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On the holidays I went to the Barrier. Dad says you can’t call it great because there’s no reef. When I went swimming I saw a dolphin. Dad said you can’t put your head under, but my sister did. Now she has oil in her lungs. I found this! Is that coral? Nah it’s just coal We went to the outback to visit Nan, but she wasn’t happy! She said everything was fracked. My brother made the water go on fire. It’s magic water, if you drink it your poo goes red. I’ve got a bottle of it here! Anybody got matches? I went to Tasmania with my funny uncle Bob, I got to see the old growth tree. My uncle said there use to be millions of them called forests, and he said to look out for Tasmanian Devils too. There’s no such thing as Tasmanian Devils or forests. He got me some wood chips though! We went to the national park and we saw trees at the Hunterman. They said I was so brave when I got a bullet in my arm and I didn’t cry. The hunter said technically it’s still a hit. Because I’m an animal. Just not the animal he was aiming for. Next time I go for a picnic, I hope I don’t get shot.

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  • why introduce a tax? perhaps carbon emission has other adverse effects other than climate change? do some research… a tax is impose to anything that needs to make return to our society. Just because i say just because so many times you still can't find what's not true in my statements. and how will carbon tax turn Australia into Bangladesh? our economy did not fall by much, our unemployment(5.8%)only rose a bit predominantly due to increase in population, have you been brain-washed by Murdoch?

  • and just because i'm in support of carbon tax doesn't make me some hipster who don't give a shit to our economy, From a long term perspective, carbon tax will be used in creating better infrastructure, better education, and be use to in caring our environments. Less carbon emission means better living condition, less illness, less public health expenses. Better environment means a sustainable tourist industry. all these are good, you do realise Murdoch owns 70% of Australia media right? lol

  • and how many people actually works in mining? and if carbon tax did place an impact on their industry, shouldn't it be seem as an opportunity for them to upgrade their mining technologies? and direct their employees to other sectors? isn't that also their responsibility? You do realise these mining companies are own by some of australia's richest people, so don't they have some responsibilities? Just make a little less money, and just help our environment a bit?

  • again, you are making the assumption that climate change is a hoax, what if it's real? and it is likely to be true as many scientists proposed, do you still think carbon tax is unnecessary? since you place your focus on economy rather than environment, let me ask you, if this summer we reach an unprecedented temperature, with scientists saying ozone destruction is worsening above us, we lost several billions on livestock and agriculture, people hospitalised, then is carbon tax still unrealistic?

  • YES it actually IS unrealistic – for 2 reasons…If what I contend ( which it is a hoax ) then we would have wasted money on something that has no benefit – if on YOUR side ( to be fair ) if indeed it IS true…then how is "spending money" going to affect the climate at all? – Look, you need to see this and do some calculation yourself follow the link – its PERFECTLY shows how its a hoax.. the maths don't work /watch?v=agyjz9pZfB4

  • Oh shut up

  • Fuck u abbot

  • Totally right dude f&[email protected] abbot

  • I still have no fucking clue as to how Abbot got in… He truly disgusts me.

  • Abbots a gun

  • another stupid assumption you made, please specify how imposing carbon tax is "spending" money, isn't that the exact opposite? And if you are talking about economical lost, i can only say Murdoch owns 70% of our media, Australia's richest person and third richest person are both from mining, isn't that enough to show all this negative connotation linking economy and carbon tax could have been a hoax itself? and how carbon tax help climate change? lol even a primary school kid can answer that…

  • I think a more accurate term is "Farkdinkum"

  • I agree

  • Dont you know when you're screwed -pack-raped? The LNP has as a member one of the worst war criminals in history, Mr Howard, who along with his evil coalition polluted Falujah etc with illegal DU weapons. The LNP is Fascist & should be banned from holding office. The LP is no better, an irrelevance really. So that leaves the Greens & independents. It'll be a long and painful wait for the next idiotic meaningless election, time enough to watch our future irrevocably destroyed for elite profit

  • Tony Abbot is such a fucking clown

  • Just save the enviroment.

