is
biblically as your brother until you make that covenant until you do so
before God and before God’s people and you make your vows that person is your
sibling it’s not very popular and I can hear the world saying aha
exactly your God is trying to hold you back that’s the most ridiculous thing
I’ve ever heard and let me just go back to the point where I was making before
that God has designed something and he wants to ensure maximum pleasure in this
area of sex so I give an example of a fireplace and here’s another example you
think about a recipe that you want to make and you have all the instructions
about how you can make this recipe you have all the ingredients and everything
is perfect you’ve honored everything up to this point but because you’re really
hungry you realize that one of the instructions
says 45 minutes in the oven oh you’re really hungry so you put it in the oven
and 15 minutes go by 20 minutes go by and you go I’m not gonna wait and you
pull that out and you just start eating it you’re eating something but you’re
not enjoying the fullness of it and that’s why proverbs 6 tells us can a man
cast fire onto his lap and not burn his clothes you take fire out of it’s God
ordained purpose and you do something with it that’s not intended you’re gonna
burn yourself proverbs 627 you’re ensured to burn yourself song of solomon
8:4 says this i adjure you daughters of Jerusalem do not awaken love before its
time so I give you two examples an example of fire and which you take
something that can be so beautiful and beneficial and become so dangerous don’t
burn yourself secondly don’t stir something else before it’s time and
that’s what happens in Song of Solomon she says might my friends my sisters you
might have even the right guy but don’t eat the food before it’s ready don’t
pull it out of the oven and start nibbling on something and just wait for
it so that you can really know it’s maximum enjoyment God wants you to know
enjoyment in this that’s his desire for your joy to enjoy his gifts including
sex I know that’s a crazy idea but it’s God it’s God as a father
speaking to his children saying I want you to know that I actually wants you to
enjoy this would you trust me would you trust me so Paul says in first
Thessalonians 4:3 abstain hold yourself back that’s what the word means keep
yourself from going into that direction why here’s a motive because God wants
you to know something of it that will be beyond your expectations if you just
trust them but not just enjoying the maximum pleasure of it God has given us
his standard to know our maximum protection in it not just pleasure but
protection in it we often think and when we hear don’t be sexually active with a
person don’t do this don’t do this before marriage you know what comes to
mind oh that’s right because I don’t want to attract any STDs oh that’s right
because I don’t want any unwanted pregnancies but let’s just be real there
are people who are sexually active that don’t attract an STD and they don’t get
pregnant but there is an unavoidable consequence for every person that gives
themselves to any level of sexual expression that is undeniable I remember
when I was in college in my second year I believe it was and all the electives
that I had to choose were blocked out and there was one elective left love and
sex now this is when I after I got saved I got great loving sex and all the
things that I can take as an elective I got to take I sit through this and
here’s somebody who doesn’t believe about God doesn’t believe in the Word of
God about gonna tell me about love and sex so there I am sitting in class and
as you know a week after week the philosophy of love arrows and all these
people speaking about what sex is and how you should explore and I thought to
myself get me out of here finally we had a final project and the things that I
learned in that final project I’ll never forget for the rest of my life this is
not a religion class it’s not a religious school is
secular and so I needed to go through a secular approach I needed to go through
science to try to prove the argument of God’s standard being the best standard
concerning sexuality and I remember presenting in that class it was like
Daniel and the lines then I can guarantee you that and so I studied
studied studied studied studied and I realized something about sexual activity
not just full-on intercourse as you’re hearing me don’t just think the full act
even things leading up to it is proven by psychologists today hear me there is
a chemical in the brain that is released called dopamine you’re probably familiar
with it it is the the internal pleasure reward system in other words I simplify
it when you do certain things dopamine is released and it feels good it makes
you feel good wanting you to repeat the act now dopamine is released when sexual
acts are performed on any level and it’s equated to what drug addicts seek after
when they’re trying to find their next fix dopamine is released there’s an
addictive aspect to it and that’s true concerning sexuality now that makes
sense or else people wouldn’t be doing it but it’s not just dopamine this is
what blew my mind there’s another chemical another neurotransmitter that
is set in the body and this is God’s wisdom I praise Him I when I found this
I said this is amazing called oxytocin oxytocin oxytocin is another chemical
that is released predominantly and primarily found in woman men have their
own set of chemicals pray for us okay oxytocin is primarily found in woman and
what this chemical does it’s known as the cuddle hormone or the love hormone
it is released when there is skin-to-skin interaction and it’s found
even especially when a woman breast feeds her child what happens when
there’s that that skin-to-skin contact something is
being released in the mother that is binding her to that child emotionally
