Shadow of the Tomb Raider Gameplay part 1 INTRO (PS4)

I friends so welcome back to my channel
of Justin Cameron fly my name is Joseph so welcome
so I was bad around in the gameplay of Ray’s evil revelation and the episode
but what happens there was an echo everything had to undo again tomorrow
friend so I’m doing a shadow shadow of two
later jump a little bit right it’s a little
bit yeah shadow of the to bear so this is
all my first time play this game my first time
oh Jesus okay oh okay you tell you okay it’s easy no more hard very hard oh my
gosh I’m sorry normal I’m sorry normal friend
so okay well so I’m not good with puzzle I’m pretty easy because I’m not good at
all puzzle so so this be my first time playing this game like what year did
shadow of the two layer came out I’m a check right now oh this came out last year Wow came out
last year always been oh my gosh come out last year December December what ah sit effort well okay came out last year there you go get down oh man this is how start the game this
how the game start boom Wow this how the game start this Halligan start Wow Wow
this all the games start that’s it so um a tent Wow do Anaheim here just a little stuck
a rock hit my leg no I’m right on to the detail I don’t want to attract attention Wow hi
Oh Matt those gonna have back my knife I got hurt oh my gosh at Copley hurt nor did he do
I am a crossover of a char a to later Markov meet latent Drake
that’d be so awesome all right climb out oh man all right oh man now what though things you be skinny or
fat percent cannot do it be stuck could be dead
I’m sorry I’ll be so mean what you mean Wow
I like the music Wow jazzy’s badge I’m out be careful the way
into the site is full of traps that’s oh man no is it frickin awesome
oh man I see a giant head totally other called
Skull Island man place you sorry I didn’t wait be
careful all right we got here
Wow beautiful Oh Laura Wow get a load of this place
you saw that research paid off now we know what Trinity is after yeah they
really didn’t want us in here glad we followed your father’s notes I saw where the passes collapsed on you
back there want me to take a look at that wound no I’m fine what is all this
constellations this inscription at some sort of riddle pink fish big fish silver
crowned mountain as a date here something’s off it looks like it was
damaged perhaps intentionally why would Trinity sabotage this they
usually just destroy everything no I think the damage is older Oh No don’t
dad there oh man you ready
be ready and I’m dragged me out I’d still be in
there taking pictures still be in there don’t know if you’d be doing what she
Turner hey you want to freshen up me group at
the cafe dr. Dominguez is supposed to be that at
night it sounds good I’ll try and decide for the read I’ll say if the day is
anything to do with it right pink fish silver crown mountains I’ll look into it
by the way this cafe I suppose have really good I know the chef Wow this our games start
we’re sorry very awesome vesko I never wear to a mess though there is
anything new I’m dr. Dominguez not much he’s leading a few Trinity digs in the
area my father mentioned him in his journal
more than once he’s an expert on pre-colonial ruins everyone says he’s a
great guy big help to the town so how’s your leg China look the riddle its directions to find the
hidden city go south along the shore until you find the pink fish I found
something for that it’s pink dolphins found only in the Amazon it goes on then
chased the heart of the serpent to the Silver crowned mountain look at this
it’s a constellation Hydra the serpent this star is the heart it’s set in the
southwest so Southwest’s from the Amazon River
Brazil this date from the ruin see if you look
closely is damaged this number looks like a Meyer 13 but what if it’s really
an 8 with precession it would precession the earth tilts so over time these stars
appear in a different place on the horizon important if you’re navigating
by the night sky thank you in the my Honda that’s a 2000 year
difference back then the heart of the serpent’s
that directly to the west so that’s why it’s improved not brazil eternity has
been looking in the wrong place exactly we need to look for the silver crown
mountain in Peru there’s more I’m something about a key
what is Trinity you’re looking for in the hidden city show me you heard that too right see where he
goes wait hold on Trinity’s watching this
place let’s try to be good okay try to blend in I can do that for
these people I’ll stay out of their way I want to avoid what happened with the
last salary tip down they must know we were at the other site so much for a
night off why did Dominguez go by what yeah by with to evade or someone
must know something all right so I reject it right there all this food is making my stomach
grumble she should be I was too excited please don’t miss my food I don’t have
purpose I mean brushless whoever so which way how’d it go over there David I can’t go there what the hell it’s fine if I don’t think about it I
mean I can’t go through there yeah I told around any sign of him I’m not really loose to crowds you’d
rather store Mars Naver no this is fine yeah I don’t like be around he’s at the
gate yeah I don’t like to be around like a lot of people but I like a theme park
I assure you were serial call hornik I think I can find another way over the
wall I’ll take care of these guys all right
cool it’s not for tourists what’s the thing you do with the blankets all right
you know what I can see you guys I always anymore your time y’all keep on
trucking all right Jonah I’m in good those guards were not the gate earlier
Dominguez must suspect something all right I’ll follow him excuse me areas to play in with the crowd right
there although people that came out with you for a while no boy Paden excuse me Jonah Dominguez is not just the leader
of the cell I think he’s the leader of Trinity yeah yeah I heard you
oh my bad my fault oh you went that way
all right go ahead go there you know the first time I am to lay your game on my
channel that way I’ll use up so I thought what I use I want confirmation oh yeah I do I’m saying just me I’ll try
the back alley yeah use up there on play they say for so harder very rich mother all right yeah this is commander Wolffe Dominguez
horns Kraft Mason Croft is here you have the photo female Caucasian