  • Oh – oh I am so offended.. LMAO! – Well, AT LEAST I don't belong to some Socialist rent a crowd organization. – pathetic really… – but yes, I guess every so often, the gene pool becomes stagnant,in some areas. -So,! how much DO you pay for banjo lessons?

  • that is so true

  • Lol watched it too late

  • As an Australian I have to admit that we are inferior to most western countries, reason being we don't take Tony Abbott's racist and sexist comments seriously, culturally we are still very uncivilised, our laugh-it-off attitude gives us excuses for being ignorant and unsympathetic, I can't imagine the consequences of Obama saying the same things Abbott said. I don't think Australians are forgiving, it's just that we don't care about how people feel other than people who are close to us.

  • As an Australian I agree tony abbot is an idiot I mean how is he possibly going to do better than Kevin Rudd, john Howard or Julia Gillard? If you ask me he is a load of shit.

  • Dude, some of us are paying attention – albeit warily – to the research that's being done by intelligent, responsible people into climate change and the impact we humans are having on this planet. To dismiss it as vehemently as you and a lot of right-wingers do, and to present incorrect data and state it as rock-solid fact without any balancing point, is in my mind not only astoundingly ignorant but fucking dangerous.

    Sorry, but there's no nice way to say it.


  • Im an Australian and this soooo true

  • Tony, go home. Your destroying our environment

  • Fcking Tony a'butt'.

  • Lame.

  • Tony tony tony to kill us….

  • I so wish tht tony Abbott didnt win 🙁

  • oh this is the most strawman prediction of future events I've ever seen, even the Onion features prediction of future events in a more light hearten matter , this is simply obnoxious and total garage

  • how are people so stupid that they would actually vote for abbot? now we have to endure another 5 years of slow internet and even AFTER labour wins the election it would take years to Finnish the nbn. AND tony abbot got told that an asylum seeker boat was sinking off the coast, and he did nothing about it, he let them DROWN. HE ALSO tried to block all the PORN SITES without telling anyone. fuck hes a dishonest cunt

  • I agree, but a term is only 3 years not 5.

  • Humans emit co2 as well.

  • /watch?v=u79fS9xhYr0

  • We one by fucking miles so you labor/green/union/independent hacks go get a fucking life!!

  • This is genius!!

  • This isn't a very realistic portrayal of Australia in 2025… All these kids are white.

  • Quite correct. To these people these " fringe" people it makes no difference that the vast majority of ( and including some VERY prominent scientists themselves now admit climate change isn't the big world ending mankind killer it was made out to be..they don't care! – its a TRULY a "religion" to these hacks. Even the ex-climate change minister revoked his position and said " OK, everything's back on the table " – this must REALLY piss them off having to admit they were wrong.

  • This was educationall and involved politics. Why are u trying to poison us

  • Love how Aussies try to get their message across

  • I think Abbott is best

  • lol i remember show and tell, and saying "any questions or comments" and the only question was "dooo you liike itt?"

  • Bit late now considering Abbott is already prime minister

  • GetUp! Please stop pretending to be an innocent political which aims to give all of us dumb voters, informed and unbiased political advice. The "dumb voter" group that you target is aware you are a Green's propaganda machine. And another thing basing political ideas on how moral you believe you might be and how good your morality makes you feel doesn't translate into sound policy outcomes.

  • Ha! Geyyyyyehhhh!!!!

  • Because you are just another ignorant little Aussie fascist, you don't actually care about the Wishes of the People.
    You are happy having slaves choose a pre-selected dictator to dictate policy and law. You are happy to have a "leader" to tell the followers what they can and can't do – even what they can and can't do with their owned bodies. You are happy to punish people for not wearing a bike burkha, or for growing and smoking cannabis.
    Productive slaves is all you care about. Far queue.

  • Because "Socialism" is a soft form of Communism. Here how it " works"… in the OLD days Communist dictators used FORCE to enslave the masses – do it or DIE – today, Socialism is the " replacement'. – " you cant do this, you cant do that…"your still enslaved"…but they use " The environment" as a defense to WHY we need more money, or your prevented from this & that. – it amounts to the same thing. Slowly & incrementally, the noose gets tighter & tighter, till – know what? look up AGENDA 21!