God has so wired the brain so that when that baby’s being nurtured physically
when there’s that skin-to-skin people in here who’ve had babies recently don’t
they encourage skin-to-skin contact yes because something is released there’s a
connection that is made there in that physical touch a lot of oxytocin is
released when a person has sexual intercourse with another person so when
a woman gives herself on any level whether it’s intercourse and anything
else leading up to it what happens to her and even man on a different level
this isn’t a science class I’m not gonna go too deep into it what happens is she
begins to whether she wants to or not linking herself and connecting herself
emotionally to that individual that she’s giving herself to it’s a powerful
chemical it’s a powerful thing and it can be for awesome good or terrible
disaster just depending how you use it do you see God’s wisdom that you keep
yourself that you wait for that one person so all that oxytocin goes to your
husband all of those chemicals that bind you goes to your wife and it makes you
cling to her and stick to her they did a study and I can’t give all the details
but let me give you the general synopsis of it where they took men who were
faithful to their wives and they they they put they did oxytocin different
things to them to have an increase of oxytocin they line them up with
different pictures and there is an alarming rate that even when there is
women more beautiful in terms of physical aspects according to whatever
standard that is the male’s kept going to saying my wife is the most beautiful
out of all these there is this magnetizing kept going back to their
wives because what that there’s some connection that was made in that
intimate act and God says I want that for your spouse this is so true on a
psychological level because when you speak to anybody who has ended a
relationship it’s usually more dramatic for someone
who is sexually active than someone who wasn’t it’s more damaging it’s more
painful it’s more heartbreaking when somebody has given themselves over in
whatever act their because there’s a connection mate and that rip is extra so
God says I want you to honor my standard because I want to maximize your
protection there’s so many examples of this and some studies even show that
perhaps this is one of the reasons why even women who are an abusive
relationships find it so difficult to leave their abusive person or whatever
whoever they’re with because they have given themselves in intimacy and that
emotional bond has been created that even in light of abuse they go I can’t
leave that person this is how powerful this thing is I even had somebody told
me about a couple that they knew and they weren’t married and they young man
who was with that young lady was so in love with that young lady he was
terrified of losing her so he goes to his dodo friends that aren’t saved and
you know what they tell her sleep with her and get her to sleep with you and
she’ll be stuck to you that’s stupid advice but guess why signs
can back that up there’s something that is connected in those acts and there’s
an increase of it as it is continually entertained and God says I want you to
reserve that for your future spouse and you will know something about connection
and you will know something about intimacy and you will know something
about trust that is beyond what you think
can I read a verse to you from proverbs 5:18 let’s just listen to this proverbs
5:18 let your fountain be blessed and rejoice in the wife of your youth a
lovely dear a graceful doe let her breast fill you at all time
with the light be intoxicated always in her love that’s in the Bible then he
goes on to say don’t do it with random people keep it for your wife get drunk
off of her love drink from her enjoy her this is the Bible in light of a father
speaking to his son consume yourself with that young lady that is your wife
enjoy her God designed you to enjoy her so don’t sip from other cups so what is
God’s design it is this that you and I if God brings into a relationship at one
point or not if you are entering into relationship that if you honor his way
you have two people who are honoring God’s standard walking into a
relationship and as you walk in you are entering into a new journey where you
explore and experience this gift together with a sense of security and
Trust as a part of it is it no wonder then at first Corinthians 6:18 he says
flee from sexual immorality for every other sentence outside of the body but
this sin is against your own body and we just talked about what it can do to your
mind do you see the wisdom of God do you hear the father’s voice in 1st
Thessalonians 4 3 abstain yourself I want you to know maximum pleasure I want
you to know maximum protection is what it is in it please trust in me that’s
what God is saying now at this point of the message I want to speak to two
groups of people the first group I want to speak to are
those who have kept themselves pure up to this point and here’s my message to
you as a brother in love I want to speak to you as I always speak to a sibling my
own siblings don’t believe the lies don’t believe what the media says don’t
believe what the culture says I know that’s harder than you think because sex
is everywhere it’s everywhere we know this do we not billboards commercials
for the most random products health products music videos
it’s everywhere and perhaps we become so desensitized to it that we don’t even
realize that it is shouting at us and it is definitely having an effect on this
the way we think how many people are struggling just because of their
Instagram account just their Instagram account alone and what I want to say to
you please pay attention to me is don’t believe the lies including the urges of
your own self but don’t believe your doto friends either
that as you sit together and they begin to talk about this and this is what