early 20s you got that all right go this way dude all the trash but really don’t worry go the readings at the site
are unlike anything we’ve ever seen may heal okay you know I’m here
not good nothing
oh no Jonah they’ve entered the dig site it’s fenced
off and there’s a guard at the gate I’ll find another way in maybe use this nope ah because they’re here yes damn or is a freaking hot
well this I say mom it’s the same person at Eau Claire Whitfield Maya pyramid
inside some sort of cave alright good now go off take him out Oh Jack I mr. Rand archaeologist your employment I
can pay all right how I’d hurt you you work for Trinity what did they find
well they’ve been searching for a temple entrance for many years
today they found it I have to go warn my sister she’s on her way here now Jonah Trinity just tried to kill a local
archeologist I have to find what they’re looking for
oh is this operation blackout yet me call of duty no half a car do you like a
long time I paint new one before no none not brand new new one wait
always suck and a girl all I do he sells oh and this is Shaq shell the new
description shock shell the key lies beyond her gaze key
this is it the entrance must be down there probably got to make my way down
yes all right okay fish it what there you go Oh sue now yours they’ll call oh crap close call Ariel all right oh you dare you’re ready doctor the
media is on his way whoa sorry it’s about hurry oh my gosh No Oh Carol
just that she was looking at that cave all right
Wow yes I may have fit Jharna I’m entering a cave we may lose contact yes sir
how’s that the rock creepy this cave looks like it’s usually
underwater very creepy oh my gosh whoa what is this
the carvings on this Maya monolith are far too deteriorated to read yes so nice right oh my gosh
I see you there Oh mad hair close call well you better tell me about that Oh what is this place
oh no holding cells while happy couple nice hmm because they’re here
cool all right that’s all no oh go to the crack OH
deal I lost one all right Oh oh my gosh oh man hey Laura I got a nice ass what
the hell my blocking me man oh my gosh oh my gosh well it goes for all right so if I go this one check
I have to find the tempo Dominguez is looking for okay which way missing gear
ah man and the upgrade Oh knife or happy couple
I see it you can’t fool me this time uh-huh so fool me once
you can’t fool me twice but they said that I said Oh No Jonah I made it I’m in an underground
temple what was that that’s not good I can tell it’s causing tremors there’s
a pyramid I’m going to get to the top man oh my gosh
what on a Gabby oh wait
call me jack good there are platforms that can help
me reach the top looking for something to weigh them down all right
Wow that airwheel cool
that was easy all right I can’t make it half our way
jump so I can make it Oh oh my gosh No oh my gosh Oh goats call oh there we go crave all upline okay oh how there is man all right there we go ooh yeah one skill point all right oh I see another trap oh my
gosh yes and there’s our work okay there you go maybe this way had to turn it crap you gotta be away okay try this way so erielle the cart would tip over if I
real 210 guy use it come on now the fuck the cart would tip over if I real 10 I
tried to wheel here stop on did this way there we go area my back parfait there we go and we’re like it okay see the call work nice cool oh man huh now go this way yes okay cool hmm let’s see ah darn it
Dave wait all right maybe do it this way aerial so far laughs right Jonah Jonah there’s a mural here it
shows a box inscription says the silver box of a show that must be what’s in the
hidden city this is a Meyer myth it says the box will summon the god
Kukulcan wait there’s more looks like a series of cataclysms a
tsunami a storm and earthquake volcanic eruption well in my belief Kukulcan is the god of
creation and destruction this looks like the hydra constellation but the star
seemed out of alignment Jonah I found a dagger there’s an
inscription the key to e shells harlock’s the cleansing we can’t hide
rent a get hold of this just grab a knife grab it they burial of work yeah there go shit Jonah get to higher ground
Oh Oh No the economy yeah oh boy operation black cat has been initiated
out of the local workers alive fuck we plan for this
make sure the perimeters secure let’s just make sure the perimeters secure
what you Mandarin oh man that three of them area guess has to wait for us when he gets
here it’s not gonna be pretty take this guy out my bath Aereo Oh Ariel have to be quick crap okay this night I take them out there we go here shot base camp this is gamma leader where’s
Ariel date this that was easy all right how they go this way oh my god oh my gosh they got company always hated what are you going oh crap yeah bye-bye oh crap oh crap take them out yes we’re
doing it going how about you values on bitch I hope that’s all of them hope so too there you go checking check checking so alright cool can’t go
through there I’ll use this alright oh crap stop don’t hurt her Lara Croft this isn’t the way I hope you know I’ve
been interested in your work Trinity always is the key of Shasha sacrifice my life for
this where’s the silver parts of Asia give it
to me it’s in a safe place you don’t have it it never occurred to me that you would
just take with this ski and the silver box we can remake the world without
witness fruity and certainly with none of this but without the box the
apocalypse the death of the Sun you’re lying
darah you felt it when you took the care gem as a common but tsunami is coming
and this is the first of many catastrophes you’re doing you would have
done the same Oh No by taking the key using a motion do you
realize the tragedy you have amused fencing has begun
opposed to me now stopping the court construes assault damn she lost a downer of a knife she
lost it I lost it oh crap don’t tell me no I don’t know what is it
come you guys soon man then there ways to stop it oh my gosh oh my gosh that’s a dyke
twice my friends are gonna stop right here so
thank you for watching of to radar shallow
I’m in shadow of the altimeter I represent don’t forget cause they’re
like scribe commies hair think forward check out my channel
Joseph gamer for life I see

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