  • I honestly CANT BELIEVE you even posted this – "I think it's very naive for any Australian to tarnish carbon tax for the sake of their own domestic political view " – for the sake of their own domestic political VIEW? – this is ( despite what YOU want ) a Sovereign Nation… of COURSE we should " protect OUR interests" – how Anti Australian of you! – thats almost Treason! there IS NO " we are the world – song " – we are seperate Nations it is clear you are what is known as a "Schiller".

  • What complete nonsense – show me the figures ( From the Maldives ) – the "official" place where all this climate change nonsense is measured. The globe is actually "cooling" – NOT getting hotter & we are actually overdue for a mini ice age.

  • You are SUCH a tree huger – FACT: Australia can actually achieve FREE energy! Simply follow this & see for yourself. Allow the coal mining companies to do all the work for us – and retain 10% of the coal for us – The coal mine industry ( under the agreement maintain & upgrade our power stations, use that 10% to run it -BINGO! FREE power…AND!!! it brings foreign investment too

  • OH I get it now….( I missed the earlier reference to the " life-enriching cannabis" – no WONDER your mind is so messed up…I actually thought this was going to be a good to & fro on political perspectives from someone that had thought their points out from a logical perspective – but NOW I understand WHY you think the way you do….because your just an " little pot-head " – THIS explains why your perspective is some what " away with the pixies" – your opinions are now MOOT – ya cracka!

  • Carl Sagan smoked cannabis frequently – did he not?
    Do your achievements exceed his?
    Do you dissolve your brain with legal alcohol , like Winston Churchill, the gasser of Kurds did?
    Do you like the Dictatorship of Australia, where the slaves have no say in how they will live their lives – just a choi9ce of dictator once every few years?
    Do you approve of the mandatory Aussie bicycle burkha, for example?

  • because everybody was sick and tired of watching Labour fuck up.

  • KUDOS Michael! well said!

  • I like your response ( This was educationall ) – was that a type-o, or an example of the lack of it?

  • Well, when its actually GETS to 2025 – take another "snapshot" of the nations population & ethnice make-up… – till then, I suggest you crawl BACK into your time machine & "wait". Oh! This isn't very " realistic"…how the fuck would YOU know? been there & back huh? You Greenie Socialists amaze me!

  • LMFAO!!!! – ( Howard is on the OTHER team! shows just how STUPID you are! ) – as for Rud-o, and "Jew-liar" – they BOTH got a go at running the place in the same term in office and NEITHER of them could do the job. As for Howard – ( if you can clear your dope soaked brain LONG enough.) & recall – he left us some 70 Billion in the BLACK! – When labor got BOOTED ( which was WELL overdue ) – what is the countries debt now? As usual, Liberals have to clean up labors reckless spending spree you idiot!

  • Should I pass you another "hanky" to cry into? – If you think we are so " inferior " then simply piss off to another country!….there are not chains holding you here, & I would feel much better off knowing there is one less socialist traitor within our midst.OH! & FYI?…your "racist and sexist " Prime Minister is currently down on the fire line as a volunteer fire fighting in the Blue Mountains saving your " bush land " – I never see "greenies" at a bushfire – they just "talk it up" – TYPICAL!

  • APPLAUSE!!! – ENCORE!!- WELL SAID!! – spoken like a REAL Australian!

  • Speaking of primary school – I remember back in primary school we were taught about a simple "cycle" Carbon Dioxide is taken IN by trees – & converted into oxygen.- the more trees, the more air. Now, temperature: the "warmer" it is…the more trees & plants grow which creates more food to feed more people.FACT: Global temperatures have NOT risen at an alarming rate in the last 16 years! PLEASE "EXPLAIN" how taking "MONEY" & giving it to a "tree" will it absorb MORE carbon dioxide than it can?

  • Then you take his place o nthe fire line up i nthe Blue Mountains right now & do some fire fighting like HE is – instead of sitting back in your armchair and having a "winge" – SHIT you ppl piss me off! – you sit there chanting the same mantra – coming out wit hthe same socialist pre- programmed diatribe…but when it comes dow nto getting off your asses? – nah! – ya just talk it up and do fuck all! ( oh! lets" protst an stand around a tree! THAT will help save the forrests ) – COMMUNIST SCUM!