happened and this is why I mean they begin to describe certain things and
almost making you feel like you’re missing out on something you’re not
missing out on something God is preserving you for something trust God
in the process trust God in the waiting trust that God wants your maximum
pleasure and your maximum protection in it so don’t believe the lies because
they’re coming if they haven’t already come I fear for certain people my
goodness I remember first hearing about sex and all these different things not
just sex detailed things when I was in grade 3 that was in the 90s what is it
today so I don’t know what you’re hearing I don’t know what you’re being
convinced stuff don’t believe it and if there’s anybody that would try to
approach you in the name of love young lady even young men but this is
predominantly for ladies tell that person that back off if that person
truly loves you they will honor you they will honor if they truly love you and
they fear God I don’t care if he calls himself Christian but if he truly loves
you he will honor you fear God and obey this commandment with his life and I
want you to be able to understand that what you have is a gift
keep it for your future husband fight for your future marriage you might not
be married now but you fight for that future spouse you offer that gift you
keep it up staying yourself from it think of it as a gift that you want to
give to that one person one day so I adjure you I exhort you don’t believe the lies the second group
of people those who probably feel pretty crushed right now because you’re hearing
all of this and you can admit that you have unfortunately given yourself to at
one level or another in some way and you’re probably thinking I’ve done
messed up haven’t I here’s my message to you in Jesus name the gospel that this
gospel is so powerful and Jesus Christ is so strong that he’s able to restore
you renew you put fresh faith and hope in you and I encourage you as a brother
that no matter what you’ve done in the past even if it happened last night that
you would make a vow before God today and you will offer that gift what you
can give and you might have some scars and you might have some memories but
believe this that God can give you victory no matter what you’ve
experienced God can give you victories in the days ahead
God does forgive you but not only does he want to forgive you he wants to
empower you this gospel has power even over sexual sin this gospel has power
even over regrets this gospel has power even over anything and trust that so
don’t beat yourself up this is the prayer I believe that we should pray if
anybody’s falling into that category lord I did it things happen but I give
you my future I give you my future and it might be it
might be difficult it might get tough I might have some flashbacks that the
person who hasn’t done anything might not have but I’m gonna believe that you
are with me and you are for me and I beg if you wait til the end of the message
to hear what God has in store for you no matter what category you find yourself
in this morning God is with you for you and will empower you no matter what the
past look like believe it so we’re hearing this and you are either in one
of those two categories I’m fully aware I’m fully aware that
even a message like this can stir hearts for two three days maybe two weeks and
guess what comes back urghhh guess what comes back strong desire guess who comes
along cute looking guy with no standard a good-looking gal that wants to take
that gift away from you you know what we need right now we need some strong
practical truths to implement immediately immediately and the first
one is this though these are not limited please understand that the Bible is
filled with motivations to live holy and sexual purity so they’re not limited to
these but these are just a few for our message today please turn your Bibles to
first Corinthians first corinthians chapter 6 just a few pages behind first
thessalonians first Corinthians six 13 first
Corinthians 6:15 says food is meant for the stomach and the stomach for food and
God will destroy both one and the other the body is not meant for sexual
immorality but for the Lord and the Lord for the body what’s Paul saying here
he’s teaching on how to keep your body pure and holy before God and he uses
this phrase food is for the body or for the stomach and the stomach is for food
now why is he speaking about this because that is true you get hungry you
eat food is there to fill you up and it’s quite possible that the reason why
Paul is using this phrase is because the Corinthians have come to a place where
they have equated an appetite for food on the same level as an appetite to
fulfill sexual gratification so this is this is the mentality of some that this
is a natural desire I’m hungry so I’m going to eat because food is provided
there for me if I’m craving food guess what I’m gonna do I’m gonna find
something to eat and they’ve used that same level of reasoning in their sexual
urges well I’m this is a natural process this is a natural desire I can’t fight
it it’s a part of who I am so the same way that I eat food when I’m hungry is
the same way that I’m gonna fulfill this desire because I have these urges and
Paul says hold up this isn’t his main point but this is a
very important point you cannot though sexual desire is a
natural appetite it is not on the same level as food and water
why because you can survive without sex you can’t survive with food and water
that food and water that’s a beautiful simple truth that can
really save a lot in the midst of temptation because as strong as that
urge is as strong as that urge is you know what you can tell yourself I can
survive without this I don’t need to give myself into this I’m not dependent
upon this like I am depend upon food and water to live so next time those
