Silverstream Clarkville School Tree Planting

Originally this land was council-owned, but
at the time it was proposed for forestry. At the time, the community got together and
said, we’d prefer it to be a native reserve, so since then we’ve been developing it partnership
with a group of residents. We have the Silverstream Reserve Advisory
group, we’ve had a fair amount of input from ECAN as well. We’ve also had massive support from Mainpower,
so they’ve been attending all of the planting days we do, which is really cool, they always
have a presence and they’re really interested in what we’re doing. We’re squeezing it to make sure that we can
pull all the soil out when we pull it. Clarkville School they’re great, they come
down here on a regular basis and plant and it’s amazing how quick they can get things
done. We’re just putting on a combi-guard. It keeps out the weeds. They love coming down to Silverstream. I’m sure part of the appeal is working with
Dan. You guys set that up okay, you guys run that. A group of kids made up that they were going
to be part of a dirt factory and they had a little chain of workers going, and doing
different jobs. Today they were like, “Can we do that again?”,
and we’re were like, “Yeah sure, it’s not dirt this time, it’s mulch,” So yeah, they
love it. You embrace the chaos, basically I just say
my bit at the start, I just say right, plants are here, tools are here, let’s go for it. And then look what we’ve got now. We’ve got a bunch of them doing the mulch
delivery, some of them doing watering, others are going around and making sure the
guards are fitted properly and things like that, so you get this sort of teamwork, and
then you get these really cool initiatives coming through. So yeah, you can see the future leaders coming
through in that regard as well. The community, the ones who we see coming
through here are so thrilled to see it being developed and how things are growing so well, so we get quite a bit of feedback from people now and it’s really good. So we’re all enthusiastic. It’s great, it’s beneficial. I mean we come here on walks, the kids can
see what they’ve done. Yeah, it’s making the place look way better. This ground is pretty stony and weedy and
scrubby, so by the end of it, it will be great, it will look fantastic.

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