  • What….you mean like RUDD & GILLARD when they sold off "Cobby Sstation " to the chinese? …ummmmm – now what party was Rudd & Gillard members of again?….PEH! you are nothing but a Communist shill.

  • Sadly for you, – the LIBERAL party runs the country now – so your Socialist agenda as you would LIKE it to be is now "dead".. We have a PROUD nation again, & LOVE our Southern Cross and I find it offensive you implying that ANYBODY that is an Australian patriot – is a "bogan". I stand before you today, and PROUDLY shout! – " I AM An Australian PATRIOT " & will stand & defend this nation from ALL enemies both foreign AND Domestic.My sovereign nation Australia: – I will love her till I die.

  • Kevin doesn't need spec savers, he needs a labotomy. ( oops! too late! )

  • It might not have been the "point" – but those are the facts….hunters HAVE done a lot of good for our native environemnt. – just because you think the point is moot – dosen't remove the facts.

  • lol did your education stopped at high school level? go learn some basics science about ozone, and perhaps you can go and read united nation's newest report on global warming. The warmer the more trees? geez you really is a bogan. global warming is just one of the phenomenon, El nino and la nina has cause food crisis all around the world, rmb how our dairy industry was impacted few years ago? In US corns and wheats harvest were all impacted, and influence more profoundly in undeveloped country.

  • How is carbon "tax" an expense to our country or nature? you gotta be kidding me, carbon tax is impose to restrict and limit carbon emission from hydro-carbon products, it's main focus is on fossil fuel, don't tell me you think carbon tax is impose so people don't cut down trees… FACT is, although tree needs carbon 'dioxide", when "carbon" (monoxide or carbon by itself) is in excess, it becomes a burden to our atmosphere, hence cause abnormal temperature and rainfall, and that cause tree lost,

  • lolol little communist loser~ you are copying China's socialist form of capitalism AGAIN!!! are you sure you love our western capitalist value and your motherland?? We are a CAPITALIST country!!! only socialist country like China, Cuba OR North Korea prohibits foreign investment or free open market. US, Japan, Europe and Australia only re-evaluate investments from China, if it has got something to do with Chinese government or placing risk to our security. Are you sure you are a capitalist?

  • i really have pissed u off haven't i? lol socialist traitor? you mean yourself together with your Cronulla riot buddies? is Abbott part of that group? lol haven't you realise white supremacist and blind patriotism, are all by-products of the political left-wing? No other western country is openly racially abusive, because it is not in line with our democratic value, and your God Abbott is one little betrayer to our western value 🙂 so go move to Russia if you disagree with our western value 🙂

  • you are just one insecure racist/socialist/communist/blind patriots, yet all these labels somehow contradict slightly to each other, and only in one kind of people it exist, a financially restricted middle class Australian, who was raised in a xenophobic manner that is seeking to change the racial makeup and monetary distribution of this country in order to change his status quo, yet his lack of education makes him ineffectual that all he can do is showing off his blind patriotism.

  • I don't see how you are one proud Australian, you are merely a proud blind patriot, no other proud Australian will mask their selfish political agenda under the southern cross, even if he/she knows he/she is destroying our environment/ motherland. You are not a proud Australian, you just want to defend for your own political/financial/racial interest under the expenses of sacrificing others, so stop tarnish our flag, this land and its people, we are not like you, you little bogan.

  • I like how you replied positivelyt to a comment that has received "too many negative votes". you have lost all your credibility, you don't know anything about climate change, Australia economy and most importantly politics(left and right). All you know is racism, and by the time Abbott made his racist remarks, you automatically turned into a supporter of his without understanding liberal is a political right, you are a political left, without knowing the principles of carbon tax.