thoughts come next time you feel your blood boiling just tell yourself this I
don’t need this to live I can go my whole life without this and actually be
healthy and perfectly fine food is meant for the stomach
stomach is meant for the food sex is meant for the body and the body’s meant
for sex he says you know God is going to destroy both the stomach and food these are trans I think these things are
temporal these things are not eternal these things are limited to this life
and so what’s the argument both food and your appetite for food and both sexual
desires guess what life is not about those things last week we spoke about
how Jesus says in Matthew 6 is life not more than food and clothing let’s add to
that is life not more than sexual pleasures here’s the number-one truth
it’s a practical truth here’s number one believe that God is better than any
experience of physical intimacy believe that God is better than any act of
physical intimacy the body is not meant for food necessarily the body and life
is not about clothing and neither is it centered upon you finding the next
thrill in your sex life then what is it for for the Lord and the Lord for the
body what is he saying here and your body is a vehicle for God’s glory to be
manifested in the earth that your energy your muscles your strength your eyesight
your lips your ears everything about who you are is set apart to be able to
transport in advance God’s message and God’s purpose in the
earth that’s why you live that’s why God has given you breath that’s why God kept
you on the earth when you gave your life to Christ in this body that you would be
his representative and all the gifts and all the things that you can do with your
body would be consecrated unto God this is what he’s saying here’s the problem
people don’t live for that purpose even under the name of Christ so what happens
when you don’t live for that purpose you find your fulfillment and food you find
your fulfillment and clothing and would you believe it you try to find
your fulfillment and sexual pleasure when it’s not reserved for what God
ordained it to be surely you’re gonna try to find another purpose for your
body do you know why this world is so crazy about sex do we have an idea why
this world is so saturated and confuse and plundering into deeper and deeper
darkness and twisted versions of it do you know why it’s because they have not
yet realized the ecstasy’s of being joined with Christ and the spirit that’s
why they don’t know the pleasure and the joy of walking with Jesus day by day
they don’t know it so what are they doing they’re trying to find something
that given that same kind of ecstasy feeling and Christ is saying it’s me
it’s me it’s me it’s me so GK Chesterton said this listen to
this the man who rings the bell at the brothel unconsciously does so seeking
God let me say that again the man who rings the bell at the
brothel where prostitutes hang out the man who comes and rings the bell so you
can get his next fist you know what he’s doing he’s unconsciously seeking after
God because only God can fill that void let’s modernize it the man who goes on
that website and clicks enter unconsciously is one who’s seeking God the man who’s going from one
relationship to the other and giving himself or that woman who’s giving
herself is unconsciously seeking after the pleasures that are only found in the
river of his delights you and I must seek God in such a childlike matter and
say Lord let me know your pleasure in such a way that it eclipses any other
pleasure that any sexual tryst can offer me if that is not the case it can be
dangerous that is why I believe this world is twisting and turning and
running around is because only God can fill and they’re trying to find the next
thing that could be close to that and it’s this strange exuberant ecstatic
thrill found in this gift that God has given believe that God is better than
any act of physical intimacy if you don’t believe that it can get bad
but don’t just believe that believe that your actions with another does not just
affect you too let’s go back to first Thessalonians here this as you
sometimes the greatest motivation to deflate your sinful pleasures to realize
the pain that it will bring to others if you fulfill it sometimes one of the
greatest motivations to deflate your sinful pleasure is when you realize the
pain that it will bring to others look what he says in verse six then no one
transgress and wrong his brother in this matter that no one transgress and wrong
his brother in this matter what’s being what’s being said here this verse is
talking about the believers in a church that are tempted to engage in an
adulterous affair they you would give yourself to somebody who’s not your
husband or your wife or you would come and try to interfere with a covenant
relationship and what Paul is saying listen you think that this is about you
and another person having a good time but you fail to realize that you’re
gonna affect someone else in other words what he’s trying to say is brother
that’s somebody’s wife sister that’s somebody’s husband this is not just
gonna affect you and that person you’re gonna damage a third party involved with
this and in a church context man it does damage to the whole body are you really
gonna cause so much pain for the sake of a a night of pleasure or a moment of
pleasure don’t transgress your brother in this
manner and we go well a lot of us in here a single listen that somebody is
somebody’s future husband that’s somebody’s somebody’s future wife and so
let’s step into the realm of spiritual maturity and not just limited to
marriage and say that is somebody’s future husband I will not violate her
because of my future brother that will marry her that is somebody’s future wife
that is somebody’s future husband I’m not getting involved because that’s my
sister first Timothy 5 says do you see that in others God is able to