  • no need to be pretentious anymore, you can just say i'm xenophobic, that's why i support Abbott, stop bullshit about economy, science and politics which none of them is in your intellectual spectrum, as i said, i'm fine if you are a racist, but don't talk shit about other things you don't know about. don't try to glorify your "comfortably racist" mentality with other things, it's so embarrassing for you…

  • oh btw, other than driving a diesel car there is nothing green about me, and i don't see how fighting bushfire is green when ones core belief is in exact opposite. also, when fire fighters are combating the fire, having some politicians and media in the scene would cause them more troubles, a policy maker's job is to listen to society's needs and strive to maximise public interest, not bringing camera crews to bush in glorifying himself.

  • lol i like how you directly link liberal to capitalism and racism, and voting liberal doesn't mean people are voting for a white supremacist country,also you should go and learn who created the "Southern cross". Australia is a proud nation no matter who is in, and it's always a capitalist country, perhaps more capitalist when Labours were in. Again a political left/right is different to an economical/social left/right, Australia is a democratic capitalist country, and no one can change that.

  • oh, i'm not saying all patriots are bogans, otherwise i would be more like a bogan than you are, what i refer as bogans are comfortably racist white supremacist who are blindly patriotic because that's the only refuge they got, and that I mean you 🙂

  • As for REAL do you mean aboriginal? and your "REAL Australian" got his ass kicked by most other Australians.

  • Yawn.. firstly no you haven't " pissed me off" -at all actually, BUT you DO make me chuckle – I am quite amazed to think that people like my professor at Uni actually "exist" in the real outside world beyond the halls academia. A disciple of a one world Government wishing so hard for a "Global Village" where we can all hug & sing Kumbaya. Next, lets cover my "god" Abbott.well, hes actually a fuckwit! I voted for Julian Assange because he belongs to NEITHER criminal gang. you know Sweet fuck all.

  • Say WHAT now? just posted above " i don't see how fighting bushfire is green when ones core belief is in exact opposite" – so from that I can assume that you want the natural flora & fauna to burn? – YOUR post – NOT mine.It really makes me laugh how all you Globalist, Agenda 21 lovers have this one vision where ALL people are just "grey" & we all follow a Global Government "because they must know best! " – like some mindless automaton. You people truly are "damaged". – it is so sad.

  • I ALSO like the way youtry to play the "race" card..- did you learn that f rom the Gillard handbook on " How to dodge questions & circumvent having to answer them" – On "climate change " – Notice they changed the term from "Global Warming" when they were caught out. LMAO! – Regarding "shit" YOU are the one espousing volumes of it when you bleat out he standard "religious" diatribe you do…it's almost like a "mantra" – Ommmmm – Ommmmmm – you know very VERY little about scientific principals.

  • April – you sound like an anti- white person… your always going on about "white power" – then it DAWNED on me….obviously you blame ALL white people for your hatred. thus I am willing to bet your a non white yourself. Personally, I don't care either way black or white…but you? seem to go almost to the extreme with this "white power" bullshit. Aww…did they throw you out of Tranby huh?

  • Actually, the more I think of it, – the more I realize that your probably just some man hating socialist white – race hating feminist bitch. Clearly you have NO sense of "science" – you DO choose however to just blindly "believe" what a " controlled media" with an agenda choose to spoon feed you.

  • For example here are some FACTS! professor Michael Mann who created the infamous “hockey stick graph” that became the crux of climate change alarmists and was an absolute fabrication.

    Mann and his theory influenced an entire movement to intentionally manipulate scientific data to make global warming appear direr than it actually is. He actually ADMITTED it!

  • Go & read this – its from the Official MET office stupid! try 3 w's then ( dot)–chart-prove-it.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

  • How do u know that liberal will be around in 2025

  • typical getup propaganda. Giving a preschool level education of complex issues, because here at getup we think your too stupid to think for yourself.

  • Seriously, he said we have "too many trees" and we should cut more down. I don't know how he won that election and I sure didn't vote for him. So, for the next few years, good bye Barrier Reef

  • I really enjoyed the way that they conveyed their message regarding environmental issues in Australia.

  • Ah the lefty's, removed from reality.

  • Yea you know fuck that guy tony abbot more like tony fagot

  • Gillard was getter than him.

  • Funny uncle means something different in the US…

  • ♡*~*♡

  • What are you saying?.

  • Using kids now get up as your weapons . Child abuse

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