change our minds concerning how we view one another and if we really love we
realize that I’m not gonna cause pain for the sake of my own selfish desires
believe that your actions do not just affect you and another third point
believe that small actions can lead to bigger ones if I’ve entered the realm of
unpopularity I’m definitely going to enter into right now Paul is right he’s
not writing to an unsaved people Paul is writing to a church this letter isn’t to
the heathens of Thessalonica this letters written to the Saints of the
Thessalonica Church and this isn’t just an ordinary Church we’re not talking
about the Corinthian church that is so confused sexually that boasts an even
incest relationship according to 1st Corinthians 5 look at verse 9 at 1st
Thessalonians 4 just to see what kind of church were reading about here now
concerning brotherly love you have no need for anyone to write to you for you
yourselves have been taught by God to love one another this church was madly
in love with one another and God and so powerful was their love so so powerful
was their family like congregation and relationship that Paul has even the
audacity to say I don’t even want to teach you about love I can’t because
you’ve learned it directly from God this is a powerful church this is a
sacrificial church this is a church that would lay down their lives for one
another and yet it is to this church that the Apostle Paul warns concerning
sexual sin do you know why because even in such a church like that things can go
wrong and I believe things can go wrong because of the closeness because of the
familiarity because of a family-like relationship in other
words things can go sour because of familiarity
listen sexual acts don’t just start like that they happen in stages and you know
what the first stages I believe and maybe you can argue this but I believe
it’s one of them that one of the first stages of somebody getting into a sexual
relation if it’s one act and never do it again do you know how somebody gets
there let me tell you how you get comfortable with the person really
comfortable with the person and things begin to go in a certain direction and
it all starts with small actions and this is something that we have to
understand if it’s possible for people in a loving Church to fall into sexual
morality how much more your school you see people every day how much more your
workplace or you see people every day always keep your heart in check always
walk in wisdom and integrity amongst us and one another keep yourself in check always take captive your thoughts when
you begin to entertain something about someone who is your brother or sister beware beware of even the simplest
things beware of flirting beware of touching and getting
comfortable with that beware I’m not talking about being friendly I’m talking
about being intentional with your words and actions to try to seduce somebody to
be attracted to you in an inappropriate way that’s what I’m speaking about it
can happen once you get too comfortable believe that small actions can lead to
bigger ones but I’ll say this lastly believe that God is willing and able to
assist you in your pursuit of purity look at verse 8 of 1st Thessalonians 4 in his final instructions concerning
this he goes there for whoever disregards this disregards not man but
God who gives his Holy Spirit to you what is he saying here listen this is
not my teaching and I joined the Apostle Paul this morning and I say brothers and
sisters this isn’t something I came up with I didn’t sit in my room this week
and say hmm I want to teach on a standard of sexuality just so people can
feel like this is gonna be tough for them that’s not where it came from it
came straight from the Word of God and so whoever sits here today and
disregards this you know what Paul is saying you’re disregarding God you’re
not disregarding a preacher not disregarding man your disregard and he
says listen God gave His Holy Spirit to you he’s holy he lives inside of you he
walks with you in this life and though I believe that is one of the points I
believe that there is a hopeful truth in this verse a hopeful truth in this verse
what is that hopeful truth read it now in this way whoever disregards this
disregards not man but God who gives his Holy Spirit to you in other words don’t
dismiss this don’t lose hope in this don’t be discouraged and what you’re
hearing this morning why because he gives his Holy Spirit to you he wants to
empower you he wants to renew your mind he wants to give you power over those
urges this is his desire the Holy Spirit in light of all these instructions you
got comes to this crescendo statement he’s here to help you he’s here to help
you believe that God is not setting up a standard and saying now good luck he’s
saying here’s my spirit here’s my Holy Spirit doesn’t matter how tempting it is
it doesn’t matter how attracted you are it doesn’t matter what promises these
people are giving to you you can trust that God will give you strength will
give you strength I know a young man who before he was saved was in the sin and
he would be able to say that he was bound to the sin
and he got saved and when he got saved there was a little rough at first but
sure enough he had come to a place where just he came to a place where he just
was just gliding with the Lord and he could say with confidence that he had
victory over this that he had victory over this even victory over and I’m
saying this in a veiled way and I hope that you would understand what I’m
saying even victory over self gratification I hope you know what I’m
saying what I mean that and as he grew in the Lord just within his first couple
years he began to meet other believers and this young man began to grow
discouraged quickly and one of the discouragements was that other brothers
would come up to min and confess just as what brothers do and would say brother
I’m struggling with this I can’t stop watching this I can’t stop meeting with
this person and the discouragement was not that because of them but because of
him to some degree he felt like he couldn’t share the victory that he was
having for different reasons for reasons that he thought maybe they’ll be
discouraged or maybe they won’t believe me and so this young brother went to his
mentor one day with this swirling in his mind and saying listen I have friends
that I love that that tell me that they’re showing with us but I can
testify that Christ has set me free and I have victory over this I have power
over this that I really believe that what he has to offer in the spirit
through his word walking with Jesus experientially daily fulfills me oh yeah
I have temptation all yea thoughts come here in fact when I first when I got
saved there was more girls after me than before I was saved I can’t share
anything because it just seems so unrealistic it seems like the norm is
the opposite not this and that leader looked at him and said you better not
hold that to yourself you better share those things when somebody confesses
because what you are showing them is that 1st Thessalonians 4 8 as a reality
that the Holy Spirit is given to give you strength and give you power to have
victory over this you will have temptation you have strong impulses you
will have invitations even never mind temptation
but God is with you and I’m here to testify to this day that even years and
I I know this person for years even to this day that person has still remained
in victory in that person’s not even married they could testify to victory to
this moment and so I come to stand before you to say it’s possible it is
possible what do we say to all of these things do you feel condemned I hope not
do you feel discouraged I pray not believe that God is better than any act
of physical intimacy believe that your actions if you so choose to even in
light of this message to go in that way and to begin to explore does not just
affect you and another person believe that small actions because we love to
justify don’t we well it’s not this is just this and and I I get some
gratification even if it’s not that those things will lead to it I’m not
trying to be legalistic here if you’re hearing me I’m trying to give you all
the things that this word can offer so that you can protect yourself and lastly
believe that God is willing and able to assist you in your pursuit of purity how
do we end this message because it’s a heavy one isn’t it it’s a heavy one but it’s necessary and it’s God’s Word
and God’s tone with this messages just come to me come to me
I’ve given four we can spend the next 45 minutes to go on to another ten
different points and maybe we’ll leave that for another message but just let’s
just stick with these four it’s a matter of the mind it’s a matter of the mind
it’s a matter of perspective as a matter of faith when you are tempted when you
come to those places preach to yourself the truths of this word and tell
yourself no matter what I feel no matter what I want God is better God is more
satisfying and I want to experience the fullness of his
gift so I’m gonna honor the manual and the instructions please hear me and if
you’re in it today on any level whether it’s with a screen with person that
you’re interested in the person that you’re not interested in person that
you’re planning to get married to I would love for us to respond not just to
jump in to songs and end and do offering and walk but right now to say God
created me a clean heart create in me a clean heart desperately pray that in
your seat today because we know ourselves don’t we not we’re gonna go
back into the real world and different voices and different things before us
are gonna pull us into a different direction so now let’s ask God for a
mighty intervention in this aspect of our lives this is what church is about
to meet with God as a response to hearing from his word I come to you as a
brother today I hope you know that I hope you know that and that I’m here to
pray with you and for you no matter what and that’s what we’re gonna do right now
bow your heads with me please I’m gonna say this I’m not trying to say this in
intentionally attempting to be prophetic or anything like that I’m just saying
this to say it if you are right now in a situation if you’re in a relationship
right now and you are being tempted and lured to go into a different direction
that would lead you to faithlessness this is God speaking to you through his
word today if you are person that is not in a relationship and somebody is giving
you attention that you know will lead to a decisions that will fall into the category of what
we just spoke of this is God pleading with you this morning don’t take it lightly please don’t take
it lightly really believe that the word of the Lord it’s for your specific life
if that’s you

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  • Very encouraging, thank you!

  • Yet again the truth is adequately preached and full of so much substance.
    Daniel and U.E Church, thank you for your submission to the Lord. It continuously helps me out, I know it's God's Spirit speaking through you because it is directly what needed to be preached to me today!

    Bless you brothers and sisters! Much love from Ontario!!

  • Praise the Lord for this sermon! So many churches are scared to preach on this topic yet it’s so important to inform Christians and warn them to not swim these dangerous waters. God bless you brother. Sexual sin on any level, is not a sin you want to stick around and try to overcome but rather It’s the one sin you run away from as Joseph did from Potiphar’s wife. Lust is like a furnace of fire burning seven fold, you don’t walk into it willingly otherwise you will burn.

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